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Anmol Biscuits - A Regional Power Brand of Biscuits

Recently Anmol Biscuits were in news for its plan  to set up new biscuit plant in Orissa.They also had  big stall showcasing entire range of biscuits in recently concluded Indian Trade fair in Delhi .Which shows Anmol ambitions  to become major player in Indian Biscuit Industry . Anmol biscuits  are  one of the popular brands in  eastern and nothern part of India.Indian Biscuit market has been primarily dominated by big 3 Britannia ,
Parle and ITC .New players have been recently added such as UnitedBiscuit and Kraft ( Yet to begin manufacturing ) . But few regional brands are giving tough competition to these entrenched brands . Local competition  for Anmol comes from Biskfarm , Moreish foods , Raja , A1 , Sona Biscuits and Priya Gold .

In  Eastern Indian market Anmol  is the one brands which has successfully build inroads to the bakery productsmarket and are available at all major retail chains and bakery retail chains . Anmol  products have also spread to Delhi, UP ,Bihar , Orissa and North Eastern States along with dominant player in West Bengal .  Anmol Biscuits Ltd runs  two manufacturing units  one at Dankuni (WB) and other at Noida (UP) with BSI , ISO -22000 , HACCP and GMP  certification. Anmol Biscuits inventory includes  23 brands and 43 SKU 's with 110 Super stockists, 2600 distributors & 250 sales person & and presence in about 4 lakhs retail shop.

Started in year  1993 with one single unit now running 6 production lines   , Anmol  has gradually  transformed itself  into company  to join  the big league of Indian biscuit industry. Under  Mr Baijnath Choudhary leadership  company has achieved great success in expanding market foot prints .

Products -
Biscuits and Cakes


Biscuit -  Butter Bake , Yummy  , Lemon Maja , Marie Time , Thin Arrowroot, e-time,Fun Fill, 2in1, Snackles,Gol Mol, Gluco Power,coconutty

Cake -  Bar Cakes , Cup Cakes of Different flavours



229 A. J. C. BOSE ROAD


KOLKATA - 700 020

PHONE: +91-033-2280-1277 / 78

FAX: +91-33-22895006 / 07

E-Mail: info@anmolbiscuits.net

New Index for Growth - Biscuits

Interesting observations by  Mr Subir  Roy  on  making development Index linked with quality of biscuit  of  a nations .He tracks  down  biscuits  in India  from era of fifties and sixties  to   improved versions of biscuit  available in present time . For  him  development  has  to been seen  through quality and competition  available  in items  like food . Interesting essay  how things have changed for  biscuit  industry  in India


"Much fine-tuning needs to be done before the new development index can be applied usefully across countries but the candidate has great potential. A key decision will be to determine whether the index is to be based on a particular biscuit or biscuits in general. While one biscuit will have all the virtues of specificity, the genre scores in comprehensiveness. My earliest memories, going back to the fifties, is of biscuits being a tremendous treat, the excitement over the prospects of being able to consume a couple of them being akin to the excitement over developing the country rapidly, five years at a time, that was then widespread. Then came a long interregnum, from the sixties through to the eighties, when developmental progress floundered and with it the quality of biscuits. Things began to change in the nineties and if you want a measure of the country picking itself up and going places, all you have to do is to look at the sea change that has been taking place in last 10 years or so in biscuits. Not only has quality improved, increasing competition has kept prices low and the sharp rise in real per capita incomes in the last several years is accurately reflected in the higher value that biscuits have been delivering.


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