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Cakes For Royal Wedding Of Prince William And Kate

It would interesting   to see  what kind of  cakes  would  be presented  for the  royal  wedding  in Britain .Bakers would be trying to figure out the recipe /flavour/design   .Fiona Cairns  and Mcvities has been given the  task  to prepare  the royal  wedding cakes.

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FSSAI Reconstitute Its Scientific Panels Under Directive From Supreme Court

Rebuked by  Supreme Court   the food safety  authority  of India has reconstituted its scientific  panels   for  drafting  standards and policy on upcoming   food safety  rules under  FSS Act 2006 . These panels have now  independent   experts  where as earlier panels had representatives from industry  which  was disallowed by  Supreme Court .

A report

Scientific panels set up by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have been reconstituted earlier this month with only independent scientific experts on them, following a recent directive from the Supreme Court.
The composition of these panels — that deal with regulatory issues such as pesticide and antibiotic residues in food, genetically modified organisms, functional foods, nutraceuticals and biological hazards – had been challenged in the Supreme Court by the Centre for Public Interest. Their contention was that “some members of the panel appointed by the Food Authority are not independent scientific expert and their appointment is not in consonance with Section 13 (1) of the Food Safety and Standards Act.”
The reconstitution of scientific panels with only independent experts and not representatives of the industry has been done in compliance with the Apex Court's order, an FSSAI source confirmed. The earlier committee had representatives from large food and consumer goods majors such as PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Marico, Hindustan Unilever, Britannia and ITC

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Quality Parameters For Bakery Manufacturing Process

Quality of food product is  a serious business . Its more critical  in food processing than any other industry as it impact consumers  health and well being .Have you ever imagined  the  quality products available  on the shelf in our neighbourhood  store are result  of  quality  inspection s, test/trials , several checks  through out the entire supply chain  of the bakery product  . Quality parameters  for which  the company or the manufacturers lay downs standards has to be  compatible  with  local  authorities standards/international standards  .Quality  comes from  stringent adherence to standards during entire supply  chain right  from vendors manufacturing base, sanitation /hygiene  till  retailers shelf .

Here  are  Quality  factors  which  has  to be monitored  to get quality bakery  product

Raw material  / Ingredients  /Packaging material

Physical state  such as  wetness  ,smell or  contamination  etc
Gluten %
Bacterial  count  or  load
Foreign body contamination's  for  flour /fat/sugar
Weight  & Quantity  of  raw materials
Shelf life 
Manufacturing date  or the  Shelf life  of the ingredients  delivered by vendors
Bursting strength
Packaging details
Sanitation and hygiene standards
Cold room temperatures
Trans fat

Production & Packaging  stage 

Dough consistency
Ingredient Storage temperatures
Mixing Time
Fermentation/Standing Time 
Temperature during mixing
Dough Temperature
Dividing weights
Wet weight and Dry weights of the bakery product  during process
Proving Time
Baking time
Baking temperatures 
Dimensions  after baking
Sensory  checks 
Packaging details on labels
Sealing during packing process
Packing defects 
Under or excess weights
Functionality of  metal detectors
Upkeep of  machinery 
Audits  for  food safety management systems  like  HACCP , BRC , ISO  etc

Storage &  Transportation  (  Factory  /Warehouse/Retailers )

Pallets used  for  storage
Stack height  as per standards
Safe  Containers for  transhipment's
Secondary packaging  or  extra  padding through separators or dispensers


Sensory  evaluations  feed back
Shelf Life
Storage standards
Contamination during transhipment
Consumer  Complaints
Recall system in case of food safety issue

There are several   tools and methods  employed by  manufacturers  to  achieve  quality  standards , In addition to  food safety management systems .

Bread quality issues

Mrs Bector’s To Set Up New Plants In U.P & Gujarat

Cremica  brands of  biscuit  are one of the  fastest  growing biscuit brand in north India.Cremica brands  which  could be seen more in states  like  Delhi ,Punjab and  western  UP. With increase  in demand  Cremica  is all set for  expansion of capacities in tune of  3000 tonnes.Its popular brands  are  Diet  Marie,Cashew Cookies,Milkies , Glucose,Cream,Tik Tok , Salties

 Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities, which recently grabbed bragging rights as the sole supplier to Kraft’s Oreo range of cookies for the Indian market, is now seeking to increase sales of its Cremica branded biscuits by around 50 per cent in order to build a sustainable franchise.

“About half our capacity is earmarked for third party manufacturing with ITC (Sunfeast) and Kraft among others. But going forward our focus is on our own brand and growing our product range. We are scouting for additional production locations in two states to set up an additional 3,000 tonnes per month biscuit manufacturing capacity,” said,Anoop Bector, MD, Mrs Bector’s Food Specialities.



Crate Washer Save Cost In Bakery

Large  bakeries  can use  plastic crate washer  to save  cost  and time to wash plastic  crates  which  in conventional method uses  large quantity of water and time to dry them up . Plastic crates are used to store loose biscuits  ,defectives , raw material , packaging material  . In bread unit  these are used to store packed bread ,storage of bread before slicing  and other applications in bakery . Thus  requires through cleaning to avoid cross contamination's and growth  of  micro-organism . Following advantages  can be counted while  using  automated crate washers  which  are widely used in restaurants and hotels .

Low water consumption as water  is recycled many times for washing  after filtration .
Less space 
Low manpower
Less energy
Minimum waste of water
Short time for  drying
Easy  installation and running of washer .

InterPack 2011 -Dusseldorf- Germany , 12-18 May

World's  largest gathering of  packaging industry people  is at  Interpack2011.held   after every three years  last being in 2008 . With 19 halls, 2744  and around 1,71,000 visitors which included 60% from abroad.exhibitors in last event . Interpack covers  entire spectrum of packaging industry  from  food& beverages ,pharmaceuticals , cosmetic ,industrial , non -food  to metal  packaging   . This  years special  feature  would be Innovationparc Packaging with focus  on Metal packaging Plaza and  FAO sponsored program of  " Save food".

Important Information  for  Interpack2011.
Show Venue :    Düsseldorf Fairgrounds

Entrances North, South and East
Hall 1 - 17
Date  :   12 - 18 May 2011
Opening Hours  :   Daily 10 am - 6 pm
Staging Cycle  :   every 3 years
Organizer  :   Messe Düsseldorf GmbH
P.O. Box 10 10 06
D-40001 Düsseldorf
InfoTel: (0)211 / 4560-900
Info Fax: (0)211 / 4560-668
Telefon: ++49-(0)211-4560-01
Telefon: ++49-(0)211-4560-900
Hotline for exhibitors (after admission): ++49-(0)211-4560-400
Fax: ++49-(0)211-4560-668

Yamazaki Provides Help To Japanese Government In Relief Work

 Bakeries  too have role in relief and humanitarian aid  in Japan's  troubled times . Yamakazi Japans biggest manufacturer of baked goods has taken lead in providing food to the people thus  helping Japanese govt in relief and humanitarian rescue work . Food shortage  are reported in affected areas .
As reported in " FoodBusinessnews  "Yamakazi  Japans largest bakery manufacturers has put all its resources to help tsunami and earth quake  affected people  with  neccessary food such as breads and buns in large quantities.

Yamakazi  which has 33 units in Japan  out of which 31 are fully operational .Its  has diverted production of 14 units which are near to  the most severely affected areas . They have  increased production of baked product with low proofing time  and are producing around 500,000 baked products on daily basis .

One should appreciate the efforts  of the workers and technician who are running these bakeries even with problems like water ,power outage , fuel shortages , transportation and problem in supplies .

Wheat Flour Milling Flow Diagram

FSSAI To Test Food Items From Japan For Radiation

As  a precautionary  measure FSSAI the food safety  authority in India  would Inspect  all food items imported from Japan .

Food items imported into India from Japan will be tested for radiation before entering the country in the wake of fears that radioactive materials from Japan's damaged nuclear power plant may have contaminated food products.
"The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India at Indian ports, airports have been asked to get food originating from Japan after March 11 to be tested for radiation," the health ministry said on Tuesday.
Customs officials will carry out a similar test at all points where food items are imported, it said. The radioactive material can get washed down by rain into the sea and onto soil, and eventually contaminate crops, marine life, drinking water and cow's milk. A massive earthquake hit Japan on Friday followed by a tsunami, leaving thousands dead.

Economic Times

Warburtons Second Highest Selling Brand In UK

 Warburtons  a leading  UK  bread manufacturer  has emerged as second popular brand in UK 

 Warburtons held onto its place as the second-highest selling brand in the UK after Cola-Cola in an annual grocery survey, reported the Press Association.
The bakers sales climbed 1.5 per cent to £742.4 million, followed by Walkers crisps at £590.9 million, up 4.2 per cent.
Sales of Coca-Cola were up 8.3 per cent last year to £1,090.4 million, according to figures compiled for The Grocer magazine's Britain's 100 Biggest Brands annual survey.


Wonder Bread Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

Wonder bread one of the iconic bread of  US  with  long history  of  successful launch of  various types of bread  completes  90 years of  existence and  still growing. When large bakeries are closed or are on verge of closure. Wonder bread journey  is  a lesson for many  to  follow where through innovation and consistent quality  Wonder Bread  has maintained loyal  customers .

Press release(PR Newswire)

It inspired the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread." Coined the term "the Wonder years." Launched a signature ad campaign to "build strong bodies." Led the way in adding nutrients and vitamins to breads. And now Wonder bread is celebrating its 90null anniversary – capping a remarkable journey that has made it an enduring symbol of Americana and among the most recognized bread brands.   

"While a long history of memorable marketing campaigns has helped Wonder soar to iconic status, the real secret of its enduring appeal is continuing to be at the forefront of countless innovations – from packaging to nutrition enhancements – that have kept it relevant among consumers and have had a lasting impact on the bread industry overall," said null null, Senior Vice President of Marketing for the bakers of Wonder. "With the 90null anniversary, we're not only celebratingWonder's remarkable history, but also its future as a contemporary brand that listens to the changing needs of its consumer. More of the best things since sliced bread are, in fact, yet to come."

Highlights of a Wonder- Life
1921-Wonder bread is created by null Baking Company

1930s-Wonder becomes first major bread brand to distribute sliced bread
1934 / 1939-Wonder is a major participant in World's Fairs in Chicago & New York
1940s-Wonder becomes an important part of a government-sponsored program to enrich bread with vitamins and minerals as a way of combating certain diseases
1950s-Wonder launches "builds strong bodies" campaign; becomes fixture on Howdy null Show
1960s-Wonder experiments with an edgier image with introduction of "Helps Catch Boys" ad campaign, featuring risque headlines such as "Boy Trap" and "Date Bait"
1986-Wonder introduces a lower-calorie bread, Wonder Light
2005-Wonder becomes among first bread brands to introduce a made with whole grain white bread
2006-Wonder plays a starring role in the feature film "null Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"
2007-The Wonder bread Cookbook is released
2009-Wonder Classic and Wonder Classic Sandwich varieties include more calcium and vitamin D
2009-Wonder unveils the Sandwich Wonder-®, a new online tool enabling consumers to create unique sandwich combinations from a list of more than 120 ingredients
2010-Wonder goes mobile with launch of first iPhone app
2010-Wonder introduces Wonder® null™, a bread with the taste and soft texture of white bread - but with the fiber of 100% whole wheat bread
2010-Wonder becomes first major bread brand to join the National Sodium Reduction Initiative
2011-Wonder joins the null community and launches "Heroes Campaign"

Cadbury Oreos Is Here Finally !

 cadbury oreo , kraft oreo , oreo
Kraft  food s has launched its major brand  OREO BISCUITS  in India  and in few days  of its announcement  products  can be seen in all major supermarkets in  Delhi  . Oreo has price tags of Rs 20/ - for 137 gms and Rs 10/- for  68.6gms. But it wont be a cake walk for  Cadbury  Oreo   biscuits  as  it has to face local competition from Britannia s  Treat O  and ITC's  Dark Fantasy .

Bakery Segment Dominates AAHAR 2011

AAHAR  2011   was  held  at Pragati Maidan , New Delhi  between 10-14 March 2011 .  I had few visiting passes from bakery industry .   I went  to have a "dekko  "on developments  in  area  of  food and hospitality  businesses in  India .  Trade  was well represented from  food processing and hospitality  business with all the big names in industry  being  present  with their products . Few names  to be mentioned here would be  Del Monte , Lavassa , RAK  ceramics  , Puratos , Mccain Foods , Bunge , IFB , Voltas , Nilkamal ,Conagra,Cremica and HoneyTop.  Approx 200 participants were present with their products and services

Its  was great to see  the  bakery  segment dominating   AHAAR  trade  fair with wide representations from  all  sements of bakery industry  from  Ingredients , Machinery , Packaging , Food safety  and   Trade magazines   Here  are   few names  which I could  take  a note  of

Bakery Equipment manufacturers

Pritul machines
C.S. Aerotherm
Continental  Equipment
Ever Bake systems pvt ltd
HCS machines
Empire  bakers

Bakery Ingredients  suppliers

Fine Organics 
Asha Ram and Sons
Tushar Nutritive

Bakery Packaging

Asian Machines
ShriVinayak Packaging solutions
Target Innovations
New Indo International

Bakery  Publications - Magazines

Bakery Biz- Hospitality First

Bakery  Review-  Hammer Publications
Hospitality - Express group

Thus  numbers of participation and  the  sheer numbers   of  visitors  can be  seen as  the  emergence  of  food processing industry  in India .

Nikhil Sen Speaks On Unibic Future Plans

Unibic  has  slowly  created  a niche for itself in  India cookies  market . Cookies are  the happening segment in Indian bakery market  with big companies  focusing on  biscuit s segment,  Unibic has strategically builts its brand on cookies segment . Nikhil Sen  MD  Unibic  speaks about future plans and competition .

Q & A   session with  ET

How does it feel to compete with Britannia Industries having worked there for two decades?

It is impossible for me to compete with Britannia. It is audacious of me to think that. Britannia operates in a certain space where it straddles the price points between 5 and 12 and dominates that. Anything below 5, Parle dominates. I saw an opportunity in fighting with imported brands that were at a tremendous disadvantage because they did not have a manufacturing facility at that stage. If I could build value that was good enough, it would be attractive for other companies to buy into me over a period of time

more on
The Economic Times

Second Hand Small Scale Bakery Unit On Sale

Bakery Unit  For  Sale On  "As Is Where Is Basis "   Following second hand equipments are available for sale  at Gandhidham , Gujarat .

Planetary Mixer -1no -  Cap -40 ltrs

Dough Sheeter - 1no

Spiral  Kneader - 1 no -  Cap - 50 kg 

Double Deck  Oven -  20 trays of 15" x12"

Bread Slicer -1 no

Sealing  Machine-1 no
Dg  Set  - 1 no

and other accessories  such as trays/moulds/fridge/working tables/rack/sink  etc

Interested parties  can  contact 

subodh  @

Gulf Print And Pack 2011,14- 17March ,Dubai

Gulf Print & Pack 2011 an Biennial event  would be held  at Airport  Expo  at Dubai , UAE . To be  held  from 14 - 17 March 2011 . One of the largest trade show related to print and packaging industry .This help countries within MENA  region  to show case  technologies and packaging material  they  are using and manufacturing .

Exhibitors profile  are

  • Manufacturers of sheet and web fed printing machinery
  • Manufacturers of labelling and label application equipment
  • Suppliers of inks, coatings and varnishes
  • Manufacturers of paper, board, foils and films
  • Suppliers of form, fill and seal machines
  • Manufacturers of packaging machines
  • Pre-press & production technology suppliers
  • Radio frequency identification suppliers
  • Security solution suppliers
  • Substrate & adhesive suppliers

Visit  for more information 

Oman Flour Mills Enters Bakery Business

Oman s major  flour milling  company Oman Flour Mills  has entered into arrangement with Atyab Investment   to establish  a modern bakery plant in  Muscat ,Oman. It would help flour mill  to forward integrate into   booming bakery product business

A report

A bakery in Oman will invest 12 million RO (roughly US$31 million) for a fully automated production facility.
Pcdata's Sales and Marketing Director Ruud Hendrix and Ali Habaj, CEO of Atyab Investments, Bakery and Oman Flour Mills, signed an agreement for the installation of Pcdata's Warehouse Management System at Atyab Bakery in Muscat.
"We feel that getting the right product at the right time at the right place is essential for the success of a bakery," said Mr. Habaj. "That's why we wanted to have the most modern system available. We have reviewed the technology, the references, and the cost of hardware and software. Pcdata turned out to be the best vis-à-vis the competition, so we decided to sign up with Pcdata."
The bakery will use the latest baking innovations to produce both fresh and frozen bakery products and confectionery items. It will have the capacity to produce 12,000 pieces of Arabic bread; 24,000 buns; 5,000 loaves; and 5,000 croissants, Danish, and puff pastries per hour. Commercial production is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2011.


Puratos Laucnhes Pura Slim As An Alternative For Traditional Fat

Puratos  world major bakery ingredient supplier have introduced  fat replacer  Puraslim
Puratos developed Puraslim: a fat alternative that improves the nutritional values of breads and cakes by lowering calories and fat while keeping the taste. In blind taste tests consumers were satisfied with reduced fat products, and the buying intention increased significantly when additional information was given on the lower fat content

Today's consumers are becoming smarter when it comes to making healthier food choices. However, being conscious about their food does not mean a willingness to forfeit taste: they want nutritionally balanced food that is tasty too. That is why Puratos developed Puraslim: a fat alternative that improves the nutritional values of breads and cakes by lowering calories and fat while keeping the taste. In blind taste tests consumers were satisfied withreduced fat products, and the buying intention increased significantly when additional information was given on the lower fat content.

Results from a consumer survey conducted by Insites on behalf of Puratos' showed that around half of US consumers frequently check nutritional and ingredient information on packaged food: 51% of the USA respondents stated that they read ingredient lists 'most of the time' and 57% 'very frequently' read the nutritional information. The survey also demonstrated that when consumers read nutritional information, they are mainly checking the fat (60%) and calorie levels (52%). The nutritional value clearly impacts their product choice also more than 70% make in-category comparisons when purchasing packaged goods. Consumers said they would eat more baked goods if they were reduced in fat and/or calories. It is thus no surprise that consumers also have a good knowledge of the fat level of baked goods. Sweet treats (single cakes, sweet breads, cakes, viennoisserie and donuts) are considered to have high to very high fat levels. In a more recent study done by Puratos**, 62% of the consumers expressed a feeling of guilt when eating muffins. Despite being fattening, baked goods are considered tasty. When asked what they would like changed in baked goods, consumers most often answered "a reduction in fat and calorie levels."

Puraslim: a smart alternative for traditional fats

Puraslim is a smart alternative to traditional margarine, butter and oil in bread and cake applications. It is a functional paste that reduces the level of saturated and total fat in baked goods and contributes to a more balanced calorific level.It mimics all the functionalities of traditional fats such as softness, texture and shelf life.

For breads the total fat reduction can amount to 70%. This allows nutritional claims such as 'low in fat', 'zero grams trans fat per serving' and 'reduced fat' in rolls, pan bread, tortilla and buns. For example replacing 2% shortening with 1% Puraslim in a sub roll, results in a total fat reduction of 60%.

For cakes and muffins, using Puraslim reduces total fat up to 50%. It allows promotion of nutritional claims like 'reduced fat' in sweet good applications such as loaf cakes, ring cakes, muffins, and brownies. Byreplacing 65% of the oil added to a blueberry muffin recipe with Puraslim, a total fat reduction of 46% can be obtained.

The cost of Puraslim within the recipe is comparable to margarines and shortening, but it is used at lower dosage levels, resulting in a price competitive position. Puraslim is also less price volatile than oils, ensuring a more stable price point.


Burtons Foods To Bring Cadburys To Biscuit Market In UK

Burtons foods the second largest biscuit manufacturer in UK which is also the contract manufacturer for cadbury brands of biscuits in UK have plans to produce chocolate biscuits under the iconic brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Bournville. It s already manufacturing Cadburys Crunchie and Fingers in biscuit segment along with Wagon Wheels and Jammie

Dodgers . Other competitors to Burtons are United Biscuits , Kraft Foods and Fox s Biscuits

Burtons Foods continues to revolutionise the chocolate biscuit market with a £2.5 million investment that sees two of the most iconic Cadbury brands made into biscuits: Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Bournville.

The two new products follow Burtons hugely successful launch of three other Cadbury brands as biscuits: Cadbury Caramel, Cadbury Crunchie and Cadbury Turkish. Sales of this range achieved £15.2m* value sales in 44 weeks since launch.

Cadbury Dairy Milk, the UKs number one chocolate brand so this new biscuit offering presents an exciting innovation for the biscuit category. Similarly, Cadbury Bournville is a leading player within dark chocolate and represents a significant opportunity to attract dark chocolate lovers to the range.


Oreo Joins The Cookies War In India

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What Make s Indian Bakery Market So Hot For Major International Companies

We have been witnessing  major international bakery companies  making beeline  to Indian bakery segment in recent times  with latest news of Kraft joining  the rank .

In  one of the my earlier  articles   I have mentioned about  failed attempts by mnc  to establish themselves  in bakery segment . But  that was in past   few factors  have  now  turned Indian bakery segment as  favorites for international biggies .

Here are few major reasons

Liberalised economy,  gone are they days for licence raj  .Present policies have  been opened for foreign participation in bakeries earlier restricted for  domestic players .

Economic slowdown across  the developed nations . With China and India having impressive growth rate for  decades  .These markets gives avenues  for growth to these companies. Bakery industry along with booming economy has been clocking  20% annual growth .

Disposable incomes  with  large middle class has  made consumers to try out  various bakery products which were out of the reach few years back.

Low competition   with  few  big local players on national scene  gives  big opportunities to these multinationals  to  enter  huge market  worth  Rs 12,000/ crore .

Availablity  of  Low cost technology and skilled manpower   makes manufacturing  attractive  for  these foreign companies

Availability of  raw material (  flour ,sugar ) except for  fat ( palm oil) which now being imported from   Asean countries  also  makes Indian market more lucrative .

Here are  major   multinationals   which have registered their presence in  Indian bakery  market in recent times

Kraft  Food Inc
United Biscuits 
GSKB ( Glaxo Smithkline )
Dunkin Donuts
Australian Foods ( Cookieman)
Ceylon Biscuits Ltd

Cadburys To Launch Oreo In India By April End

After much  of anticipation  from  Kraft to launch Oreo in India  finally  Cadbury now  under Krafts  food division here in India  would  launch  world  famous  Oreo biscuits . As were the  flurry of activities were enough for people in the market  to guess about the launch and recent being the law suit by Kraft against local giant Britannia .  As reported in news  Cadbury  would be launching Oreos by April  end  and would manufacture the biscuit here locally. Mrs Bector's Food Specialities  will  supply  locally made  Oreos  to Cadbury thus bringing down cost of  Oreos( HT) . Indian Biscuit  industry  would not  be the same if  Krafts goes   for  aggressive launch  and marketing . Competition  would  be from  local Big 3  Britannia, Parle and ITC   and new mnc's entrants like  United Biscuits , Pepsi  and  Unibic .Recent launch of  Treat -O  from Britannia and Dark Fantasy  from  ITC   can be seen  as competition in this  segment .Britannia would be impacted most as the leader in premium segment of biscuits with brands such as Pure magic and  Cream  Treats  . Oreo  has  already  taken  over  Chinese biscuit  market  being leader in this  category . Imported Oreos was already available in select  stores  across India ,at price tag  of  Rs 50/-  for 14 biscuits . It plans to take on low cost strategy  to compete with  local brands from Rs 5/- for 3 , Rs 7/- for 10  and Rs 20/-  for 14 biscuit  thus relying on volumes to make margins(TOI) .  Its  also a big news for biscuit   raw material, equipment , packaging  suppliers and advertisers .

A report in Deccan Herald
Confectionery maker Cadbury India today announced its entry into the country's estimated Rs 12,000 crore biscuit market through the launch of 'Oreo' brand from the global portfolio of its parent Kraft Foods.

"The introduction (of Oreo) marks the entry into a new category in India, with the aim to make the world’s favourite biscuit, Oreo, one of India’s favourite biscuits," Cadbury India said in a statement.

Oreo is around 100 years old brand and currently generates a revenue of USD 1 billion globally. In India, the company will be launching the biscuit in dark chocolate flavour.
"Introducing Oreo marks the beginning of our journey in this growing category and we are readying ourselves to make Oreo a preferred choice with Indian consumers," Kraft Foods President South Asia and Indo-China and Cadbury India Managing Director Anand Kripalu said.

source :

Cadburys major products have been  5 star , Bournvita , Perks, Dairy Milk Chocolates  with only products from Krafts food portfolio being  Tang .It would be first time that Cadbury India forays into  biscuit segment .Cadbury would promote Oreo as its brand here in India .At the end  it would be the Indian consumers who would be benefited the most .

Check Video  

PARLE - G World's Largest Selling Biscuit - Nielsen

Parle -G still  rules  the world   .Parle -G with its taste and quality has  been popular for generations of Indian  .
Parle-G, the glucose biscuit brand from Parle Products , has consolidated its position as the world's largest selling biscuit brand, says a report by Nielsen.

The study, for last year, says Parle-G has topped brands like Kraft's Oreo, Wal-Mart's private labels and Mexico's Gamesa in voulme sales to lead the 11,295-crore Indian biscuits category.

The Nielsen study adds India is the world's leading market for biscuits, ahead of the US, Mexico, China, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

The Economic Times

Budget 2011 - Impact On Bakery Industry

 Indian Budget 2011-12  has been  presented by Finance minister in parliament .    Its  time to see the impact  on these policies on  bakery industry . Over all the  budget tends to  do the balancing act of growth  as well as containing fiscal health .  Finance minister had an opportunity  to declare some bold decisions as it was expected  from  some section of industry mostly on opening of retail  sector to foreign participation and insurance .

Here  are 

Positives  for  bakery industry

Income tax exemption for  salaried class  has given some relief to people who have  been reeling under  high prices  of  food prices thus people would have higher disposable income .

Increased outlays on rural development  and increase in MGNREGA  salary  to the rural  workers   thus  giving more money  to rural population would definitely increase sale of  bakery products in these areas .

No major increase in excise duty rates  of 10%  thus keeping prices  at present level  for chemicals and raw materials  and related items .

Surcharge  on  taxes  reduced  to  5 %  from 7.5 % which would help  corporates

Slight increase in MAT  from 18.0%  to 18.5%

Significant infusion of  funds   in  rural  sector .

Tax rebates and incentives  for cold chains and storage  for  food processing industry

Allocation of cumulative Rs 1,200 crore to help higher production of pulses, palm oil, vegetable, bajra, jowar, ragi and other millets would help  in increasing domestic  supply .


Cakes , pastries  and confectionery items  are now excisable  hence  it would result  in higher price for consumers

Excise duty on biscuit  increased by  1 % thus would result  in  price increase for biscuits .

No duty  reduction on crude oil  thus  we can expect  price hike in fuel  cost and packaging material soon .

Fmcg  companies   might pass on these hike on duties  to consumers ( ET )

"Each brand of bakery product has its own storyand history behind them to tell .Bakerybazar intends to discover and unravel these stories before you""

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