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Britannia's Atta Bread

Britannia   brings  a new  product   to  compete in healthy bread segment  called " Atta" bread . Atta  ( wheat flour )  is  primary  ingredients  for  ethnic breads for Indian house hold thus  placing it into majority house hold  grocery purchase .

Atta bread is  slightly different  with  wheat flour content  as it  has more fibre %  then  Brown bread or  whole wheat  bread .Britannia Atta bread has 22% of whole wheat  flour  as declared in lable  thus we can conclude that rest of  flour 25-30% is  wheat flour ( maida )  as ingredient .

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Competition for  Brown  and  Atta breads comes  f rom  formidable  presence of  local brands  such as  Mrs Bector s English oven  , Harvest  Gold  and  Bonn  Bread 

Is White Bread Losing Its Popularity ?

What more evidence one want to see that  white bread has fallen from its once most sought out bread  for  even the street hawker  for  snacks ( tikkiwala)  gives option for multi grain, brown or whole grain bread instead of white bread .

White bread which are mass produced  are made of wheat flour  devoid of  bran  and germ  which are removed while passing through milling process.White  bread flour  thus doesn't  have dietary fibre , iron ,Vitamin B and micro nutrients such as thiamine,riboflavin and niacin . However many countries have  food laws making white flour fortification with these nutrients mandatory (  Fortification of  bread is not present in Indian PFA act ) .Another important nutrient is folic acid .Removal of bran and germ gives wheat flour a longer shelf life thus making it  popular among bread manufacturers .

Popularity of  Whole grain or Brown Bread  are for  following  reasons

  • Consumers are now  more health conscious  than  ever before  with information available  easily to majority population on advantage of  whole grain breads  .
  • Availability  of  options   to  consumers  for white bread  by manufacturers who are now producing  breads such as whole grain , multi grain  breads (.Manufacturers like Harvest Gold and Bonn have introduced healthy options of whole grain breads ).

Recent  articles in leading mag/newspaper  shows similar trend  in other countries

British Bakers
Sale Volumes of  Brown /seeded  bread has increased by 6.1% from last year  and for  white bread  decreased by 1.4% for the same period

Herald Sun

Health-conscious consumers are driving a trend toward wholegrain and nutrient-laden bread varieties, steadily eroding the popularity of white bread.Sales of breads enriched or fortified with nutrients are growing by 10 to 15 per cent a year, with more than $320 million in sales, a Bread Manufacturing in Australia report by IBISWorld found.


For the first time in 15 years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing new standards for school meals - ones that call for more whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, fat-free flavored milks, limited servings of potatoes and starchy vegetables, and reduced amounts of sodium and calories.

Whenever you replace white flour with whole grains—in bread, cereal, pasta—it’s a strike against aging. Soluble fiber, found in oats and barley, has been linked to lower levels of insulin and bad cholesterol (think: diabetes and heart disease), and insoluble fiber in whole wheat reduces risk of gastrointestinal maladies like diverticulosis. Check out bread made with the new albino whole wheat—it tastes like the real white thing.

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