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Warburtons Enters Indian Naan Bread Segment

With  presence  of  large population from  South Asian countries impact of  which  can be found on native popualtion's food habits   in that country   , as recently  chicken curry has been declared as second most loved food in UK.  Curry Mania ---. Naan are popular bread for people from India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bangladesh .

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source : warburtons.co.uk
Warburtons  have now  made foray  into Indian bread -Naan to be presented as alternative  for  regular white and brown breads . Also made innovative products  such as Naan  Chips  snacks   for   tea time   savoury snacks .Naan is made of  flour  and baked in tandoor/oven  instead of  frying it  with  oil thus making it  a healthy options for  consumers  trying  to find ready made solution for break fast and  lunch . Warburtons are leading bread manufacturer in UK with popular brands like Toastie , All in One , Crusty , Danish and Farm house .
 naan chips , warburtons naan chips , warburton s indian snacks
courtesy :thegrocer.co.uk

Warburtons naan are packed in square  wrapping  and could be used as rolls or with  several delicious toppings .


Warburtons  naan bread are sold in two flavours -  plain &   garlic  . It would be interesting to see whether naan breads  would be as popular as Indian chicken  curry .

Warburtons - Most Popular Brand Of Bread In UK

warburtons , warburtaons bread , uk bread brands , uk bread manufacturers

Warburtons are undoubted the most popular brand in bread category  for Britain .  With a long history  of quality products with ever expanding bakeries across the Britain .
Established in year  1876  by Thomas and  Ellen  in  city of  Bolton . Employs  around  3500 people and have 14 bakeries across Britain from which its produces One Million bakery product per day .Turnover around 600 Mn GBP.Innovative bread varieties  has been  the hallmark of Warburtons  they produce bread under several categories such as  like whole grain , dietary , seeded and healthy

warburtons , warburtaons bread , uk bread brands , uk bread manufacturers
Products - Breads , Muffins ,  Tea cakes , Pan cakes , Rolls
Brands – Toastie ,All In One ,  Danish , Crustry , Farm House ,  Tasty Grains , Whole meal  and more
Competitors- Allied Bakeries  , RHM
Chairman – Jonathan  Warburton

Warburtons Ltd
Back o'th' Bank House, Hereford St.
Bolton, BL1 8HJ 
United Kingdom
0120 4 531004
0120 4 523361

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