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Parle Enters Rusk Market - Challenges Britannia

Parle   has   now entered  lucrative  market of  rusk  ( toast ) which has been  dominated  by Britannia .  Uptill now Britannia   was only   branded  rusk  pan India  with  few local brands  competing  with it . Now that   Parle has entered the Rusk market  it would  be interesting to watch the price war and product launched in this

section of  bakery .

 Rusk  is popular  among  working  class  as  it substitute  for  quick  breakfast which can be savored  with  tea  or milk .  Its also popular among  elderly people as  tea time snack and family get together . Higher shelf life  also makes its a  essential bakery product for  house wives grocery purchase . Variety such as milk rusk , sooji rusk and  elaichi rusk  are  popular  among consumers .

 Rusk manufacturing  has  been traditionally  manufactured with  local bakeries with  conventional method of bakery but for  these  big manufacturers entry   the rusk manufacturing  is now  done  with  automated   plant  with capacities  running as high as  10- 15 ton /unit / day .

Indian manufacturers have  innovated  rusk manufacturing by  integrating   bread manufacturing  with  biscuit manufacturing  technology for  mass production . Rotary racks  ovens has been replaced with  high  speed  tunnel ovens for  higher production .Local  brands  would  have tough  competition  with these two giants  making branded  rusks  hitherto dominated  by local bakeries

Few  other  brands  which  have  significant presence  are   Bonn and Kitty 

Bakery Equipments - Rusk Manufacturing Equipments

Rusk , Rusk Manufacturing , Rusk  manufacturing equipments
Rusk s  are bread baked twice . This toasted  bread are popular in many countries  and people prefer to have it as tea time snacks  as well as  nourishing food for children .

Rusk has advantage of shelf life  as it can stored for longer time . Rusk are available in many shape and sizes  and flavours .

The Process of Rusk manufacturing starts  with  dough preparation in spiral mixer or kneader . followed by  dough feed and moulding . The dough is then  proofed  and baked in tin moulds .Once the baking is completed then these bread bars are cooled and then cut into slices .These slices are then  toasted  in a secondary baking process  and conveyed for packaging .

Following equipments  are used in Rusk Manufacturing

  • Spiral Mixers
  • Dough Divider
  • Hander Up ( coned shaped moulder )
  • Inter prover
  • Moulding
  • Final Prover
  • Baking oven  or Tunnel oven
  • Bread Depanner
  • Bread Cooling
  • Bread Slicer
  • Toast Oven
  • Product stacking
  • Packing Machine
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