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Different Types Of Dough Mixers In Bakery

Dough Mixers  are  of various types  used as per product characteristic  such as breads , pizza ,cream rolls ,cakes ,biscuits,cookies and wafers.

Role of mixers  is to prepare desired dough/batter   for  baking with all ingredients .Dough Mixers does mixing with  different types  arms  attached to its main frame . Bowls  filled with ingredients such as flour ,sugar

dough mixers , dough mixer , types of dough mixer, spiral mixerMixing can be done in stages  such as single stage mixing or two stage mixing as per requirement . Mixing speed can be increased or decreased as per the dough characteristics . Tilting arrangement are available to decant mixers . Horizontal  or Vertical mixers are available as per  requirement . Mixers capacity varies from  100kg - 1000kg .Ingredient addition could be manual or  automated  for mixers. Latest mixers have HMI and PLC driven  where mixer speed can be altered as per product or ingredients .

Mixers  can be ordered with provision of jackets around its bowl  which  can be used to circulate  hot or cold water as per requirement  for dough  temperature .

Location of Mixers is a critical factor  for bakeries  as  dough  can either tipped directly  from  a tipper  or  dough elevators are required to lift dough trucks and then lift it for further processing .

Following type of  mixers are used in bakeries

These could be further  classified into

  • Single arm mixers
  • Double arm mixers
  • Single Speed mixers
  • Dual Speed  mixers
  • Top Loading mixers
  • Front Loading mixers
  • Jackted  mixers

Other  bakery equipments

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