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Parle goes green with eco -campaigns

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Parle products which owns brands like Parle -G , Krackjack , Monaco , Hide n seek and several other biscuits brands is planning for major ad campaign for awareness among school children and masses on environmental issues .

Marathon campaign on FM ( 9270 sms )starts on 2nd Oct
The program is titled as Parle G -for green ,G -for genius .RJ would go non stop advocating about green environment and its advantages along with issues like global warming ,power saving , water pollution ,air pollution and steps to save environment .It is done on BIG 92.7 FM Radio Network across the country and would continue till they get 9270 sms .


Campaign in schools
Parle products India's biggest biscuit manufacturer has planned campaign for green environment with campaign titled My Green Planet . This campaign would be launched through 70 cities across India with participation of 5000 schools .Aim to educate 8 million people.Program would be launched from first week of October till 20 th of October and would cover planting trees . Eco friendly disposal for wrapper s would be taught to the children and their parents .


Outsourcing manufacturing in Bakery Industry

Maximum number of Bakery product manufacturers are outsourcing their manufacturing activity .It make sense also with overhead cost spiralling up outsourcing becomes the most obvious route . The Big 3 ( PARLE , BRITANNIA , ITC ) all have outsourced their most of manufacturing to contract manufacturers . Contract manufacturers are paid for conversion of raw material into finished product . Contract manufacturers liabilities are labour , legal , land ,maintenance ,utilities and other local laws .This allows these Major players to focus on marketing , brand development , R&D activities . Contract Manufacturers also have business to run OR to run plants full time and can build own brand . This is also termed as Third party manufacturing or private label . This helped number of factory owners to generate business , give employment to large number of people . This concepts has also caught attention of entrepreneurs who outsources bakery product with there own recipes , brand and packaging . Entrepreneurs or businessmen from developed economies outsource products from low cost countries label it and then sell them in their own market .In process make good profit . For countries where bakery manufacturing is not so much developed ,people outsource these products from manufacturers ,these could be classic example of trading
Major disadvantage of outsourcing  is  loosing grip over quality  as outsourced  manufacturer might be lax  on quality issues .

 . So if you have money contact these manufacturer,negotiate your price for your type of recipe , packaging and sell .

BRITANNIA our own multinational food company

Whenever we go to supermarket to do our monthly grocery shopping we have always seen products stacked are either imported from other countries or manufacturing out sourced here in India . Let it be Pepsi , Coke ,Unilever, Kellogs , Horlics, Cadbury , Nestle --- etc . I was always wondering whether there could be an Indian food company which can match these multinational .With recent takeover s by Lakshmi mittal , Tatas , Birlas , Ranbaxy ,Infosys , Tcs , Videocon we hoped that this will also happen in food industry . Its not that we don't have companies which have potential to become one but I think sheer magnitude of acquiring and competing in foreign land have deterred our companies . To name few
ITC , Parle , Britannia , Amul ,HaldiRam , Dabur --- many more

Britannia 's acquisition of two companies in middle east namely Strategic food international co llc, Dubai ,UAE and Al sallan food Industries ,Sohar ,Oman and recent collaboration with srilankan company has at least taken a lead in food companies to acquire a MNC status, which would give other players a good competition in foreign market .

Britannia with product basket of numerous biscuit and cookies has potential to become a major player in international market .With skilled manpower and R&D in place it can look beyond our shore to compete internationally

Why MNC have failed in Indian Bakery Industry

Indian bakery today stands for Rs 6000 Crore Industry . Since opening of our markets for Overseas companies Bakery Industry is the Industry which these Multinationals have not able to crack where as in other industries they have remarkable presence like Pepsi , Coke , Unilever , Samsung , LG , Panasonic , Nike , Adidas , Citi , Hsbc , Procter and Gamble ,Colgate List goes on ---- . Companies like Excelsia , Unilever , Kellogg's ,Kraft ,United Biscuits ,Ceylon Biscuits , Unibic are either launched / trying to launch their products/ or have very negligible presence .

The reasons which can be attributed to failure of MNC in bakery Industries can be attributed to .

1. Jv These companies have tried to enter Indian market through partners .

2. Indian Competition was stiff from very much entrenched players like Britannia and Parle

3. Pricing done by these companies was on the on the premium side hence didn't get mass market slice .

4. Recipes which were not palatable to Indian tastes . Even Macdonalds and KFC have got Indian variants.

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