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List of Acid Regulators In Bread And Biscuits

Following are the acid regulators  for bread and biscuits used in Indian bakery industry

Role of  Acid Regulators in baked  goods

Acid regulators basic function  is to  increase the acidity of the dough .In Addition to this controls dough fermentation or leavening or  to reduce spoilage due to  growth of mold ,rope or bacteria.

Main Acid Regulators

  • Sodium Fumarate 
  • Potassium  Malate 
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Acetic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid 
  • Malic  Acid 
  • Tartaric  Acid

Note : Pl  check the permissible quantities for above said acid regulators in PFA Act , 1954 

China Bans Benzoyl Peroxide And Calcium Peroxide Alongwith Other Food Additives

Chinese government is trying  to control the damage done by various food safety  related incidents to its food processing industry through various rules and laws . In latest attempt  Chinese authorities have banned several  food additives.

A report
Chinese authorities have banned several types of food additives as part of new national regulations on food safety issued on Friday.

The new regulations also stipulated that all additives should be marked clearly on food product labels.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday issued four national food safety regulations concerning food additives, food product labels, honey products and the limit of mycotoxins in food. Mycotoxins are metabolites of fungi that can adversely affect animal and human health.

The use of benzoyl peroxide, calcium peroxide and methanal as food additives has been banned under the new regulations, as these additives are no longer necessary for the production of food, according to Chen Rui, an MOH food safety official.


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