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Choco Fills From ITC Sunfeast

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ITC 's  Brand  Sunfeast has  been aggressive  on  covering all segments  of  biscuit  categories   has  now  launched  Dark  Fantasy   Choco Fills   with  innovative  enrobed biscuits  with  chocolate  fillings inside . ITC  Sunfeast  has  taken  a lead  in  manufacturing  new variants  of  biscuit  in premium  segment of  biscuits . ITC  Choco Fill has attractive  box packaging with  wrapper   for the  primary packaging . Each  box of Choco fills contains six packs  for  biscuits . ITC  has launched  aggressive advertisement and tvc for Dark Fantasy across cities .ITC  has already  launched dual cream biscuits .

This  type of biscuits  were attempted earlier by  Britannia  and Parle  by  their  Date Rolls and Fruit  Rolls  which failed  to  entice  the targeted customers. Lets  see the  impact  of  Choco Fills .

ITC  Plans expansion for Sunfeast Brand
Indian biscuit industry review

Chitrajan Dar CEO ITC Foods Speak s On Business Strategy

ITC  foods  a food arm of  India,'s major corporate house ITC ltd , which has business spread out to  tobacco , papers , hotels , lifestyle , packaged food  and Agri  commodities. ITC  ltd  major earnings come from tobacco business and are leader in this category . To make ITC less dependent on tobacco earnings it has diversified in to  foods and personal care segment  making it into league  of HUL , PG , Kraft and Pepsi .  Chitrajan  Dar  has taken over from Ravi Navare as CEO of it Food division ITC  Foods.Sun feast brands of biscuit s   have made a mark  on biscuit segment giving tough competition to already entrenched players  like Britannia and Parle . Taking advantage of  huge network of  existing  dealers  and distribution channels  ITC  could well become a  major brand in biscuit  segment
Speaks  to ET 

ITC Foods, the maker of Bingo! Chips, Sunfeast biscuits and Yippee! Noodles, has gained a reputation of being a disruptive player. Contributing 12-13% to its parent's revenue, the division turned the corner last fiscal. Its boss, chief executive Chitranjan Dar , though, is reluctant to take all the credit. He says he took over when brands were established and the division only needed consolidation.

The strength of ITC Foods lies in sourcing staples through its e-choupal system that offers direct contact with farmers and a distribution channel that piggybacks on the equity enjoyed by Wills cigarettes across corner outlets. Dar, who has had a three-decade-run at the cigarettes-to-hotels group, tells Sarah Jacob how the division is now focused on a high-margin, value-added products strategy and is working on developing healthier offerings.

 Excerpts from an interview:

Where does Sunfeast stand in the biscuits segment?

Our market share is a third of what Britannia and Parle
Products have. (Industry estimates peg Sunfeast's market share at 11%).
We are looking at profitable growth by following a higher margin,
value-added strategy. We have been focusing on the mid-market and
premium segment and less on glucose biscuits. We launched Marie oats,
Special cookies, premium creams, choco fills and relaunched Marie and
Dark Fantasy.

The Economic Times

ITC Plans Expansion For Its Sunfeast Brands Of Biscuit

 sunfeast , itc biscuit brands , sunfeast biscuits
'Sun feast ' brands of  biscuit   owned by  ITC   group  which is amongst  major  corporates in Indian industry with   products ranging  from stationery items , paper , hotels , food products   and  its main stay tobacco . ITC  is new entrant  to biscuit segment  which has been dominated by  Parle and Britannia .  ITC deep pockets and distribution channels  have helped  it  to make dents in already entrenched market  . It claims to have  9-11% market share of organised or branded  Indian biscuit  market. With competition hotting up  with slew of new products  and expansion by its  competitors   and with arrival  of  new players like  Mcvities , Unibic ,GSKB,Pepsi ,It  plans   to counter these developments  through various  expansion plans for its biscuit division . 

A report

ITC Foods is investing in research and development projects to launch new variants in Q3 FY 2011.On the company’s growth strategy, Chittaranjan Dhar, CEO of ITC Foods said, “We want to create new products to fight competition. We are extending our distribution network both in rural and urban India. Our core strategy is to offer quality products at optimum prices. “

According to Dhar, the company has extended its manufacturing capacity by setting up three new biscuit plants in UP and West Bengal. “We are sharpening our focus on our supply chain management strategy to enhance product freshness, market servicing and margins,” he added. ITC has 14 manufacturing facilities.

To promote its flagship brand Sunfeast, ITC is investing in mass media ad campaigns and non-traditional media in Q3 FY 2011.

“Sunfeast biscuits grew by 32% in the September quarter driven by products mix improvement with growth in the sales of value-added variants of cookies and creams,” said Dhar. Master blaster Sachin Tendular will continue to be the brand ambassador of Sunfeast. Like ITC, Parle Foods is also investing in new product developments to woo new consumers.

source : financialexpress  dt 5/11/10  author : lalitha  srinivasan

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