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Mcvities Brings Orange Flavour To It s Cream Biscuit

Mcvities  in  India  has in short  span  got  some foot hold  in  competitive market  of  biscuit category . Earlier it has launched  cookies and marie  along with its  trade mark  digestive biscuits .  It has also offered several promos  with  assorted packs of  marie and cookies  and digestive and cookies .
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 In  recent launch  of  its  Mcvitie's Cream  -Orange  biscuits  , Mcvitie's  is trying  to  promote  orange cream biscuit among the largest consumer group of kids and teens . Orange flavours  is popular among kids . Where all other brand are fighting for  chocolate  variety Mcvities has strategically placed its  Orange variety  in Indian biscuit variety . Orange cream  has price tag of  Rs 10/-  for six biscuit placed in pvc  tray  (  wt = 58  g ) .  Promoted  with free  BEN 10  stickers

United Biscuits Launches Cookies And Cream Biscuits In India

United Biscuits after launching Digestive biscuits in India  has  started  testing different varieties such as Cookies and Cream.

Biscuit  market  would now have  United Biscuits brands taking on established players in cream and cookies segment . Biscuit  market is estimated to be in tune of Rs 6000/- crore .  More than 50%   of this is of plain glucose which is dominated by Parle G and Tiger rest is shared between Cookies , Marie , Crackers ,Nice  and Cream biscuits .

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United Biscuits have launched  Mcvities Cookies  in 68gm  pack  Priced Rs 10/- and would be competing with Britannia s Good Day and Sunfeast Special .

Where as other variety  from UB is Mcvities Cream  chocolate flavour in 75 gm priced Rs 12/-  and would be competing with Britannia s  Cream treat biscuits .

It would be interesting to note how the BIG 3 ( Britannia , Parle and ITC ) would take on United Biscuits competition .

For now its the consumer which is having advantage with pleothra of varieties in biscuit segment .

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