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Parle To Enter Cake And Chocolate Market

News  of   Parle  entering  cake  and chocolate is making rounds in many quarters .  Parle products  which  is  largest producer of biscuit  and owns brand  such as  Parle G , Krack jack , Hide n Seek and 20 -20   With falling share   of its  main stay glucose biscuit  with Parle - G  and intense  competition in this  category  they  have  no options  but  to  diversify in other products  such as  chocolates  and cakes .

Parle  making  entering  cake segment make sense  as it has already  started  pilot project such as " Parle Shoppe "   with  custom  built   baked items .

Bar cakes , single slice and  plum cakes  market  is dominated  by  Britannia followed by  Moniginis  other  regional brands  coming up such as  Bonn and Winkies .

This segment is still dominated by  local  manufacturers  with  different  form of   cakes  in market

  • Bar cake
  • Sliced cakes
  • Swiss rolls
  • Plum cakes
  • Eggless cakes

Cake manufacturing   has few  quality issues  which deters people investing into cake business

1. Lower shelf life  as that of cookies /rusk/biscuits

2; Prone to  fungal infestation

3. Hygiene in production hall

4. Logistics  to be  in refrigerated  vans and  rigid packaging . Soft nature of products makes it prone to breakages .

5. Vegetranian population

6. Packaging .

7.Air conditioned  storage  and packing hall 

Keeping  all this  in mind cake production  requires large investment  to produce large volumes .

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