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Bread Improvers

Improvers  are  critical  ingredients of  mass  bread manufacturing  process . Bread Improvers performs  multipurpose function during production process  which impact the  texture of the  final product . The two most important function of an improver  are to  co2 generation during fermentation and gas  retention  during no time production method .These improvers are basically amylase enzymes which helps in breaking starch into  sugar  thus providing  food for better yeast activity during fermentation

Following are the major bread improvers

Ammonium persulphate
Potassium bromate
Potassium Iodate
Calcium carbonate
Acid calcium phosphate
Calcium  phosphate
L-cystiene  hydochloride
Guar gum

 Please check the permissible limits for the bread improver's from pfa act .

Few of  the  major bread improver manufacturers are
AB Mauri  Pvt Ltd
Helios Food Additives Pvt Ltd
Enzymes India Pvt Ltd 

Roles of  bakery ingredients

Nutritional Components of Bread

Bread  which has become staple food for majority of house hold across the globe  contains various ingredients which provides nutrition to the masses . Several countries have passed laws to fortify  breads with essential minerals and vitamins  such as folic acid , iron , , vitamins and calcium  etc .Interestingly in India we don't have any compulsory fortification  law  apart  from standards for food additives used in bread . (BIS and PFA Act) however bread manufacturer  add few ingredients  to  enhance nutritional  value of bread .Bread being product of common masses its  important that  its fortified by manufacturers to  give consumers  a healthy food . Governments in most countries monitors the prices  and quality  directly  on indirectly  has  to ensure  that  manufacturers  add  essential  nutritious   ingredients  into their products  either through legal  food laws or through  industry   associations .

List of nutritional components in bread


Carbohydrate and  starch

Dietary  Fibres 





Thus  bread  becomes  the cheapest and  nutritious  food  in comparison to other staple food  consisting of  minerals , vitamins and proteins .

List of Acid Regulators In Bread And Biscuits

Following are the acid regulators  for bread and biscuits used in Indian bakery industry

Role of  Acid Regulators in baked  goods

Acid regulators basic function  is to  increase the acidity of the dough .In Addition to this controls dough fermentation or leavening or  to reduce spoilage due to  growth of mold ,rope or bacteria.

Main Acid Regulators

  • Sodium Fumarate 
  • Potassium  Malate 
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Acetic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid 
  • Malic  Acid 
  • Tartaric  Acid

Note : Pl  check the permissible quantities for above said acid regulators in PFA Act , 1954 

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