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Parameters For Sugar In Bakery

Sugar  is among  the major ingredients of  all  bakery products . Important parameters  which   bakers  should check  about the  sugar   are

Particle  size
extraneous matter 
water insolubes
sulphated ash
heavy metals

preferably manufactured  by vacuum  pan process

Daily Production Report In Bakery

So you  are  handling bakery operations  then you need to have daily production report  first thing you look for on your desk . Now days  most the bakeries rely  on ERP  software which  collects all the vital information for daily production . Smaller  or  conventional  bakeries still  have report  presented  in  excel sheets from their executives

Here  are the important elements  which makes  a complete daily  bakery production  report

Production -  ( loaves / numbers/cbbs/ kgs / tonnes )
Mixings   - Number of mixings
Labour  - Numbers / labour hours/overtimes/ Labour efficiency
Fuel   -   Ltrs / unit of production
Electricity - Kwh Units 
Defective or wastages  - %
Dispatch or sales
Dividing  Weights
Packet  Weights
Quality  Index Score
Stocks - Opening and Closing for important raw material
Finished Good Stock
Available hours
Break downs  - %
Gaps  - In hours

Above are few important  elements of any bakery production report  .These could provide  the complete picture of operations and on which deviations and shortfalls  can be discussed and means to achieve the target production in bakeries .

Softwares like SAP  and Oracle  helps in getting information on  mouse click .

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