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Mcvities In India Launches Another Popular Product - Bourbon

Mcvities bourbon , Mcvities Biscuit , Mcvities , United biscuit , Ub , United biscuits India , Mcvities India

Mcvities bourbon , Mcvities Biscuit , Mcvities , United biscuit , Ub , United biscuits India , Mcvities India
Mcvities an  United Biscuits ( uk )  iconic brand across globe  ,   which  has  been gradually  increasing its sku's  for  Indian biscuit market.  With  marketing  strategies  initially  relying on its strength of   digestive biscuits  . Once it got  acceptance as major player in digestive biscuits its now  launching products  in cream , cookies  , marie  and now bourbon  , these  are popular products in biscuit segment . 

United Biscuits HobNobs Launched In India

hobnobs , united biscuit hobnobs,mcvities hobnobs
United Biscuits has launched its popular brand   Hob Nobs  in  India . Initially with promos  . Available in Rs30/ for 120 gms .  UB  Hob Nobs competes  for  the niche of  Oats biscuits  . Hob Nobs consists of Oats  with Honey .  Competition comes from Britannia Oats Honey  Vitae Marie and Unibic s Oats honey cookies

United Biscuit buys SSFI in Himachal Pradesh

Finally UB ( United Biscuits ) ,UK has bought a SSFI unit in Himachal Pradesh to launch its product in India . Earlier in my blog I have reported news on United Biscuits moving into India and launching its product . It has been busy with building a team and time has come to translate into manufacturing .UB has got popular brands like McVities Hoola Hoops and Jacobs Cream Cracker .
United biscuit would test launch its product from this facility in first quarter of 2010 . The brands it would go in for world famous Digestive biscuit McVities . The Indian operations is headed by Jayant Kapare . For last year it has been scouting for manufacturing unit and now its has finally taken oven this biscuit manufacturing plant in Himachal Pradesh .
UB would have to face tough competition from already entrenched players like Britannia , Parle and ITC . UB has to work it out a recipe compatible with Indian taste and to market aggressively for brand recall.As history shows that Foreign brands could not make much headway in Indian biscuit market .
Product like Britannia Digestive , Marie Gold , Nutri Choice and ITC s Marie lite would give to tough competition . Indian biscuit market is worth Rs 6000.00 crore and fiercely competitive with dozens of local players apart from the BIG 3 ,namely Cremica , Priya gold , Dukes and Bisk farm.It would be interesting to see how Indian players respond to UB s McVities.

United Biscuits is owned by private global investment firm Blackstone and European private equity firm PAI .

Source ET

United Biscuit - A complete history

United Biscuits was founded in 1948 following the merger of two Scottish family businesses — McVitie & Price and MacFarlane Lang.
In 1960, United Biscuits added to its portfolio with the acquisition of Crawford's Biscuits and MacDonald's Biscuits. In 2000 UB was bought by Finalrealm, a consortium of investors, and reverted to private limited company status.A summary of our development since then is given below. (Unless otherwise stated, each represents an acquisition of 100%.)
1967 Meredith & Drew, a UK crisp manufacturer.
1968 Kenyon Son & Craven, a leading UK nut manufacturer.
1974 Keebler Company, a leading US cookie and cracker manufacturer, subsequently sold to a number of buyers in 1995.
1982 Terry's of York, the confectionery company, subsequently sold to Kraft Suchard in 1993.

1988 Ross Young's, a leader in the UK frozen food sector. 60% stake in United Biscuits China, with a further 30% stake bought in 1991.
1990 Verkade, a leading biscuit and confectionery company in the Netherlands.
1991 Investment in three leading European biscuit companies: Fazer Biscuits (Finland), Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary). Joint venture also established in Éire.
1993 The Smith's Snackfood Company, Australia's leading snackfood manufacturer incorporating a snacks business in Italy. Derwent Valley Foods, the UK owner of the Phileas Fogg snack brand. Further investment in Oxford Biscuits (Denmark) and Gyori Keksz (Hungary) taking investments to 100%.
1994 Further investment in Fazer Biscuits (Finland), taking the investment to 70%, San, a Polish biscuit manufacturer taking investment to 90%, and Nibb-It Snacks, a Dutch snackfood manufacturer1995 The Original Pretzel Company, Australia1997 Acquisition of the French biscuits business, Biscuiterie Nantaise (BN), from PepsiCo. Inc. in exchange for certain continental European snack operations and the sale to PepsiCo. Inc. of The Smiths Snackfood Company, Australia. UB receives a net consideration of £241 million.
1998 Acquisition of the Continental European Biscuit Business, Delacre, from the Campbell Soup Company for £125m. Delacre has operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and exports to the USA. Meiji McVitie, UB buys out Meiji's 50% stake of the venture to form a new company, UB Japan Ltd.
1999 Merger of UB's Young's seafood business with Legal & General Ventures Bluecrest to create the largest seafood business in the UK. UB and LGV (and its associates) each hold 44% of equity of the business. Management and other finance providers will hold the balance.
1999 (September) Acquired certain biscuit operations from German confectionery company, Stollwerck. UB receives Stollerck's Hungarian biscuit business and appoints Stollwerck as its sales and distribution agent in Germany.
1999 (October) Binding agreement reached with HJ Heinz Company for the sale of UB's frozen and chilled food businesses (excluding chilled fish operation) for a price of £190 m payable on completion. Regulatory clearance granted 7th December.1999 (November) Sale of UB's Grimsby-based chilled fish business to Northern Foods. The operation supplies added-value seafood products to Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.2000 (April) Finalrealm acquires UB.2000 (May) Sale of UB Nordic A/S and UB Denmark A/S to Danone.

2000 (May) Sale of UB's TUC and Cheddars brands to Danone (Jacob's). Mini-Cheddars excluded from deal.2000 (June) Sale of UB Snack Foods SpA and UB Snack Foods GmbH to Danone. This comprises UB's Donauwörth factory in Germany and a commercial office in Italy.

2000 (July) Acquisition of Nabisco’s European, Middle East and North African businesses (EMENA).2000 (November) Sale of UB Malaysia and UB Singapore to Danone.2000 (November) Sale of UB Hungary to Danone.2001 (February) Sale of San, Poland to Danone.

2001 (March) Sale of 44% interest in Young’s Bluecrest Seafood Holdings Limited.2001 (May) Sale of Fazer, Finland to Danone.2002 (March) Completion of sale of United Biscuits (China) Limited and its subsidiaries to Nabisco.2003 (October) Closure of dry mix factory in Tunisia.

2004 (July) New subsidiary company of UBUK opened in Dublin, Ireland - UB Snackfoods Ireland Ltd.2004 (August) Acquisition of Triunfo Productos Alimentares, SA, Portugal

2004 (August) Sale of Benelux Snacks business to Roger & Roger2004 (September) Acquisition of Jacob's Biscuit Group from Danone2006 (February) Acquisition of the brands Nik Naks and Wheat Crunchies from Golden Wonder2006 (September) Completion of sale of UB Southern Europe to Kraft Foods Inc.

2006 (December) Sale of Business completed to The Blackstone Group and PAI

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