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Britannia' s Bread are the largest selling brand in India

Britannia Industries Ltd   Bread brands namely  "Daily  Fresh " and "Popular"  are the largest selling bread brand in Pan Indian category .  Claims to reach  Six million house hold  daily .Nearest competitor to Britannia on a national scales comes  Modern Bread  .It is the oldest brand of bread in India and were first to sell branded bread across cities .

These two brands dominated the bread industry in earlier license raj period   We have witnessed mobbing of bread delivery  van from these two companies ,but  now the scene has changed  due to entrance of new regional players  and de- control of bakery industry  by the government .

Britannia  has its franchise manufacturing units spread across India  . These contract packers under strict quality  control  from Britannia  produce breads  for local population . These units covers  around  250-300km of area s for distribution of bread .

Britannia breads , breads from britannia , britannia breads brandThe popular bread  are white bread in 400g large  , 800g economy  and  Compact 400g pack. Packaging has  also seen changes with times  from wax paper   wrapper   to  transparent  polypropylene bags  and  to twist and tie poly bags .

Different categories of Daily fresh bread are

  • Nutri soft vitamin enriched white bread

  • Nutri soft  premium sandwich white bread

  • Whole wheat bread
Britannia  had tried various variant of bread varieties such as "Chutney Bread "  which had  cylindrical shape
Another innovation came in packaging through  twist n tie bags .Britannia Imported Bagging Machines for these type of packaging .
These breads   have now found new shelf's  at malls and retail chain stores  . Britannia  has tied up with Reliance retail , Trinethra  and Fabmall .

Regional Competition comes from Bonn , Harvest Gold  in North , Spencer's in South  and Modern Bread in West and East .

Bread  Industry In India -  A Review

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