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Quality Parameters For Bakery Manufacturing Process

Quality of food product is  a serious business . Its more critical  in food processing than any other industry as it impact consumers  health and well being .Have you ever imagined  the  quality products available  on the shelf in our neighbourhood  store are result  of  quality  inspection s, test/trials , several checks  through out the entire supply chain  of the bakery product  . Quality parameters  for which  the company or the manufacturers lay downs standards has to be  compatible  with  local  authorities standards/international standards  .Quality  comes from  stringent adherence to standards during entire supply  chain right  from vendors manufacturing base, sanitation /hygiene  till  retailers shelf .

Here  are  Quality  factors  which  has  to be monitored  to get quality bakery  product

Raw material  / Ingredients  /Packaging material

Physical state  such as  wetness  ,smell or  contamination  etc
Gluten %
Bacterial  count  or  load
Foreign body contamination's  for  flour /fat/sugar
Weight  & Quantity  of  raw materials
Shelf life 
Manufacturing date  or the  Shelf life  of the ingredients  delivered by vendors
Bursting strength
Packaging details
Sanitation and hygiene standards
Cold room temperatures
Trans fat

Production & Packaging  stage 

Dough consistency
Ingredient Storage temperatures
Mixing Time
Fermentation/Standing Time 
Temperature during mixing
Dough Temperature
Dividing weights
Wet weight and Dry weights of the bakery product  during process
Proving Time
Baking time
Baking temperatures 
Dimensions  after baking
Sensory  checks 
Packaging details on labels
Sealing during packing process
Packing defects 
Under or excess weights
Functionality of  metal detectors
Upkeep of  machinery 
Audits  for  food safety management systems  like  HACCP , BRC , ISO  etc

Storage &  Transportation  (  Factory  /Warehouse/Retailers )

Pallets used  for  storage
Stack height  as per standards
Safe  Containers for  transhipment's
Secondary packaging  or  extra  padding through separators or dispensers


Sensory  evaluations  feed back
Shelf Life
Storage standards
Contamination during transhipment
Consumer  Complaints
Recall system in case of food safety issue

There are several   tools and methods  employed by  manufacturers  to  achieve  quality  standards , In addition to  food safety management systems .

Bread quality issues

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Crate Washer Save Cost In Bakery

Large  bakeries  can use  plastic crate washer  to save  cost  and time to wash plastic  crates  which  in conventional method uses  large quantity of water and time to dry them up . Plastic crates are used to store loose biscuits  ,defectives , raw material , packaging material  . In bread unit  these are used to store packed bread ,storage of bread before slicing  and other applications in bakery . Thus  requires through cleaning to avoid cross contamination's and growth  of  micro-organism . Following advantages  can be counted while  using  automated crate washers  which  are widely used in restaurants and hotels .

Low water consumption as water  is recycled many times for washing  after filtration .
Less space 
Low manpower
Less energy
Minimum waste of water
Short time for  drying
Easy  installation and running of washer .

Cadbury Oreos Is Here Finally !

 cadbury oreo , kraft oreo , oreo
Kraft  food s has launched its major brand  OREO BISCUITS  in India  and in few days  of its announcement  products  can be seen in all major supermarkets in  Delhi  . Oreo has price tags of Rs 20/ - for 137 gms and Rs 10/- for  68.6gms. But it wont be a cake walk for  Cadbury  Oreo   biscuits  as  it has to face local competition from Britannia s  Treat O  and ITC's  Dark Fantasy .

What Make s Indian Bakery Market So Hot For Major International Companies

We have been witnessing  major international bakery companies  making beeline  to Indian bakery segment in recent times  with latest news of Kraft joining  the rank .

In  one of the my earlier  articles   I have mentioned about  failed attempts by mnc  to establish themselves  in bakery segment . But  that was in past   few factors  have  now  turned Indian bakery segment as  favorites for international biggies .

Here are few major reasons

Liberalised economy,  gone are they days for licence raj  .Present policies have  been opened for foreign participation in bakeries earlier restricted for  domestic players .

Economic slowdown across  the developed nations . With China and India having impressive growth rate for  decades  .These markets gives avenues  for growth to these companies. Bakery industry along with booming economy has been clocking  20% annual growth .

Disposable incomes  with  large middle class has  made consumers to try out  various bakery products which were out of the reach few years back.

Low competition   with  few  big local players on national scene  gives  big opportunities to these multinationals  to  enter  huge market  worth  Rs 12,000/ crore .

Availablity  of  Low cost technology and skilled manpower   makes manufacturing  attractive  for  these foreign companies

Availability of  raw material (  flour ,sugar ) except for  fat ( palm oil) which now being imported from   Asean countries  also  makes Indian market more lucrative .

Here are  major   multinationals   which have registered their presence in  Indian bakery  market in recent times

Kraft  Food Inc
United Biscuits 
GSKB ( Glaxo Smithkline )
Dunkin Donuts
Australian Foods ( Cookieman)
Ceylon Biscuits Ltd

Cadburys To Launch Oreo In India By April End

After much  of anticipation  from  Kraft to launch Oreo in India  finally  Cadbury now  under Krafts  food division here in India  would  launch  world  famous  Oreo biscuits . As were the  flurry of activities were enough for people in the market  to guess about the launch and recent being the law suit by Kraft against local giant Britannia .  As reported in news  Cadbury  would be launching Oreos by April  end  and would manufacture the biscuit here locally. Mrs Bector's Food Specialities  will  supply  locally made  Oreos  to Cadbury thus bringing down cost of  Oreos( HT) . Indian Biscuit  industry  would not  be the same if  Krafts goes   for  aggressive launch  and marketing . Competition  would  be from  local Big 3  Britannia, Parle and ITC   and new mnc's entrants like  United Biscuits , Pepsi  and  Unibic .Recent launch of  Treat -O  from Britannia and Dark Fantasy  from  ITC   can be seen  as competition in this  segment .Britannia would be impacted most as the leader in premium segment of biscuits with brands such as Pure magic and  Cream  Treats  . Oreo  has  already  taken  over  Chinese biscuit  market  being leader in this  category . Imported Oreos was already available in select  stores  across India ,at price tag  of  Rs 50/-  for 14 biscuits . It plans to take on low cost strategy  to compete with  local brands from Rs 5/- for 3 , Rs 7/- for 10  and Rs 20/-  for 14 biscuit  thus relying on volumes to make margins(TOI) .  Its  also a big news for biscuit   raw material, equipment , packaging  suppliers and advertisers .

A report in Deccan Herald
Confectionery maker Cadbury India today announced its entry into the country's estimated Rs 12,000 crore biscuit market through the launch of 'Oreo' brand from the global portfolio of its parent Kraft Foods.

"The introduction (of Oreo) marks the entry into a new category in India, with the aim to make the world’s favourite biscuit, Oreo, one of India’s favourite biscuits," Cadbury India said in a statement.

Oreo is around 100 years old brand and currently generates a revenue of USD 1 billion globally. In India, the company will be launching the biscuit in dark chocolate flavour.
"Introducing Oreo marks the beginning of our journey in this growing category and we are readying ourselves to make Oreo a preferred choice with Indian consumers," Kraft Foods President South Asia and Indo-China and Cadbury India Managing Director Anand Kripalu said.

source :

Cadburys major products have been  5 star , Bournvita , Perks, Dairy Milk Chocolates  with only products from Krafts food portfolio being  Tang .It would be first time that Cadbury India forays into  biscuit segment .Cadbury would promote Oreo as its brand here in India .At the end  it would be the Indian consumers who would be benefited the most .

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PARLE - G World's Largest Selling Biscuit - Nielsen

Parle -G still  rules  the world   .Parle -G with its taste and quality has  been popular for generations of Indian  .
Parle-G, the glucose biscuit brand from Parle Products , has consolidated its position as the world's largest selling biscuit brand, says a report by Nielsen.

The study, for last year, says Parle-G has topped brands like Kraft's Oreo, Wal-Mart's private labels and Mexico's Gamesa in voulme sales to lead the 11,295-crore Indian biscuits category.

The Nielsen study adds India is the world's leading market for biscuits, ahead of the US, Mexico, China, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

The Economic Times

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