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Priya Gold s Chatpatta Zeera baked snacks - A product review

Priya  gold chatpatta   baked snacks competes with  frito lays  Aliva  .Major food manufactuers are now  turning attention to  new market segment that of  health and wellness

Chatpatta Zeera Biscuits

This crunchy, crisp and fresh Chatpatta Zeera will make you to munch everytime you need to have something light and tasty. Chatpatta Zeera with flavour of zeera.


Wheat Flour, Edible Refined Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil/ Soya Bean Oil/ Cotton Seed Oil/ Palm Kernel Oil And Sesame Oil), Sugar, Invert Syrup, Liquid Glucose, Iodised Salt, Leavening Agents (Ammounium Bi-Carbonate & Sodium Bi-Carbonate), Cumin Seeds, Yeast, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Permitted Emulsifiers (Sodium Stearoy 1-2- Laclylate), Papain, Dough Conditioners (Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite), Contains Added Flavours

Available in -75g & 400g ATC packs. 400g Loose pack ,500g & 1.5kg jars . Interesting  part is priya gold s family pack for these tiny baked snacks . Priya gold   promoting local flavours

Surya foods puts up Wafer and Chocolate plant in Haridwar

Surya foods manufacturer of major biscuit brand like "'Priya Gold "" and Fruit Juice has plan to commission a Wafer and chocolate plant in Haridwar .With investment of $6.2 million and of 20 ton per day capacity.

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Priya gold emerging as a national brand

I was just flipping some business magazine for Indian top 10 food brands. What stuck me was Priya gold s entry into the top 10 . In span of 10-15 years Priya golds growth has been spectacular .Its brand recall has amazed many trade pundits .

Priya gold now has market share of 12% for bakery market with britannia(38%) and parle(42%) as the leader of the pack .

It all started in year 1993 .Shri B. P Agarawal established a biscuit plant in noida and started manufacturing biscuits . With products like classic , butter bite becoming popular in short period .Below are the reasons for its popularity


It has establsihed it self as low cost premium product plank and with a popular ad campaign which ran for years was "" HAQ SE MANGO "' with Priya tendulkar as their lead personality for ads .She was popular with middle class for her role as rajni in tv serial rajni who stood for middle class rights.Now of course they have enrolled Karisma kapoor for makeover of image on upmarket image . Priya gold ran promos for it products.declaring prizes on it products.Priya gold focused on rural and tier 2 and tier -3 towns markets with great success .


One of the most innovative thing surya foods did was introducing ""family pack ""where you have pack of 400-300gms .Normal packs are of 100g , 150g , 75g packs .
When every one was launching sachet or ""tikipacks"" ie small packs of 3-4 biscuit a pack. Surya food went ahead with family packs and it was instant hit . Indian middle class lapped it up . Others had to follow but by the time Priya gold had its customer base .


Pricing was done keeping with competition it placed it self on low price premium product plank.They delivered directly to dealers from there godowns with better margins to retailers who pushed their products for better sale.

Surya food now produces 23 varieties of biscuits with tonnage up to 150000 p.a. Popular products are Butter bite ,Marie lite ,Classic cream,Boss,CNC ,CheezeBit

Regional bakery brands

Apart from the BIG 3 of Indian bakery industry , few regional players have made a mark in their respective zone .Few names which I can highlight are
  • RAJA
  • BONN

Major Brands of biscuit

Please add brand which I might have missed out

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