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Branding Of Ethnic Food Product

As expected   some enthusiast has started  branding of   ethnic products which are  presently sold  either by  retailers , street hawkers or some specialty  sweet shops.

Ethnic food product , packaging , gud ki chikki , chikki , chikki brand
Here is an example of  our own  'Gud KiChikki"  -   (Peanut in bar of jaggery ) . Expect  few more !  . Malls and super markets have  started  putting up  these products on shelf thus catering to local taste and products  which is good for manufacturers . Few examples  are  rusk , bhujia , ghujia , gazaks , chiwda , varth related snacks  etc .

Britannia Shubkamanayien Gift Pack For Raksha Bandhan

All major biscuit manufacturers  are  making  gift packs  during festive  seasons  . People  have  started  giving cookies, snacks  and cakes  as gift packs  on  major  festivals  thus moving away from conventional sweets and chocolates  gift packs .

 shubhkamanayein, britannia gift pack , britannia shubh kamanayein

 britannia gift pack , shubh kamanayien
Britannia has  launched  a beautiful  gift pack in  triangular shape   with  Bourbon (4nos) biscuits pack and  Little hearts(1nos ) biscuit pack inside for Raksha Bandhan festival  . Colors and  message displayed  on gift  packs  attracts  consumers . Priced at Rs75.0/- for 335.0 g

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