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Will Tikki Packs Save The Day For Biscuit Manufacturers?

 tikki packs , small packs  Indian Biscuit Manufacturers  are under tremendous pressure for  profit margin  against ever rising inflation  which had made  raw material costlier to them .  The options  are limited for the biscuit manufactures  either  they increase price for their product  or  increase the volumes of their sales . Increasing price  is  a difficult option thanks for the cut throat competition and  Indian consumers  change of  loyalty over price . Now manufacturers are trying to place products on every price point  as low  as Rs1/- , Rs2/- , Rs3/-   for these small packs   they have coined a term called Tikki Packs ( small packs ) . So  you   find all major manufacturers  marketing their products on Tikki Packs  with 4- 5 biscuits per pack  wts around  25 - 35gms  for Rs2/-.

This Tikki Pack  concept   was first initiated by  Cavin Kare for its "Chic"  shampoo giving shampoo in sachets for Rs2/- , the idea was well accepted by consumers and it became  mega hit  overnight . Others too  followed the idea and we had all fmcg giving their products in Tikki Packs . Britannia started the Tikki Pack  concept in early 2000s  for  Tiger , then parle  joined and offered its Parle G in Tikki Packs and now Sunfeast(ITC) has joined the competition with its Tikki Packs for its glucose biscuits.   With  economic slowdown  and spiraling prices still looming  large  manufacturers are finding small  packs as best strategy  to   increase their sales, as consumers would  not mind spending such a low amount on biscuits .This also helps people under BPL to be able to buy branded biscuits for themselves.
 tikki packs , small packs

Interesting use of Tikki packs  of biscuits  has been observed   in  this   region  . People use Tikki packs for

1  Giving it to poor people as alms" daan"  during festive / religious ceremonies .
2. Pets
3. Return Gifts at Birth day s
4. Retail shop owners exchanging for  change s.
5. Kiosk owners put it along with other sachets 

Even new entrants have  gone for  Rs5/(  $0.11)-  a pack  eg- Oreo , Mcvities .Competing for consumers  every rupee in biscuit market .

Small pack s in Jar - Britannia marketing strategy

cookies in jar , biscuit in jars
Its common sight now retailers keeping small packs of biscuit in Jar similar to toffees and other confectionery . Britannia as well as Parle s biscuits are now available in Jars and products priced in the range of Rs 2/- Rs5/-.

Britannia's Bourbon , Cream treat , Good day and Tiger glucose are now available in small packs .These packs have 4- 6 biscuit a pack which is sufficient for one time serving for people .

Small Packs In Jar strategy is working for Britannia and is now Rs 250/- - Rs 300/ crore - business annually . This kind of pack are hit in categories like teens and kids primarily . It provides an option for the consumer to buy biscuits in ready -to-eat-on-move as the present 16- 17 biscuit a pack concept is meant for family or group of friends.

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