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The Double Triple Oreo Sandwich Biscuit

 Kraft  Oreo  new  avatar  would have   multi layer of  sandwich  cream  with three shells and two layer of creams . Its exactly like multi layer  wafer  cream biscuits .

  article from sfgate
There are two things that can make an Oreo better: more filling and more cookie. The latest Oreo version has both, with regular and chocolate filling sandwiched between three chocolate wafers.

It's called the Triple Double Oreo, and it's finally hitting American grocery store shelves - and then our cabinets and then our tummies - this week.

News of the new, stacked-up Oreo broke online back in May, and fans have been drooling in anticipation ever since.

A single Double Triple Oreo cookie has 100 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

Kraft said the idea for the newest Oreo came from an Argentinian cookie called Oreo x 3 ("por tres").

"The birthplace of OREO is America, but it's one global cookie," says John Ghingo, OREO's marketing director, in a press release . "We're excited when we can take a popular idea in one country and share it with other OREO fans around the world. It's ideas like this that have made OREO the world's favorite cookie."



Cadbury Oreo Rides Togetherness Bus Into Indian Market

pic courtesy-Brand Today
        Cadbury  Oreo which  has been recently  launched by  Kraft  in  India  is trying  every possible tricks  to make a dent in Indian cookies market .  Even as Oreo need no introduction  to  upper middle class who have been buying Oreo from  imported food stores in metros  ,it has to  break the strangle hold of players  like Parle , Britannia and ITC . A novel marketing ideas has been tried out by  Cadburys to  get into  consumers  attention  by  reaching out to family  by allowing them to have freaking time  together in a bus  laden with  Oreo cookies . It has also launched  social media marketing thru  Facebook  fan page allowing people to  be  Oreo ambassadors .

A report
Cadbury India, which recently launched the iconic biscuit brand Oreo in India, flagged-off its Oreo Togetherness initiative. Symbolizing moments of family togetherness, the Oreo Togetherness bus will travel across the country as part of a movement that will provide parents with a platform to bond and will encourage them to spend more time with their family.

The Oreo Togetherness bus will travel across nine cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mysore.

 Brands Today

Britannia To Take Appropriate Action Against Kraft Legal suit

Britannia Industries, the maker of Tiger biscuits, today said it will take “right and appropriate action as it always has” against thelawsuit filed by US-based Kraft Foods for alleged trademark and
copyright violation of its Oreo cookie brand.In a suit filed on Tuesday in the Delhi High Court, Kraft said the
Bangalore-headquartered biscuit maker’s newly-launched Treat-O snack copied its iconic chocolate and cream-filled sandwich cookie. It alleged Treat-O, with an emphasis on O, was inspired by Oreo and Britannia also copied the specific design like florets and etchings.

Kraft has sought an injunction to prevent Britannia from manufacturing, selling, marketing or advertising any product similar to Oreo cookies. The US-based confectionery maker has also sought damages
for such violations and unfair competition to its Oreo brand of cookies.

Harish Bijoor, a brand consultant, said Kraft had indeed spent a good amount of time and dollars to build a fabulous brand, Oreo, and they will not let go of Britannia’s Treat-O lightly. “Oreo is an Oreo and in
India, it costs a lot but people do buy it. Treat-O is too close for comfort. I think Britannia may have to relook at this,” he said.

This is the second time that Britannia has entered into a legal tussle with a global food company over patent issue. Britannia had taken French food company Danone to a Singapore court, alleging trademark
infringement of its Tiger biscuit. It settled the case with Kraft after Danone sold its biscuits business to the latter.

Industry experts said the timing of the dispute was important, as Kraft after taking over Cadbury was planning to manufacture and sell biscuits in India.


Read more on Business Standard

Kraft Foods' suit: Britannia to take 'appropriate action'

Britannia Industries Sued By Kraft Food For Treat -O biscuit .

US-based packaged food maker Kraft Foods on Tuesday sued Nusli Wadia-owned Britannia Industries for trademark and copyright violations of its popular Oreo cookies.

In a suit filed in the Delhi High Court , Kraft said Britannia’s recently-introduced Treat-O biscuit is a copy of its cream-filled sandwich cookies.

The US firm has also sought an injunction to prevent Britannia from manufacturing, selling, marketing or advertising any product with any distinctive element of Oreo cookies.

A Britannia spokesman refused comment saying the company has not received any communication on the issue so far.

This is the second instance in four years when Britannia has been involved in a legal tussle with a multinational food company over trademark. It was, however, playing the role of a plaintiff in 2007 when it had dragged French food giant Danone to a Singapore court alleging trademark infringement of its Tiger biscuit. Subsequently, Danone ended its joint venture with Britannia and set up an independent company in India.

In its suit, a copy of which was reviewed by ET, Kraft has sought damages for infringement of trademark and copyright, passing off and unfair competition of its ‘globally reputed’ Oreo brand of cookies.

Oreo was registered in India in 1991 and is being imported and sold in the country ever since.

Kraft said the Indian bakery and dairy products maker has copied the specific design etchings, such as florets and inner rings, of Oreo cookies. The company refers to the design etchings as ‘Oreo cookie trade dress’.

“The lining on Britannia’s product, inner rings and florets and their placement on the product are identical to the original Oreo cookies,” Kraft said in the suit.

It also alleged that the brand name, Treat-O, with an emphasis on ‘O’, is inspired by Oreo.

Kraft’s lawsuit against Britannia comes at a time it is exploring options to locally manufacture and sell biscuits in the `11,000-crore Indian biscuit market.


Kraft Food ready to take on the Rs 60,000- Crore Indian Food Market

Kraft recent take over of Cadbury Scheppes has given  it a solid plat form to  launch its products in India   mainly  cookies and chocolates  such as Oreo and Talebreno .Cadbury has  almost 70% market share of chocolates and has been reporting double digit growth rate .The main competitors would be MNCs Kelloggs, Nestle ,Unilever and local giants Britannia , Parle,Amul  and ITC .

An article in ET

Kraft Foods will soon launch its world-famous biscuit, chocolate and snack brands in India, taking advantage of Cadbury’s distribution network to put pressure on Nestle, Britannia and Unilever and enliven the Rs 60,000-crore foods market.

Kraft, which snapped up Cadbury in a $19.7-billion deal last month, also announced a new reporting structure for the chocolate maker’s key executives in India.

Anand Kripalu, managing director of Cadbury India, will be part of Kraft’s Asia-Pacific team and report to Pradeep Pant, president of the new Kraft Foods Asia-Pacific region. Mr Kripalu also gets additional responsibility for South Asia and Indo-China. Bharat Puri, senior vice-president, chocolates global category team, will continue in his current role, leading chocolate for Cadbury.

“...The energy is just phenomenal in this country. The buzz is so infectious and the excitement around Cadbury in the marketplace is so evident,” Sanjay Khosla, executive vice-president & president, developing markets and global categories (Kraft Foods & Cadbury), told ET in an exclusive interview. Mr Khosla is in India on a two-day visit with his top team to meet the Indian top leadership and visit the Indian marketplace. He also met employees of Cadbury India.

The makers of Oreo and Toblerone clearly believes that it has struck a goldmine in Cadbury India, which has delivered a 20% sales growth and a 30% jump in profit in the past three years. Cadbury also has a 70% market share in chocolates and a 30% share of the local confectionery market.

“In India, the intention is to build on what is already built. We have had discussions on Monday and this is of strategic importance to Kraft. At this stage, we are just taking a look at the exciting business and seeing how we can scale it up further. We will look for opportunities down the line,” Mr Khosla added.

Cadbury’s entrenched brand position and a large distribution network have provided the Illinois-based foods giant with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to increase growth in emerging markets. Cadbury got 38% of its growth from emerging markets. The figure for Kraft is a low 20%.

But Kraft also realises the pitfalls of competing in a market as diverse and competitive as India. The packaged processed foods segment is estimated to be worth about Rs 60,000 crore. Though it is growing at about 14-15% every year, it is intensely competitive, with multinational giants such as Nestle, Unilever, Kellogg pitted against domestic successes such as Parle, Britannia, Amul and ITC Foods. The advertising and marketing expenses are high and the success rate’s low.

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