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Kinder JOY - A Product From Ferroro International

I have been amazed by the popularity of this  egg shaped  wafer chocolate s  with cream to dip . Innovative marketing , Packaging and Product Promos  has made  Kinder Joy  a house hold name in  India . It competes  with  Nestle and Cadbury   for chocolates market .

 kinder joy
This  could  be another example of  Innovative packaging . Egg shaped  shell  chocolate placed near billing counters in super market  and malls are drawing more eyeballs then  other products lined up  inside  the store

Kinder Joy  has  a gift  hidden in the egg shell for every chocolate  which  has made this wafer biscuit  popular  for  children . Priced  at  Rs 30/-   for  20  g .

Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuits - Unique Design

Kinder Happy Hippo , Kinder Happy Hippos , Ferrero Spa
When one talks about unique  shapes  and sizes  of biscuit  happy hippo biscuits  are one which  immediately comes into mind .Popular  in Europe and America these happy hippo biscuits comes  in  milk , hazelnuts  and chocolate variant s.Kinder Happy Hippos are produced and promoted by Ferrero  Spa ( Famous chocolate ferrero roche )

The biscuits are of Hippo shape and consists of  wafer shell  with  fillings  like chocolate ,milk , hazelnut .

Each Hippo weighed in at 20.7g and came wrapped in a cellophane wrapper.

Creative  designs   can   be  popular  and can be used to distinguish brands from  competitors .

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