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Chitranajan Dar On Sunfeast Marketing Strategies

ITC  has been trying  to establish itself into one of the major player in biscuit segment with brand Sunfeast , launching wide spectrum of  biscuit varieties . It has got products to match  all major segment s of biscuit market such as Marie , Nice , Glucose, Bourbon , Cream  and  Salty .Competition comes from  Britannia and Parle .

Chitranjan Dar on ITC marketing strategies 

Dar pointed out that ITC Foods was able to disrupt the leadership of Parle in the biscuits’ category, which was primarily lea by the Glucose segment. “Five years ago, ‘Glucose biscuits’, coming at affordable price points and targeted at the masses commanded almost 55 per cent share of the biscuits’ category,” he said, adding, “Today, cookies and cream biscuits are emerging as the largest segment within the category.”

This, he said, was possible when Sunfeast, an ITC brand, along with other players came up with cookies and cream biscuits in smaller packaging, priced at Rs 5. “A market that led for 95 years, crumbled in two years,” he said, referring to the leadership Parle commanded.


Africa A New Destination For All Major Biscuit Manufacturers

Africa has become a hot market  for all  biscuit manufacturers  be it manufacturers in Europe , USA ,UK ,ME ,Asia . Every one is interested in pushing their products in African countries . Imported biscuits are cheaper  than   the local biscuit in most of these African nation . Most of these companies have manufacturing base either in african countries  itself  or in Middle east and North African   ( MENA )  countries .

Trades are done on contract manufacturing or  private labels for business houses .Distributors  for major  brands are also present in these  countries .

what makes these countries attractive are for the following reasons

  • Low to zero competition
  • Costlier local products
  • Higher  Competition  in the manufacturers country
  • Economic revival for some economies in Africa
  • Longer shelf life  for biscuits as per the foods laws in African countries
  • Biscuits have become staple food in many drought affected countries
  • Transaction in advance payment and in dollars
  • Large population needs fortified biscuits as govt sponsored schemes

Some of the major  market in Africa are

  • Morroco
  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Ivory Coast
  • Tunisia
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Algeria

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