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Sieves Sizes For Wire Mesh Used In Bakeries

Most  of the bakeries have installed FSMS in one form or the other,  most  of these companies have opted  for  ISO 22000 , HACCP , BRC   and others . Sieving of  ingredients have been declared by most of the bakeries  as the  most critical control point ( CCP ) . I  have just  tried  to give you  few mesh sizes  which are used  in various plants . Every plants has its own standards .
Given are the most estblasihed  sizes of  wire mesh  used in  bakeries.

Flour  -  30 -40

Sugar  - 10-14

Chemicals  - 24 mesh

Palm oil   - 40 mesh

Ingredient s -  12-16 mesh

Water  -  100 mesh

Butter -   30-40 mesh

Cocoa / Chocolate powder - 12-16 mesh

SMP  -  30-40  mesh

Yeast  Powder  - 24 mesh

GMS powder  -  24 mesh

Liquid  Glucose  - 14 -16 mesh

Pepsico Launches New Bakery Products

With initial success of  Aliva  snacks Pepsico India  has  launched new variant  of  baked snacks

Multigrain Waves
Milk Minis

Thus  challenging competitors like Parle and Britannia

Cakes From Winkies

Winkies  have  now launched  numerous  cake variants available  at super and hypermarkets .

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