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FRENVI PVT LTD - New Start Up Company Into Biscuit Manufacturing

 Frenvi  Pvt  Ltd  is  an   Indo -German  enterprise  , which is into  environmental friendly food processing   business  .  They have developed  and are manufacturing  compostable and eatable spoons  for   restaurants , hotels and food stall in various countries.  

biscuit private lable  manufcturing
It has now  entered  Indian Biscuit  industry  to manufacture   wide variety  of  biscuits . Manufacturing Unit  is based  at   Harohalli , Bangaluru , Karnataka .  Plant  is  equipped with  all modern machineries  to  manufacture biscuits  and do the packaging .   They  are  also  FSSC 22000,HACCP,FSMS  compliant  and adhere to  all International quality  standards . Storage  space  is  large enough to cater  big orders.

Frenvi  has  experienced food professional to  develop and produce  all kind of  biscuits  . Now  they are  eager  to enter  Indian  biscuit  sector .. Following are  highlights  for  FRENVI Biscuit  divison .

1.  Can do private label  Manufacturing 

2.  Contract Manufacturing  

3.  New Product development  which includes  recipies 

4.  Do  trial  run   for   new products

5.  New packaging  ideas 

6.  Production upto 12.0 tons/ day .  Thus  can cater  for  small orders 

Contact for your  private label  and contract manufacturing  enquiries  

Email :info-india@frenvi.in

Website:wwww.frenvi.in  / www.frenvi.de

Mobile Number : 09035804172

Outsourcing manufacturing in Bakery Industry

Maximum number of Bakery product manufacturers are outsourcing their manufacturing activity .It make sense also with overhead cost spiralling up outsourcing becomes the most obvious route . The Big 3 ( PARLE , BRITANNIA , ITC ) all have outsourced their most of manufacturing to contract manufacturers . Contract manufacturers are paid for conversion of raw material into finished product . Contract manufacturers liabilities are labour , legal , land ,maintenance ,utilities and other local laws .This allows these Major players to focus on marketing , brand development , R&D activities . Contract Manufacturers also have business to run OR to run plants full time and can build own brand . This is also termed as Third party manufacturing or private label . This helped number of factory owners to generate business , give employment to large number of people . This concepts has also caught attention of entrepreneurs who outsources bakery product with there own recipes , brand and packaging . Entrepreneurs or businessmen from developed economies outsource products from low cost countries label it and then sell them in their own market .In process make good profit . For countries where bakery manufacturing is not so much developed ,people outsource these products from manufacturers ,these could be classic example of trading
Major disadvantage of outsourcing  is  loosing grip over quality  as outsourced  manufacturer might be lax  on quality issues .

 . So if you have money contact these manufacturer,negotiate your price for your type of recipe , packaging and sell .

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