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Mondelez To Have A New CEO

Mondelez has decided to appoint Dirk Van de Put, ex-CEO of McCain Foods, as a successor to Irene Rosenfeld in the position of CEO from November 2017.
Reports say that Rosenfeld would continue as chairman of the board until March 31, 2018. After which Van de Put would take charge and assume the role of chairman and CEO.
The new CEO!!
So, who is this Dirk Van de Put!!
What was he doing before?
Let’s see…..
Since 2011, Dirk Van de Put has been the CEO and President of McCain Foods Limited. Earlier, he served as Executive Vice President of Fresh Dairy Products and as President of the Global Over-the-Counter. Prior to that, he served as President of the Caribbean division of The Coca-Cola Company.
Mondelez - Brand story
Boasting to be world’s second largest confectionery, the Mondelez International has net revenue of about $26 billion in the previous year.
Each and every person in this world would admit that he/she has an intense crush on any of Oreo, Cadbury, Dairy milk, Milk, Toblerone , Bellvita biscuits, and others.
This clearly illustrates that Mondelez has a very strong portfolio that has helped it to maintain a strong position in the snack empire.
Today, around 165 countries, enjoy the delicacies from Mondelez – be it biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy powdered beverages etc.
Also it is a proud member of the Standard and Poor's 500, NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
Let us now have a quick recap of who Irene is!!
Who is Irene Rosefield?
One of the most powerful and highly paid women in business, Irene Rose field is currently the head of Mondelez, who will continue in her position till the end of 2018.
During her childhood days, she aspired to become the president of United States, but ended up being the head of Mondelez.
True that she played a pivotal role in steering up the brand image of Oreos, Trident and Ritz. She  was also responsible for  splitting  of  Krafts  business into two firms  one Mondelez and other Kraft – Heinz  for   American market . Take over  of  Cadbury has been her most applauded  move  .
A small drift
Rosenfeld shifted firm's Oreo factory from Chicago to Mexico, for which workers protested. The company reported a drop in quarterly sales which caused a delay in shipping and invoicing.
Would he be able to lead the company, like his predecessor?
Let us wait and see…..

Parle Launches Fusion Cookies

Innovative products

  would   be the mantras for biscuit manufacturers to  have  healthy bottom lines .
Following this principle  Parle has launched Fusion Cookies  in its  Happy Happy  brand  . Its has unique combination two types of dough . It  has been targeted towards teens and kids , with attractive packaging , colors and flavors  it should  definitely  make a niche . Similar attempt has  been made by   Mondelez -Kraft  with bournvita cookies .

Mexican Grupo Bimbo All Set For Indian Venture

Indians, prepare your taste buds to experience the real flavor of Mexican pastry.
Grupo Bimbo, leader of  world baking industry is all set to create a niche in the Indian markets. Recently, they have signed a joint venture agreement with the country’s leading baker Harvest  Gold .
Harvest  Gold 
Founded in 1993, promoted  by Mr  Adil Hassan , chemical engineer  by profession  . The first bread plant was set up  in Bhiwadi , Rajasthan  with initial invest ment  of  Rs 1.0 Crore .This baking company has set a benchmark for itself with its un compromising product quality. Very much popular in the areas surrounding the peninsular capital, Delhi, Harvest Gold  has already other associates  such as  Ready Roti India, Food Magic India, Rhodanthe Foods and Mindscape One marketing . Annually, the company has a turnover of about USD 48 million. More than 500 associates are involved in the production of packaged bread, pizza bases, sweet and savory buns.
Group Bimbo - a quick intro
Present in almost 24 countries in America, Asia, Africa and Europe, Bimbo has more than 13000 products to its credit. Considering the aspects of brand positioning in terms of volume and sales, Bimbo has been an indisputable leader in Mexico, Latin America and the United States.Owns  around 100 brands world over 
Ready, Steady, Go
Now, it is all set to create portfolio in the land of rich culture by holding 65% stake with Harvest Gold India Private limited worth  Rs 340  crore .
What’s the use?
By this joint venture, Indian taste buds are sure to experience an authentic Mexican delight. Also, the company gets to enter a new market and capture the hearts of Indians, in line with the vision of the company.Its first of any takeover  where an mnc  has  bought stake in Indian bread manufacturing unit.
The happy news is that, Harvest Gold will soon be a part of the Organization Europe, Asia and Africa.As per a recent research report, the Indian bread industry has increased to 9% in three years and has an estimated value of INR 3300 crore. In the next five years, the industry might grow at a CAGR of 10%, which would yield a turnover of INR 5300 crore.Major player in bread  industry are  Britannia Industries Ltd and Modern Foods . 

News source  : Various business magazine 

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