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United Biscuits HobNobs Launched In India

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United Biscuits has launched its popular brand   Hob Nobs  in  India . Initially with promos  . Available in Rs30/ for 120 gms .  UB  Hob Nobs competes  for  the niche of  Oats biscuits  . Hob Nobs consists of Oats  with Honey .  Competition comes from Britannia Oats Honey  Vitae Marie and Unibic s Oats honey cookies

United Biscuits to commence production at Himachal Plant

Nahan: World’s third largest biscuit manufacturing company united biscuits (UB) having US$2 billion branded snacks business would start production in Kala amb industrial area of the district Sirmour on Friday.

Chief minister Himachal Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal in the presence of the Chairman of the UB group David fish would inaugurate the plant. United Kingdom (UK) based company had purchased the plant of Bonn brad (S.S. foods) few months back with the investment of 15-20 crore located at Kala Amb industrial area in Himachal. The director Industry Manoj Kumar says the presence of this plant in Himachal pardesh would give a new outlook to industrialization in the state. He also said that as per his information UB biscuits have 100 years old brand McVities which has been enjoyed by the world since 1850.

However in totality UB has already made an investment of 40 crores for this plant and also plans to invest another 20 crore till the end of this year. As per as the information the officials Ben, Jastin,Lucy and Sanjay of British high commission with Industry and commerce Minister of Punjab are also likely to participate in the inaugural program of the plant. According to the information gathered from the industry department, UB identified as a market with great potential than it made foray into the Indian market by deciding the production in Himachal Pardesh. UB India today directly and indirectly employees over 1000 people and also plans to continue expanding its presence in the year 2010. According to further information UB holds strong number two position in its core market of the United Kingdom and Europe. Sources of the industry department said that all the approvals to UB biscuits were given in time bound manner. According to further information UB biscuits have total 15 production plants across the UK and Europe with the annual capacity of 1.3 million tones of biscuits, snacks and other products. Although, it was not clear but sources said that Kala amb plant of U B would the first one in India. UB brands and products have a huge global appeal and that is the reason UB has been rapidly growing in other international markets as well such as North America to the Middle East, Africa and Australia. According to further information an UB biscuit is the first industry in the Kala amb industrial area, which would be inaugurated by the chief Minister Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal during this tenure. According to further information UB would offer India McVities digestive biscuits made of wholesome wheat with a rich source of fiber .On the other hand Member secretary of Industry department Mr.Tilak Raj Sharma said that it was correct that a united biscuit was a reputed group of the UK. He also said that the officials of the British high commission, Punjab industry Minister and Director Industry Manoj Kumar are also likely to reach in the inaugural program of the plant.

Source : http://www.nvonews.com/
Posted by : Shailender Kalra

United Biscuit buys SSFI in Himachal Pradesh

Finally UB ( United Biscuits ) ,UK has bought a SSFI unit in Himachal Pradesh to launch its product in India . Earlier in my blog I have reported news on United Biscuits moving into India and launching its product . It has been busy with building a team and time has come to translate into manufacturing .UB has got popular brands like McVities Hoola Hoops and Jacobs Cream Cracker .
United biscuit would test launch its product from this facility in first quarter of 2010 . The brands it would go in for world famous Digestive biscuit McVities . The Indian operations is headed by Jayant Kapare . For last year it has been scouting for manufacturing unit and now its has finally taken oven this biscuit manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh .
UB would have to face tough competition from already entrenched players like Britannia , Parle and ITC . UB has to work it out a recipe compatible with Indian taste and to market aggressively for brand recall.As history shows that Foreign brands could not make much headway in Indian biscuit market .
Product like Britannia Digestive , Marie Gold , Nutri Choice and ITC s Marie lite would give to tough competition . Indian biscuit market is worth Rs 6000.00 crore and fiercely competitive with dozens of local players apart from the BIG 3 ,namely Cremica , Priya gold , Dukes and Bisk farm.It would be interesting to see how Indian players respond to UB s McVities.

United Biscuits is owned by private global investment firm Blackstone and European private equity firm PAI .

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