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Pakistan Biscuit and Confectionery business on verge of shut down

Pakistans Biscuit and confectionery Associations ( PB & CMA)  declared that they  intend to  close the biscuit plants rather than  to run plant or factories in losses. Pointing towards the soaring prices of raw material specially  Sugar  which has shot up to  Rs60/kg .  with in no time . Mr Maqsood Ismail  associations  chairman  said that untill and unless the government takes some drastic and emergency steps  there would be no choice for manufacturers to shut their factories rendering thousand s of worker jobless  and loss to  government of pakistan exchequre.

Source : pakwatan.com

Pakistan s Biscuit Industries face sugar shortage

Pakistan's biscuit and confectionery manufacturers association has asked government to supply sugar to biscuit factories as sugar availability in open market has been reduced drastically

The chairman of the Association Mr Maqsood Ismail has warned government for the closure of biscuit factories which would result in heavy job losses as biscuit and confectionery industry employs around two million people directly and indirectly .He also urged the Trading Corporation of Pakistan to come into action in this matter and make sugar available to them.
Source:Dawn News

Major player in Pakistans biscuit industry are

  • EBM (English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited)

  • Coronet Foods (Private) Ltd

  • Continental Biscuits (LU)

  • Montgomery Biscuits,

  • Silver lake

  • Mehtab Industry (Krunchi)

Together they constitutes approximately 70% of the branded Market.50% market share is still unbranded

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