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Popular Bakery Products - Video -Part 1

What Are Various Food Packaging Symbols ?

food packaging symbols  highlights following categories

Veg/Non- veg
Gluten free
Trans Fat
Whole grain
Ethical business practices

United Biscuits Rope In Movie Stars As Brand Ambassadors

United Biscuits, the world’s third largest producer of biscuits has signed on Bollywood Superstar Bipasha Basu and leading South Indian actor Shriya Saran for endorsing its flagship brand McVitie’s in India. The stars will play a pivotal role in enhancing further, the brand’s aspirational values, through their association in presenting the brand, products and promotional activities.

Announcing the brand ambassadors, Jayant Kapre, President, United Biscuits India said, “United Biscuits stands for its commitment towards offering the highest quality, healthy and best tasting products to its customers. With this association the brand will convey that McVitie’s wide range of products is the top choice for people who choosesmarter ways of living, by combining great taste with healthier products.We feel privileged to have iconic celebrities like Bipasha, and Shriya representing the McVitie’s brand as both share an immense passion for a healthy lifestyle, andembody great values that are a great fit with the brand.The market is growing at a very fast pace and shows tremendous potential in the biscuit category. Both the celebs have mass appeal and we are confident that this will further strengthen the brand’s image and will help us to reach out to more consumers.”


Energy Saving Projects Implemented By UK Bakers

Here are  few energy savings project reported in  which  are being implemented by bakers in UK . All these can easily be  implemented by bakers across the globe to reduce the energy cost .

  • Bakeries are replacing heavy metal  steel  tins  to  thermoplastic  tins  . Could save heating energy by 13 %.Thermoplastic tins are energy efficient .
  • Bakeries are implementing  control  of excess air  in combustion . This excess air  results  in large amount of  heat waste . By controlling  excess air used  in  oven burners  combustion on can  reduce the fuel consumption .
  • Improving exhaust flue gas  optimum pressure  with mechanical ventilation system .
  • Heat recovery  from bakery  oven  through exchangers and utilising it  for pre heating of  air  or  heating applications


More on energy savings in bakery

Pepsico's Quaker Cookies Creates A Niche

 pepsico quaker cookies ,pepsico quaker oats Pepsico  which has already  launched  a snack biscuits  by the name of " Aliva  " has recently  launched   Quaker  cookies from its international  products . Quakers  has been positioned  here in India into premium segment of biscuits  priced Rs 38/- a box . Oats  cookies are relatively new segment for Indian consumers hence it  would take some time for these varieties to be popular.  Pepsi Quakers Oats  were already being promoted as healthy breakfast meals in India  since 2006 .Pepsico  joins other mnc s  for share in Indian biscuit market  such as Kraft , United Biscuits , GSKB

PepsiCo Quakers  Cookies   is  made from Oats and whole wheat flour  with  flavours like  hazel nuts , honey and almond . Cookies are placed  into  pvc tray and  wrapped up into metallised  bopp .Sold into   plain cardboard boxes . We get  a  distinct taste of oats  with  coarse whole wheat  flour  how ever  that is  covered with  chocolaty  taste by  presence of choco chips  in the cookies .

Interestingly  PepsiCo has outsourced  manufacturing  to  cookies major  Unibic  in India to  produce Quaker  Cookies thus  limiting itself   to market  this product  . Unibic itself  are leader in  cookies market .  Pepsico  Quaker  Oats Cookies  would  have  competition from  Unibic Cookies  and other s like  Britannia  and  United Biscuits  Multi grain Digestives.

Bakeware s For Home Baking

bakeware s  for  home baking
There are special accessories and equipments required for baking at  home .We all are tempted  to  try out  various baking recipes   for  that we need to equip our kitchens with bakeware s. Here  is the list

Hand grinders and mixers
Hand  dough mixers
Cookie Cutters
Portable deck ovens
Micro ovens
Pans & Trays ( pans are different  for cakes , pizza ,muffins  )
Moulds - Breads or Buns
Scoops/ Scrapers
Pastry bags
Edible papers and Edible inks
Edible  cake decorators
Baking sheets
Bread Knives /Pallete Knives
Sugar Lamp
Air pumps and spray
SS Rings

On my visit  to AAHAR   2011 ,I came  across  M/s Transworld Enterprise  who are  a leading supplier of these bakewares

Contact  details

Archna Sethi
Chief Executive
Transworld Enterprises
HS-3, First Floor
Kailash Colony Market
New Delhi – 110048, India

Tel No.: 91-11-29232848/41690661/46528542
Fax no.: 91-11-29237693/29238370

E Mail:

Demand Rises For Bakeware & Ingredients Supplies In India

Guest post by  Chitra  Choudhary

Ms Chitra  Choudhary  one of our blogs regular reader  shares  her  frustration on finding bakeware & Ingredient  suppliers in Delhi

 bakeware "We are some of the baking enthusiasts in Delhi who find it difficult to get the baking ingredients and pans for our baking. The sector is unorganized as far as home baking is concerned. We do not get easily fresh yeast, dried yeast and other ingredients which form a vital component of the baking process. I have gone searching personally in the shops and finally got my pans in Old Delhi. It is frustrating and time consuming to search for simple tools of baking here in India. This is not only my experience but also of the numerous home bakers who face the same lack of facilities everywhere in India.

I would like to know whether there are manufacturers in Delhi who can sell their baking ingredients like fresh yeast, dry instant yeast, cooking chocolate, cream cheese for cheesecakes, cake decorating ingredients and tools, baking pans etc. to home bakers like me. India has a very good market for such products and I am confident the suppliers as well as the consumers will be happy if our dream will be fulfilled.

Baking at home is enjoyed by many families and I hope many manufacturers come into this untapped business as soon as possible."


Bakeware business are not so much developed here in India as its in western countries but its promising business . Few stores have been in operations with imported items .More entrepreneurs and manufacturers are required to match the growing demand for bakewares and speciality ingredients for home baking requirements.
Read more on bakewares

Cookies - It Has To Be From Kookie Jar In Kolkata

Such  is the craze and popularity  of  baked products  from Kookie Jar in Kolkata . Started in 1985  by  young women entrepreneur  Ms Lovey Burman  This bakery clientele  has people  for  across the globe . Ask  Kolkatians  for bakery products and they would swear by KJ  the new name for Kookie Jar .

Product range from delicious pastries , tart , cookies ,pizza ,cakes and breads  all  made from best of ingredients with innovative and creative design s . With demand for its product surging  KJ has now installed a 10000 sqft  with state of the art facility  which would cater for the  volumes.

 kookie jar,kookie jar kolkatta
picby -kaushik sarkar(

 Its  KJ  unique flavour  and superior  quality  products  which  makes them  class apart from rest of the bakeries in th city . Recently  Kookie Jar  celebrated its 25th Birth Anniversary   at its  old small pastry shop Rawdon street ,Kolkata ,Thus  KJ  has marked its place in Indian pastry and  bakery industry

  So  Visit  Kookie Jar  whenever you are in Kolkata

Read complete story on

25 Yummie Years – Our history

Mcvitie's To Encash Royal Wedding With Dark Chocolate Caramel Digestive Biscuit

United Biscuits  Caramel Digestives  are  popular  version of  plain Mcvitie's digestive  which has biscuits enrobed with caramel(dark sticky compound made by heating sugar and mixing it with milk or any other flavour ) . UB  is coming up  with dark chocolate variant   during  royal wedding  of Prince William and Kate Middleton .
United Biscuits (UK) has announced that it’s extending its popular McVitie’s Caramel Digestives range with the launch of a new limited edition Dark Chocolate variant. Available from the end of April, this new variant will drive further growth into the £2.3bn Biscuits category, adding sales and profits for retailers.
Original caramel digestive
A tasty combination
The new limited edition Dark Chocolate Caramel Digestives will include a tasty combination of luxurious dark chocolate with sweet caramel and will be available to buy in a 300g format at a MRRP of £2.29. The packaging will feature a dark chocolate brown flash communicating the limited edition nature of the new variant, as well as highlighting the following information .

- 45% wheat & wholemeal goodness
- No artificial flavours or colours
- No hydrogenated vegetable oil
- Good source of fibre

In addition to  dark chocolate caramel biscuits  Mcvitie's  are also planning to  add new range of muffins and fruit loaves .

United Biscuits

Is White Bread Losing Its Popularity ?

What more evidence one want to see that  white bread has fallen from its once most sought out bread  for  even the street hawker  for  snacks ( tikkiwala)  gives option for multi grain, brown or whole grain bread instead of white bread .

White bread which are mass produced  are made of wheat flour  devoid of  bran  and germ  which are removed while passing through milling process.White  bread flour  thus doesn't  have dietary fibre , iron ,Vitamin B and micro nutrients such as thiamine,riboflavin and niacin . However many countries have  food laws making white flour fortification with these nutrients mandatory (  Fortification of  bread is not present in Indian PFA act ) .Another important nutrient is folic acid .Removal of bran and germ gives wheat flour a longer shelf life thus making it  popular among bread manufacturers .

Popularity of  Whole grain or Brown Bread  are for  following  reasons

  • Consumers are now  more health conscious  than  ever before  with information available  easily to majority population on advantage of  whole grain breads  .
  • Availability  of  options   to  consumers  for white bread  by manufacturers who are now producing  breads such as whole grain , multi grain  breads (.Manufacturers like Harvest Gold and Bonn have introduced healthy options of whole grain breads ).

Recent  articles in leading mag/newspaper  shows similar trend  in other countries

British Bakers
Sale Volumes of  Brown /seeded  bread has increased by 6.1% from last year  and for  white bread  decreased by 1.4% for the same period

Herald Sun

Health-conscious consumers are driving a trend toward wholegrain and nutrient-laden bread varieties, steadily eroding the popularity of white bread.Sales of breads enriched or fortified with nutrients are growing by 10 to 15 per cent a year, with more than $320 million in sales, a Bread Manufacturing in Australia report by IBISWorld found.

For the first time in 15 years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing new standards for school meals - ones that call for more whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables, fat-free flavored milks, limited servings of potatoes and starchy vegetables, and reduced amounts of sodium and calories.
Whenever you replace white flour with whole grains—in bread, cereal, pasta—it’s a strike against aging. Soluble fiber, found in oats and barley, has been linked to lower levels of insulin and bad cholesterol (think: diabetes and heart disease), and insoluble fiber in whole wheat reduces risk of gastrointestinal maladies like diverticulosis. Check out bread made with the new albino whole wheat—it tastes like the real white thing.

Iconic Pringles To Be Part Of Diamond Foods

 A news which  drew  my attention was  sale  of  Pringles by Procter & Gamble Diamond Foods .Pringles chips   the  brand we all  love  would soon change  hands.

Diamond Foods Inc plans to buy Pringles from Procter & Gamble Co for $1.5 billion in stock, tripling the size of a company that has been binging on snack foods while marking P&G's long expected exit from the food business.
Pringles, known for its potato chips sold in more than 140 countries, will expand Diamond's global footprint and more than double its sales in the United States and the UK -- making it the second biggest snack foods company in the world behind PepsiCo Inc

The deal, which follows Diamond's acquisition of snack foods brands such as Pop Secret popcorn and Kettle chips in the past few years, gives it a stronger foothold in a fragmented market dominated by PepsiCo's Frito-Lay snack business.
According to market research firm Euromonitor International, Pringles was the fourth biggest snack brand in the world in 2009, after Lay's, Doritos and Cheetos -- all owned by PepsiCo.
"It is still a fraction of Frito-Lay's snack business, literally about one-tenth of the size," said Janney Capital Markets analyst John San Marco.


Dr. Oetker To Set Up Frozen Pizza Plants In India & China

Dr. Oetker- One of Germany's leading bakery product manufacturers has  recently  be on  acquisition drive and expansions projects in emerging economies be it  India , China, Africa or  Latin  America . Recently it  bought out  Fun Foods  with 100% stake  in India . Its now market leader for  sandwich  spreads  and mayonnaise  . Competition comes from Hindustan Lever , Heinz   and Field Fresh  in India . Changing eating habits  and people aversion to butter has made these spreads popular among  young consumers  as an alternative ..

Dr .Oetker has  planned to  catch  up growing demand for bake -home  Frozen Pizza  .and would be putting up plants in India  and China.Shanghai  has been finalised for Chinese Plant . Automated plants would  be installed with  special storage and transportation arranged for such  product .Frozen Pizza  are available only on select bakery  shops  in metro cities  .Pizza base has been marketed by  bakery manufacturer  such as Bonn and Harvest Gold  here in North India .Crave for  Pizza could be made out  by  sheer  numbers of  QSR - Quick service restaurants  ( local or International chain ) present in every neighborhood  providing pizza of your choice.

source :

Flowers Foods Inc To Acquire Tasty Baking Company

Flowers Foods Inc and Tasty  Baking company  of US have agreed to all cash merger thus creating another baking major in  America . Flowers Foods  Inc  would  now be able to to access 60% of US population through its direct-store-delivery .
Flowers foods  was founded in 1919 ,HQ  at  Thomas ville , Georgia US . Now has grown to be  a  $2.6 billion  turnover company   and is US leading producer and marketer of  packaged bakery food for retailers and food service .
Famous brands from house of  Flowers foods  are  Nature owns , White wheat , Cobblestone, Blue Bird and Mrs Freshley,s.

Tasty  Baking company  too has an illustrious  history  with being created in way back 1914  HQ in Philadelphia US . Its  US  leading  bakery which produces  snack cakes , pies , doughnuts and cookies . The famous brand of Tastykake  is product of Tasty Baking company  which covers almost 100 products .

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Kellogg s Launches Fibre Laced Waffles Eggo Fibre Plus

One company which  has marketed and sold waffles successfully  has been Kellogg's  . Its has now launched new Eggo Fibre Plus with  fibres  to enhance  nutritional value in waffles .

Press release from Kellogg's

Fiber is forging a delicious path into the frozen-food aisle with the introduction of Eggo FiberPlus™ Waffles. The newest addition to the Eggo® lineup combines a delicious Eggo® taste with positive nutrition.
Eggo FiberPlusWaffles boasts a golden, crispy outside and warm, fluffy inside of traditional Eggo® waffles while providing an excellent source of fiber -- satisfying 35 percent of the daily recommended value in every tasty serving. Kellogg Company recognizes that fiber is an important nutrient and that fewer than 1 in 10 Americans get enough of it on a daily basis(1). Additionally, the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) call attention to fiber as a "nutrient of concern(2)."  Eggo FiberPlus Waffles are a delicious offering that will help people close the fiber gap. 
The new Kellogg's® Eggo FiberPlus Waffles are available in two flavors: buttermilk and chocolate chip.  The buttermilk variety offers 35 percent of the recommended daily value of calcium, while the chocolate chip variety provides 20 percent of the recommended daily value of the antioxidants vitamin E and zinc. Both varieties are a good source of 10 or more vitamins and minerals. Research shows that consumers also are seeking to add more antioxidants and other nutrients to their diets(3) and Eggo FiberPlus™ Waffles help satisfy this need.
"Eggo FiberPlus™ Waffles offer a simply delicious taste that consumers have come to expect from Eggo," said Cathy Schneck, VP Marketing Kellogg Frozen Foods. "Now they also provide the added nutrition benefits of fiber and either the antioxidants vitamin E and zinc or calcium."
Eggo FiberPlusWaffles will join other favorites including Eggo® Home-style, Buttermilk and Eggo® Nutri-Grain® waffles -- all part of a great-tasting family of products that consumers have enjoyed for years.
Eggo FiberPlus™ Waffles are available now in the frozen section of grocery retailers nationwide.  To learn more about new Eggo FiberPlus™ Waffles and about other Eggo® products, visit

About Kellogg Company
For more than 100 years, consumers have counted on Kellogg for great-tasting, high-quality and nutritious foods. Kellogg Company, with 2010 sales of more than $12 billion, is the world's leading producer of cereal and a leading producer of convenience foods, including cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and veggie foods. Kellogg Company's beloved brands, which are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries, include
  • Kellogg's®
  • Keebler®
  • Pop-Tarts®, Eggo®
  • Cheez-It®
  • All-Bran®
  • Mini-Wheats®
  • Nutri-Grain®
  • Rice Krispies®
  • Special K®
  • Chips Deluxe®
  • Famous Amos®
  • Sandies®
  • Austin®
  • Club®
  • Murray®
  • Kashi®
  • Bear Naked®
  • Morningstar Farm®
  • Gardenburger® 
  • Stretch Island®. 

For more information on the Kellogg Company, including our corporate responsibility initiatives,

 source :

Cadbury Oreo Introduces Low Price Packs

With  launch of  regular pack  size  of  Rs 10/-  and Rs 20/- in  Indian  brnaded  biscuit market    Cadbury  Oreo  is now available  in  low price tag  of  Rs 5/- for 29.4 g ( 3 cream sandwiched biscuits ) . Oreo has now joined local  players such as Britannia , Parle and ITC  competing  for volumes over premium  (   low price tags ). Consumers  who prefers on the move snacks  such as school going kids or youngster planning evening hangouts   or  the budget conscious  consumers could be the target for  such  pricing .

Cadbury Oreo has launched its Rs5/- pack  biscuits  in a   Pile pack   arrangement  instead of  more popular format of   On the  Edge  biscuit pack   this  arrangement  gives  a feeling of more biscuit in a pack .Packaging is done with metallised laminate.

 cadbury oreo,kraft oreo
Only  difference we  can figure it out between imported  Oreo  and  now  available local Oreo  is  the strength of  shell  which cracks up  with little pressure while opening the pack . It could  be due  to  flour  or baking  features  done  for  local  Oreo .

Engineering Services Required For Medium To Large Bakeries

Engineering services are required  to run the plant and machinery's of bakery plants 24x7x365  .Every plant or factory have their own  engineering dept which looks after critical operations and does the routine ,preventive and break down maintenance . It also does  few development jobs  as well as under takes  new  project  or expansion  job . Engineering dept  ensures minimum downtime  as well as modification jobs . With outsourcing as  a cost  reduction strategies for bakeries ,  few of these services are now being done through contractors or companies  on  annual  maintenance contracts . It does have few advantages  as well disadvantages  .

Advantages of  Engineering services out sourced

  • Cost Savings due to low manpower on company rolls.
  • Numbers of technician can be increased or decreased any time .
  • Overheads like insurance and other liabilities on contractors .
  • Cost savings on hiring and training cost
Disadvantages  of  Engineering services out sourced

  • Employee turn over are very high  at contractors end 
  • Skills  not  as per company standards
  • High absenteeism observed in such kind of  contracts .
  • Might incur  major loss due  to negligence .

Here are  few   non -critical engineering services which  can be easily outsource  without impacting performance of  Plant

  • Fire Safety equipments  maintenance and service ( Fire hydrant system , fire alarms , smoke detectors , extinguishers etc)
  • Air conditioning & refrigeration  equipments and service ( Chilling plants , cold rooms , freezers , a/c plants )
  • Utilities  maintenance and service (  Cooling towers ,Air compressors , DG Sets , Effluent treatment plants, pumps  )
  • Civil  construction and maintenance
  • Plumbing and pipeline jobs
  • Machining /Fabrication jobs - ( Workshop related jobs )
  • General  Electrical jobs
  • Maintenance jobs for  material handling ( Fork lifts , Pallet trucks , hoists , trolleys )
  • PCB  repairs
  • Motor  rewinding
  • Printer maintenance and repairs
  • Weighing  scale repair and maintenance
  • Boiler or hot water generator maintenance and repair

Large bakeries opt  for  outsourcing these services  to  save cost  on manpower .

Adulterated Buck Wheat Flour ( Kuttu Ka Atta ) Results In Food Poisoning

In one of the worst food poisoning case in India thousands of people have been taken ill while consuming  adulterated buckwheat  flour ( with one death  )  . Most affected states has been Delhi , U.P , Punjab , Haryana and Himachal Pradesh   . Buck wheat flour is used during religious  ceremonies where people do not eat their  normal meal  and observe  fast for nine days  worshipping goddess Durga  called Navratras in this part of India  .This could be compared to  Dropsy  case of  adulterated  mustard oil  with argemone  in  year 1999.

The flour has been  found to be adulterated and has caused nausea , vomiting , stomach  ache and  severe gastro related problems . Samples has been taken from shops and we all are  waiting for results.   Main reasons could be  manufacturers mixing flour with  chalks powder or  the flour might be stale  with bacterial or fungal growth . One Nandu Masala Mill has been source of this unpacked adulterated flour.Mill owner has been  arrested by Delhi Police.

This episode has highlighted the poor co -ordinations and failure of authorities to check these frequent  violation of  PFA  act ( read  synthetic milk , spurious sweets , fats etc )  . Governments have been slow in issuing advisory against  these contaminated flour and enforcing proper labelling . Most of these people are illiterate or semi literate often buy things in loose unbranded buckwheat flour.Question need to answered for  whether this has been case of  rancidity  or stale flour .Could be because of pesticides . Contaminated by  other ingredient added  to make few quick buck. Contaminated by  aflatoxin  generated by  microbes such as fungi or molds.

There has been regular violation of  food laws in  various states  as because laws are very lenient and  culprits are let off with smaller  fines hence encouraging others  to go for adulteration of  food products without any fear . New Food safety act 2006  is yet  to be implemented if done  has  stringent law  with maximum fine is of Rs 10,00,000/-  or  life imprisonment  as maximum punishment   for the offenders .

Ritzbury India Launches Munchee Puff

Ritzbury India Pvt Ltd is  a  subsidiary  of  SriLankan  largest manufacturers  Ceylon Biscuits Ltd . CBL has made its entry  in India  through  taking over  sick  biscuit brand " Bakemans " in North and putting up Ritzbury Indian pvt ltd  in Chennai .

Ritzbury  India has recently launched its new biscuit  called"  Munchee Puff"  at Chennai .Munchee Puff is available in 100gms and priced at Rs 12 available in four flavours.

It plans to launch this products to three southern states of India . It has expansion plans  made out  to makes Ritzbury  products available  to  these three states  namely  A.P , Karnataka and Kerala . Rs  100 crores  has been  already invested in plant expansion  .Next in pipeline would be Hawaiian Cookies for Ritzbury.  by August  this year .

Business Standard

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