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Wafer biscuit production process - Video

Wafer biscuit manufacturing have following steps 


Batter   and Cream

Baking  -  Sheets are baked

Cooling  - Sheets are cooled


Cooling  -sheets with cream in block cooler

Cutting  - Wafer  sheets  are cut into  fingers


Bakery Equipments - Wafers biscuit manufacturing

Another popular bakery products are Wafer biscuits. Basically they are of two type

  • Cream filled sandwich type : Two layers or Three Layers

  • Coated or Enrobed chocolate type

Following are the equipments required for automated wafers biscuit manufacturing

  • Batter Mixers with transfer unit

  • Plasticizers

  • Cream Mixers with transfer unit

  • Wafer baking Oven

These ovens have baking plates for wafers which are selected as per the size of wafer sheet )

  • Cooling Arch or Bridge

  • Wafer Spreading Unit

  • Wafer Block Cooler

  • Wafer Block Cutting

  • Wafer Distributor for guiding blocks to various packing machine

  • Flow wrap Packing machine

As wafers are very fragile packaging are mostly done in boxes and are then passed to packing machine for wrapper packaging .

Wafer Biscuit glossary are . Batter , cream , fingers , wafer sheet layer , baking plates , tongs , Conche mixers , Wafer sheet blocks .

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