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Baking Tip : Why Does Bread Collapse During Baking

Common problem during baking process in bread manufacturing  is of  collapsed bread during  baking .This of course  can be detected  from  fermentation  and proving stages  to do  corrective measure the only disadvantage  in bread production  process is it cycle time  which are  as long as depending on the process adopted such as direct method chroleywood or  sponge - method . It could vary from 4hrs - 2 hrs in for bread different styles of bread manufacturing .

Effect on bread

  • Flattened( Collapsed) bread have large holes
  • Collapsed  bread texture
  • Sour taste

  • Use of weak flour could  lead to  weak  texture which can not hold the 
  • Ambient temperature and quantity of yeast added
  • Excess Fermentation - Qty of yeast or duration given for fermentation/Standing time 
  • Less salt or low salt during  mixing process
  • Deviation from standard mixing time / 
  • Improper water addition
  • Over Proving 
  • High dough temperature check the temp of ingredient added plus ambient temperature higher the temperature higher would be the yeast activity which would over ferment the dough
  •  Excess humidity  in prover .


  • Use  strong flour - check parameter of  flour  before  using it for  production
  • Reduce yeast quantity
  • Reduce fermentation time
  • Add salt  of normal or standard quantity
  • Reduce water quantity during mixing from earlier mixing
  • Check  proving time  
  • Reduce the dough temperature- check ingredient temperature . use chilled water if required .
  • Reduce the final prover temperature - check the dough lift in the moulds  to adjust the proving time
  • Adjust the humidity

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