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Bauli Croissant In Delhi

Popularity  of  Bakery products   could  be gauged  by the  variety and types of  products now available in shelf in Indian super markets  and hyper markets . One  such  example  is  availability  of  Italian major brand  Bauli   .  Croissants  with  cocoa  cream  packed in attractive packs .

Cracker Biscuit From Britannia

Crackers  are popular segment in salty  biscuits world  wide   loved by  people  who prefers low sugar  and low fat  snacks . Britannia brings these crackers under  Nutri choice  brand .

Winkies Swiss Roll

Winkies  Swiss Rolls  are  now available  off the shelf in Delhi market .Swiss  Rolls  are available  on local bakeries  but to  produce and market it nation wide is another game all together  however  this company  "Dream Bake  Pvt  Ltd"  has  launched  swiss rolls  by the name " Winkies ", packed in cardboard tubes.

Swiss  Rolls were tried  by Britannia  in 1995 -1997   but  not with success and was called off . Swiss Rolls  are popular abroad .

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Top 10 Baking Blogs

I  just  wanted  to compile  top  10  baking blogs  on internet   for which I  surfed major search engines  and  blog  ranking sites

Here  are  the   top 10 blogs   on baking

David Lebovitz

The Fresh Loaf

Baking Bites

Cake Journal

Cupcakes Take The Cake


Bake or Break

Cake Spy

CupCake Project

Savory Sweet Life 

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Bergen Cookies

Apetite  for  imported biscuits  has not died even  with onslaught of  international biscuits flooding Indian markets  such as  Oreo , Mcvities , Munchies  , Tiffany   etc .

bergen cookies , imported cookies , private  label cookies

Bergen  cookies  are  all over   the malls , super market  and  retailers  in Delhi  . Wrapped in attractive packaging  with cookies in trays .  What  attracts  the consumer  is the  size  of the ring shaped  with sugar sprinkled on top of  cookies  and   laced with  exotic  designs . The packs were  made in Poland.

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