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Provers In Bread Manufacturing


Bread, Bun , Pie and Rusk  manufacturing  have unique ingredient yeast which is responsible for texture requires either time or conditions ( humid and  hot ) to act  and release gases which are trapped into dough ( leavening)  or fermentation . Various type of provers are available as per plant layout such as Box type , L type or Type , Gas  or  steam could be used for humidity and heating arrangement .It includes  gas burners , steam heaters or steam injection system .Rack type or Traveling tray type provers  are available for proving/proofing  process.Proofers are thermally insulated enclosures and. vary in size from a small box with shelving to a room. With  space  for  many  portable  bread  racks. Proofer  is  heated  by  steam  coils  or  electric  heating. Elements located inside the enclosure.

Intermediate  Prover
Intermediate provers are provided in bread manufacturing process to allow bread to relieve and recuperate from stress- strain to mechanical action on dough by  dividers and rounder . It also  gives dough to ferment during  this time and make dough soften up for  Final prover  after moulding .Its  also called relaxation prover  where it travels for few minutes in trays .

Final Prover

Dough  are  converted into elongated  cylindrical dough pieces  which are twisted  and re placed into moulds  which are greased  with emulsion or oil  for depanning . Final prover have arrangement for steam  which spread out  uniformly in  the final prover . Temperatures in Final prover  is about 38 deg c - 45 deg c. Humidity level and temperature maintained in such manner  that  yeast activity is maximum  in the final prover . Precautions need to be taken  so as to prevent  dough to rise above moulds . box or inversely the dough is left without rising . Speed of moulds travel in the prover  is either controlled through timers or through manual start and stop . Speed of travel of moulds are  to monitored with respect to rate of  dough yeast activity . Tray movement could be horizontal ( swing tray )  or  vertical ( Contray Oven ) . Approximately time for proving is  60- 75 min as per conditions . Final prover are mostly fabricated at site for large bread manufacturing  with drives and sprockets  to which racks are attached on which mould s are kept .With completion of  cycle in prover  the dough which is risen to 3/4 th mould is  then  transferred to oven for  baking .   Other popular type of prover are retarder prover . Capacities are matched with that of  Oven .

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