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Chitranajan Dar On Sunfeast Marketing Strategies

ITC  has been trying  to establish itself into one of the major player in biscuit segment with brand Sunfeast , launching wide spectrum of  biscuit varieties . It has got products to match  all major segment s of biscuit market such as Marie , Nice , Glucose, Bourbon , Cream  and  Salty .Competition comes from  Britannia and Parle .

Chitranjan Dar on ITC marketing strategies 

Dar pointed out that ITC Foods was able to disrupt the leadership of Parle in the biscuits’ category, which was primarily lea by the Glucose segment. “Five years ago, ‘Glucose biscuits’, coming at affordable price points and targeted at the masses commanded almost 55 per cent share of the biscuits’ category,” he said, adding, “Today, cookies and cream biscuits are emerging as the largest segment within the category.”

This, he said, was possible when Sunfeast, an ITC brand, along with other players came up with cookies and cream biscuits in smaller packaging, priced at Rs 5. “A market that led for 95 years, crumbled in two years,” he said, referring to the leadership Parle commanded.


Shakti Bhog Divss Comes Out With Atta Glucose Biscuits

   Owner of  popular  flour (  wheat )  brand   Shakti Bhog  had announced  launch of  DIVSS brand of biscuits last year . It make sense as biscuit production  would help in forward  integration  of  their  flour business thus  having  some cost advantage over competitors .

 divss,shakti bhog biscuits,atta glucose

 shakti bhog , shakti bhog biscuits,divss
Having  declared their intention  to join  the biscuit market  it took some time  for Shakti  bhog  team to  launch these biscuits . Even  before launch of   biscuit   we had seen  aggressive  media advertisement  from Shakti  bhog. Along with  advertising we could  also   see HR  drive  to hire  sales team all across India.
Divss  biscuits  are produced  at their  Haridwar  manufacturing unit .

We now  can see the products  on retail shops in Delhi .  Product. which  I could get  was tikki packs  of  DIVSS Glu Coco  and  Shakti  - AG   priced Rs 2/-  for  40 g .

DIVSS   biscuits   are trying  to  place it self  on the healthy  biscuits segment where one gets biscuits  of  ATTA  ( whole grain )   instead of MAIDA  hence  they  are using   AG  (  Atta  Glucose biscuits )  as tagline    for  their glucose biscuits .

It  would  be interesting to see consumers  response to these atta biscuits  . Parle s   PARLE G  and  Britannias  TIGER  are main competitors in  mass glucose  segment .

Parle Products Goes For Expansion Mode To Thwart Competition

 Parle  Products  the leading  biscuit manufacturer  in India  has adopted  a aggressive  expansion plan  to maintain its leadership position in biscuit segment through increasing its production  capacities and distribution channels .

A report
The Rs6,000 crore biscuits major Parle Products, which has pilfered Britannia Industries Ltd’s market share, is looking to maintain its leadership in the branded biscuits segment.
Parle claims to hold a market share of 40% in volume and 32% in value terms in the branded biscuits segment. At present, Britannia has a market share of 28% in volume terms and 32% in value.

Analysts estimate Britannia has lost about 4% volume share in the last three years, whereas Parle has gained the same.
Going forward, the company plans to double its distribution network and increase the number of its manufacturing units.

complete story  on -DNA

Biscuit Manufacturers Setting Up New Plants In Bihar

Bihar has been witnessing a renewed interest from national and regional biscuit manufacturers  to set up manufacturing units . Up till now few  biscuit manufacturers were present in the state but with CM  Nitish  New  Industrial policy  major players have put their money on the improved situation in the state . Britannia , Parle , Anmol , Sona  and Sabisco. have already begun their construction and installation plans .

A report

Three of the units, which are directly being set up by the companies, are coming up in Hajipur. The other unit, being set up in Muzaffarpur, is a joint venture with a local company getting the franchise of a reputed brand.

The units will generate employment of over 1,000 people.

Britannia is setting up its biscuit-making unit at Hajipur, around 25km north of Patna. The unit is likely to be operational by September this year.

It will have the capacity to produce 50,000 metric tonnes of biscuits every year and the company would invest about Rs 55 crore under this project. It would provide employment to 330 people.

Bansal biscuits, the makers of the Anmol brand of biscuits, too are setting up their unit in Hajipur. Biscuits made in this unit are likely to hit the local market in March this year. This unit would have the capacity to make 12,600 metric tonnes of biscuit per annum and would provide employment to 117 people. The company is investing about Rs 23 crore.

Another unit that is coming up in the same city is that of Sona Biscuits, the makers of the Sobisco brand. The company is investing over Rs 24 crore for setting up its unit which, after completion, would have the capacity to produce 15,000 metric tonnes of biscuit per annum. This unit is likely to become functional by March this year and it would provide employment to 219 people.

The fourth unit is coming up at Muzaffarpur, around 80km north of Patna, and this is being set up under the private-private partnership model. One Lavanya Finvest Private Limited has taken the franchise to produce the popular ParleG brand at this unit.

Britannia Vs Parle

The setting up of this unit would attract an investment of about Rs 25 crore. The unit, which is likely to start production by the end of this year, would have the capacity to produce 36,000 metric tonnes of biscuits per annum. This unit would provide employment to 434 persons.

The Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA) has provided land for all these projects. “We processed the proposals at a very quick pace as the state government is determined to ensure that investors coming to the state face no hassles,” a highly placed source in BIADA told The Telegraph.

The source said work at all these projects are going on at the desired pace and going by the progress made so far, biscuit production in all these units would start this year itself.


PepsiCo Joins Kraft , UB & GSKB To Add Competiton In Indian Biscuit Market

"Decade of Biscuits " as rightly claimed  by  Nikhil Sen  , CEO  Unibic India and an old hand from Britannia  Industries ( Ex -COO) . Major Internatioal players are making beeline to untapped Indian biscuit segment  which have been dominated by two player  from long namely Britannia and Parle .  Kraft , United biscuits , GSKB ,Unibic and now Pepsi Co  have launched their product or planning to do so . Even Indian companies like  Shakti Bhog and now Marico  are planning to enter Rs 11,000 crore biscuit market  which is still dominated by unbranded products .Amul , India's  Dairy major  has  been news for its plan to explore  Indian biscuit segment . Consumers would see innovative products&packaging   as these companies would  try  to  lure  Indian consumers and garner market share .

A report
Forget cola war, PepsiCo now wants to battle it out in the Rs 11,000-crore Indian biscuits market that is getting chock-a-block with new entrants. The American food and beverages maker, which launched Aliva baked crackers in 2009, will start test-marketing oats-based premium cookies under its Quaker brand next month, two officials directly involved with the development said.

PepsiCo India is among a slew of domestic and international companies rushing to the fastest-growing processed food segment in the country, growing 20% a year, faster than noodles and potato chips. “The category will explode this decade,” says Nikhil Sen, biscuits industry veteran and MD of Bangalore-based biscuit maker Unibic India. American major Kraft Foods is expected to kick off its India foray with biscuits some time this year.

The Economic Times

Indian Rs 10,000 Crore Biscuit Market Attracts Major International Brands

India is the worlds largest biscuit consuming nation and Indians are now in an experimental mode. The immense growth potential is attracting big and small players to grab a share of the bite.

A few years ago a biscuit brand in India made headlines when it became the worlds largest selling brand.But the story was a tad different it stated the obvious. India, the worlds second most populated nation, was also the largest biscuit consuming country in the world. So, the recognition perhaps came in a trifle late. But that may not hold long enough. The biscuit market is buzzing with new players. At stake is a 10,000-crore business,which is still growing. And every year, big and small players are queuing up for a share of the bite. In the last one-year,two international companies have made an entry UKs United Biscuits and GlaxoSmithKline.A few more including Pepsi and Kraft Foods are planning to make a foray.

Kraft has a wide basket of products across the world, including biscuits. Which of these will be introduced formally in India is currently under dialogue, says Anand Kripalu, managing director, Cadbury India. Kraft had taken over Cadbury in a $19.5 billion deal in February 2010, creating the worlds largest confectioner. Industry sources though say that Kraft has already signed a deal with a local biscuit manufacturer and its entry into the Indian biscuits market should happen much earlier. Pepsi, on the other hand, is in the process of developing a low-cost nutritional food product, which could also be a biscuit product. The companys spokesperson, however, denied it.

The per capita consumption of biscuits in the country has grown from a paltry 400 grams about ten years ago to 1.5-2 kg today.While this is a huge change,India still lags behind other countries like the US and UK where it is more than 10 kg and even behind many South East Asian countries where it is 4.25 kg.It is this gap that is the opportunity for new companies eying the Indian market. For United Biscuits, India was a key,high consumption market where it did not have a footprint.This is what made it a natural choice to enter, says Jayant Kapre, president of United Biscuits India, which entered the Indian market last year.What helped the company was also the fact that here it was just not volume growth but also higher value growth.

Over the last few years,players like Parle, Britannia and ITC have moved into the cookie and high value segment to capitalise on the high growth and higher margins. Even though glucose biscuits still sell much more in terms of volumes than any other segment, its share in the overall pie has gone down. The share of glucose biscuits has dropped from 70% to 50% in about five years. Parle, which was dependent on the glucose segment alone with Parle G, moved into this segment with its chocolate chip cookie brand Hide & Seek in 1996. We didnt want to depend on just one or two brands, says Praveen Kulkarni, marketing manager at Parle Products, which today has close to 40% market share in the Indian biscuits segment. Britannia is a close second with 38%.

The margins in this segment are at least 30-40 % higher than in the glucose segment, which is mainly because consumer preferences are changing. There is so much space at the top today as disposable incomes are increasing, says Nikhil Sen, managing director of Unibic India, an arm of Unibic Australia, which entered in India in 2005-06. The companys strategy was to look at the top end of the market. The average growth rate in the premium segment is over 25% today while that in the glucose segment is about 10-12 %.

Consumers in India are upgrading from unbranded to low-cost branded products to higher value products today as a result of higher disposable incomes.With companies looking at selling their higher value products in smaller packs, adoption as improved.And its not just in the big cities.Small packs of high-end products are also moving well in rural markets, says Amnish Agarwal,analyst, Motilal Oswal. For players like United Biscuits,it was also heartening to see that while biscuit consumption was clearly a very well formed habit with clear and strong consumer preferences,yet there was a willingness to try new products, be it in higher order indulgence products, or in the rapidly evolving health and wellness space.

The small local players in the market are playing their own game,creating a new middle segment in the biscuits market and expanding pan India. The market is now moving into the mid-price segment as people want to upgrade from glucose biscuits, says Anup Bector, managing director of Mrs Bectors Food Specialties, the flagship company of the Cremica group. Local players like Priyagold and Cremica are now matching the products of larger companies and selling them at a lower price as they are regional and have lower overheads. Priyagold, which has primarily concentrated on the north is now looking at expanding its footprint to south and east of the country as well,says BP Agarwal, managing director of the company.We are improving our grip offering a great price and quality combination, says Agarwal.

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