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Cookies Production Line Equipments And Process

Cookies  production line  process  uses  different configuration  for variety of products  with  following  equipments  apart from ovens , mixers and packing machines .

Major  process used in cookie production line are  -  wire cutting , depositing  and rotary moulding

Wire  Cutting  have several  different method  of cookies production . These categories  of products can be manufactured  starting from  a single machine .The basic machine  consists  of  two grooved rolls which extrude  the dough  through sets  of dies in order  to give  the dough pieces their shape .  A filler block  is inserted  between the  rolls  and  the die plate  in order to equalise  dough distribution  across the width  and provide the optimum  weight control . A wire cut mechanism  can be added  for the production  of plain wire cuts or products with inclusions. Rout Press products  are cut by means  of a guillotine  cutter positioned  before or after the oven ,depending upon the type of final product .By adding the crimping device  soft centred cookies can  be formed  where the centre filling  can be jam or cream .
depositors , cookies depositors
Options in wire cutting

Plain wire cut
Wire cut with inclusion
Two  color dough
Soft centre
Fruit Bars

cookies depositors , depositors

Depositing  consist of head  which have  pair of grooved  rolls which evenly  feed the  dough to set of dosing  pumps positioned underneath. The one pump one nozzle  concept ensure  uniformity of weight across the width .The machine is fully servo controlled  movement of heads are driven independent motors . Depositors can have wire cut mechanism  attached  or  a rotating nozzle mechanism can be added  in order to produce swirl or twisted dough piece. Jam depositor can also fitted for  cookies product flexibility.

rotary mulder , moulder , biscuit molder , cookies moulder

Rotary Moulding  consists  of  set of moulder , pressure roller  and   extraction  roller  which  releases the cookies with help of knife . Moulder s can have  cups of  different shapes  and size . Moulding process are suitable for high volume production with low baking time .Most of the manufacturers integrate moulding with  hard dough   cutter variety .


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