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Bisk Farm Comes Up with RUSKIT

Rusk s  have  been  now under   the lense   with  big  bakery players . Only branded rusk are  being manufactured by Britannia  under  the brand  premium rusk  . Bisk farm has now entered the rusk  segment with media blitz and advertisement  promoting its  rusk  as  Ruskit .

Biskfarm  a regional power brand in biscuit segment   especially  in  eastern sector of India.  Rusk is pre dominatly  liked by  elderly  people and  workers  for   source of  break fast  alternative  and  people have liking of  dunking  bread  into  tea. It would be interesting to see how Bisk farm   captures customers  preference in rusk . Variant  which are popular are butter rusk , sooji rusk  and milk rusk .

BISK FARM - A popular brand in Eastern India

In one of my earlier post " brands in rural Bihar " I have mentioned predominant presence of BiskFarm brands of biscuits . Now that major publication has endorsed its preminent place in eastern market of India .

Bisk farm was launched in year 2000 in West Bengal and it is owned by Aparna group of Industries under the company called  SAJ Industries Pvt Ltd.

Bisk Farm products and  Brands

Bisk Farm has  product such as Biscuits , Cakes  ,Rusk  and Cookies . Total of 55 products (SKUS)  with turnover of  Rs 200 crore . Bisk farm controls 40% of market share in Eastern India  Britannia being  the major competitor in the region .

Some  of the popular brands are  Googly ,Just Ginger , Bourbon , Chocolate Cream

.It has  got  presence in  states such as West Bengal , Bihar , Orissa , Assam , Jharkhand, Chattisgargh  , North eastern  staates and Bhutan .

It has forayed into bakery retail  by  name Just Baked  .Got  8  such stores in  Kolkatta  and has plan to open 100 such outlets in and around Kolkatta suburbs.

Bisk Farm has three plants in West Bengal and is planning to  open a new plant in Karanatka  ,Bangalore .

HQ Address

Purna Bhaban,
5/1 Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,
5th Floor,
Kolkata - 700 020
West Bengal, India.
Phone : +91-033-2281-8219/8369.
Fax : +91-033-2283-3510
website: http://www.biskfarm.com/

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