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Pepsico Launches New Bakery Products

With initial success of  Aliva  snacks Pepsico India  has  launched new variant  of  baked snacks

Multigrain Waves
Milk Minis

Thus  challenging competitors like Parle and Britannia

'Snackuits' Britannia s answer to healthy snacks

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Britannia Industries one of the largest bakery manufacturer  in  India  is trying to increase its share  in snacking business  which has market turnover  of  Rs  7000/ - 10000 /crores . Early entrant to this market have been  Pepsi co with Aviva  and  Parle  Hippo .

Britannia  has launched  new  variants  to its  power brand 50-50  with  flavors  like " Swiss Cheese & Chilly", "Chinese Hot & Sweet" and " Italiano Pizza". These variants are mainly targted  towards indian housewives  for their penchants for snacks . Britannia would offer these baked snacks with healthy tag  of  zero transfat  product. Media and tvc have been planned would be released soon .Snackuits  aptly  reminds consumers for snacks which are baked as biscuits.Other product which  Britannia has launched in this category are  "Time pass"  and  "Nutrichoice" . "Time pass"  poppable  spicy snacks  are  being tested in  different regions .  "Maska - chaska "was instant hit with youth  for its unique flavours which was extension of  brand 50 -50. Snackuits are being marketed in North , East and West  region at present . Price tags for snackuits are being kept  as Rs10/- for 30 gm pack and Rs 20/- for 50gm pack .

Its worth to note that  snacking market  is  being estimated to be 20%   for coming years . Britannia with increasing competition has made moves to diversify into other popular food segments-.Ready- to- eat , dairy  and snacking .

Britannia Taps Baked Snacks Market With Time Pass

Pic courtesy : afaqs.com
Biscuit major Britannia has ventured into the fairly new baked snacks category, launching a baked wheat snack called Time Pass targeted at the youth. The company claims that the wheat product is free from trans fat, MSG and cholesterol.

The snack is being made available in three flavours - Mindless Masala, Tapori Tomato and Loafer Lemon - at two price points, Rs 5 and Rs 10. Since it is targeted at the youth, the brand has adopted a language that is not pretentious and appeals to the youth. Time Pass aims to participate in the banter of youth and makes 'doing nothing' a legitimate option.

Interestingly, Britannia usually communicates with housewives or children. The youth is a new target group that the company is speaking to in this communication. It has chosen the radio route, which allows interactivity as the youth can easily connect with radio and music.

R Balakrishnan (Balki), chairperson and chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas, who conceptualised the campaign, says, "The attempt with Time Pass was to introduce an exciting offering in Britannia's snacking portfolio of 'delectables' for the youth - a brand that is an anti-thesis to the mindless rat race. It is dismissive, indifferent, irreverent - a way of life."

Britannia isn't the first to launch baked snacks. Companies such as Parle forayed into this market with the Aamir Khan-endorsed Smart Chips, and later, Parle Agro launched its brand of baked snacks, Hippo.Frito Lays  Aliva, ITC  Bingo

Shalini Degan, category director (delight and lifestyle), Britannia Industries, speaking on tackling competition in the category, says, "Baked snacks are a very new and nascent category in the Rs 6200 crore Indian snacking market and will obviously see a slew of launches one after another. However, the leader will be the one that is able to delight consumers with taste and is able to connect and satisfy them using this new technology effectively."

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