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Parle Rebrands Marie Into " BakeSmith "

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Parle  has now  re christened its   Marie  to Bakesmith  as major rebranding exercise to  boost  falling share of Marie biscuit segment  . Other major competitors for this segment are Britannia , Cremica , Parle  and  ITC  as domestic  players and  Mcvities  from  United  Biscuits.. Marie  biscuits are popular  among elderly population  for being a low sugar  supplement in biscuit segment

Parle Brings " Americana " To Counter Britannia

Parle  products  is now  facing decline  in  glucose  sale,  impacting its bottom line  as popular  demand for  cream and cookies  biscuits have increased .
In addition  to  preferences  competition has  also dented into  Parle share of the market ,  Glucose  market  has also shrinked .

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Americana Cookies -Parle
To counter  the decline in market   Parle has  re -branding   for  two of  its  regular varieites  such as  Cookies and Marie into   new look  with re branding   giving  new names to  Cookies - Americana  and  Marie - Bakesmith   .  Packaging has new look with  American and British  Flags  look alike  in background .  It would be  interesting to see whether  Americana  rules   Or   Britannia .

Parle  faces tough competition from  Britannia  and ITC   as domestic competitors  and  Kraft and United Biscuits  as MNC  competitors . Bakery segment is estimated to worth Rs 25,000  crore  . Biscuit category could be  of 75 -80 % of this  market  segment .

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