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Dough Spiral Mixer - Bakery Equipment

Bread manufacturing  process starts with mixing of ingredients to form  dough which is then further processed to  produce breads .All bread plant and machinery equipment  manufacturers  provide spiral mixers with complete  bakery machinery

Mixing  of ingredients is done with  the help of  spiral mixers  for majority  of  medium to large bread bakeries . Spiral mixers  have  two numbers  of  spiral spindles or  blade made up of stainless steel  these spindles or blades  rotate in opposite direction hence providing  proper grip and  movement/direction  to mixing . Spindles  are  driven  by  motor and pulley arrangement .

Types of  Spiral  Mixers
spiral mixers , dough spiral mixers , dough spiral mixer , mixers
  • Stationery Bowl  Spiral Mixer
  • Removable  Bowl Spiral Mixer
  • Tilt  Over  Spiral  Mixer

Other parts of   Dough Spiral  Mixer

Scrapper -  Scrapper is provided  to scrap  the dough which might stick  to the dough bowl surface and is made up of food grade Teflon .

Dough Bowls  and Rubber disc ( Reversible Bowl Rotation ) - These bowls   can be transported to dough elevators  and can be brought back for mixing . Bowls are free to rotate while mixing  its done  by a solid rubber rotating disc which then mesh up with bowls wheel  through friction . This solid rubber disc which  located  at base is driven through motor and gear arrangement .Removable bowl design allows one mixer to run several production lines or to utilize bowls for long floor time dough.Reversible bowl rotation helps in proper blending of ingredients and development of  dough .

Folding Mechanism - Head Lift

Folding mechanism is controlled by hydraulic system  with help of hydraulic cylinders . After or in between mixing process operator  can lift the entire spindle arrangement  to remove the bowl. bellows are provided for flexibility of folding  movement

Clamping Mechanism

Similar  to  folding mechanism  clamping mechanism is controlled through hydraulic system with help of hydraulic cylinders  these then operates the Jaws  which then clamps Dough bowl  for mixing process and prevent bowls  from any  displacement during  mixing .

Power Pack

The hydraulic system which operates the  folding and clamping mechanism  consists of  hydraulic oil reservoirs , pump which circulates the oil int he hydraulic circuit  with several solenoids .

Specifications for Spiral Mixers

L X B xH
Mixing Time
Single/ 2 speed mixing
RPM of  Spiral  Arm
RPM of  Mixing Bowl 

More on  bread equipments
Swing  Tray  Ovens 
Rotary  Rack  Ovens

Swing Tray Baking Oven s

In Bread manufacturing process baking oven is the major equipment. There are various baking ovens for bread manufacturing ,for any higher capacities manufacturers often opt for Swing tray baking ovens .Other model for baking oven for higher volumes of bread production is contray ovens .

Swing Trays main drive moves sprockets and chain with which the racks are  hinged with the chain and this tray swings both ways .These racks hold bread moulds  and carry them  to complete the baking cycle

Burners can be of ldo ( diesel type ) or cng ( gas type ) . hot air is circulated through circulating fan in headers either through top and bottom headers or middle and bottom headers .

Swing tray ovens can be designed for 5000 – 50000 loafs per day capacity.

Some of the features in Swing tray Ovens
swing tray oven , st oven , swing tray  bread  ovens

  • Preferred for higher volumes
  • Oven chain can be hand-cranked in an emergency  
  • The tray's movement is intermittent and controlled by a digital timer  
  • Insulated for maximum fuel-efficiency  
  • Flue gas does not come in contact with food item being baked  
  • Imparts solid top and bottom heat to loaves under baking for uniform results across the length of the tray  
  • Lidding and Unlidding is automatic in swing tray ovens  
  • Requires a larger area than other baking oven for the same capacity 
  • Safety Explosion doors are provided as safety against any explosion

Types Of Baking Oven

Baking ovens are major equipment  for  any bakery process  . Major function of baking oven is to  heat the wet dough ,batter  to  a temperature  where it becomes  baked with desired texture and taste . Baking removes  the moisture which helps in improving shelf life of the baked products plus it kills any microbes  in the dough at a higher temperature .Accessories to baking oven are  circulating fan , steam extraction , chimneys , safety explosion doors , fire tube , burners , drive ,temperature controller and indicators , fuel system with  baking moulds  and wire bands.Bakery ovens selection also take dimensions  into consideration such as height ,width , weight , chimney dimensions , foundation method  , electrical wiring and automation.Types of oven used in bakery are classified on several  factors .

Baking Ovens  are  of various types used for baking breads , cookies , biscuits , cakes ,pizza and cream rolls

Types of oven for baking  can be classified by

indsutrial baking oven s, types of industrial baking ovens , type of baking industrialPhysical  Characteristics


  • Direct  Heating ovens
  • Indirect  Heating Ovens
  • Hybrid Ovens


  • Top  Loading Ovens
  • Front Loading

Fuel  Used

  • Diesel  Ovens
  • Gas Ovens
  • Electric Ovens
  • Infra red

Wire Bands

Length or Width

  • 1.5 mtr  Band width Oven
  • 1.2mtr Band width Oven
  • 1.0 mtr Band width Oven
  • 0.8 mtr Band width Oven
  • 4/5/6/7/8 Zone Ovens

As Per Design

  • Mark III Oven
  • TRP   Ovens
  • Mark II  Ovens

Tension  Arrangement
  • Pneumatic
  • Mechanical

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Different Types Of Dough Mixers In Bakery

Dough Mixers  are  of various types  used as per product characteristic  such as breads , pizza ,cream rolls ,cakes ,biscuits,cookies and wafers.

Role of mixers  is to prepare desired dough/batter   for  baking with all ingredients .Dough Mixers does mixing with  different types  arms  attached to its main frame . Bowls  filled with ingredients such as flour ,sugar

dough mixers , dough mixer , types of dough mixer, spiral mixerMixing can be done in stages  such as single stage mixing or two stage mixing as per requirement . Mixing speed can be increased or decreased as per the dough characteristics . Tilting arrangement are available to decant mixers . Horizontal  or Vertical mixers are available as per  requirement . Mixers capacity varies from  100kg - 1000kg .Ingredient addition could be manual or  automated  for mixers. Latest mixers have HMI and PLC driven  where mixer speed can be altered as per product or ingredients .

Mixers  can be ordered with provision of jackets around its bowl  which  can be used to circulate  hot or cold water as per requirement  for dough  temperature .

Location of Mixers is a critical factor  for bakeries  as  dough  can either tipped directly  from  a tipper  or  dough elevators are required to lift dough trucks and then lift it for further processing .

Following type of  mixers are used in bakeries

These could be further  classified into

  • Single arm mixers
  • Double arm mixers
  • Single Speed mixers
  • Dual Speed  mixers
  • Top Loading mixers
  • Front Loading mixers
  • Jackted  mixers

Other  bakery equipments

Latest Bakery equipments in market

Bakery equiments manufacturers are innovating and experiments with newer technology and coming up with mahinery which meet customers demand and help bakeries in
  • improving efficiency
  • low energy
  • automation
  • safety
  • low maintenance
  • Food grade parts

Few of the popular bakery equipment in the market are

  • Tweedy mixers - Baker Perkins
  • Accurist2 Divider- Baker Perkins
  • Multitex4 dough Moulder- Baker Perkins
  • Electric modular ovens - Sopaco s
  • Bellift 275 Nozzle Depositor-Beldos
  • Bell cake depositor-Beldos
  • Crusto Bread Line -Rademaker
  • Modular laminating concept-Rondo
  • Eco -nova system in oven - MIWE( Michael Wenz GmbH)
  • FTM Oven - Mecatherm
  • Capway Ovens

These machine are easy to maintain , versatile for different products and with less changeover time .

How to select mixer for your bakery unit

Mixers are one of the important bakery equipments for any kind of bakery products .be it cake , bread , biscuits , cookies or wafers .

After working out capacities and space for mixers one has to see the purpose of the mixers as well as addition of ingredients ( feeding ) to the mixers whether its from the top , sides or front loading . Feeding can be automated for most of the cases .

Bread manufacturers needs spiral mixers or kneaders for dough making
Biscuit manufacturers needs z arm or sigma mixers and cream mixer which are planetary for mixing purpose .We get dough for hard , short and fermented type
Cakes needs planetary mixers for its batter .
Wafer have batter mixers and cream mixers ( planetary mixer )

Hence different type of mixers are required for different mixing operations

  • Spiral mixers

  • Kneaders

  • Planetary

  • Z or sigma arm mixers

  • Batter mixers

Bakery Equipments - Bread Manufacturing

Bread manufacturing requires certain specific equipments and machinery to produce bread . Listed are equipments required for bread manufacturing in very large volumes .


Flour Handling system
Sugar Grinders

Mixers - Spiral

Prooving and Forming

Hander Up
Inter Proover and final proover
Mould trays

Cooling Racks


Packing Machine
Printing Machine

With other material handling equipments and utility

Bakery Equipment -Biscuit manufacturing

Biscuit manufacturing requires certain machinery and equipments for the process . These could be listed as per the different process.

Premixing Stage
Sugar grinder
Biscuit grinder
Bulk handling system for flour , sugar and fat
Bulk handling system for liquid

Mixing Stage

Forming Stage
Dough Elevators
Dough Distributors
Cutters or Moulders
Metal Detectors
Swivel Panner

Baking Stage

Packaging Stage
Magnetic Stacker
Metal detectors
Packing machines
Printing machines
Taping machines

Other equipments are needed for material handling , Pneumatic applications and Food safety in Bakery : Details on bakerybazar.com

What makes bakery product popular

bakery product are becoming more popular now days because of varieties available due to technological advancement and packaging certain categories of bakery product has distinct advantage of shelf life , it has been found that baked goods have shelf life of minimum of six months .
Long Shelf of bakery product like biscuits and cookies had made them popular to armed forces /sailors in earlier days .

Other advantages are that it can be fortified and other ingredients can be topped or mixed it with it . Cakes and breads can easily be prepared in homes in micro oven . The basic raw material the flour is easily available in grocery also the other products like sugar , salts ,baking soda etc .

Bakery products are all weather , all gender , all classes and any time snacks .
Thus its makes them best food category in entire range

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