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Tamper Proof Packaging For Bread

tamper proof  bread packaging ,  bread packaging
Major bread manufacturer s  in  India  have now opted for tamper proof  packaging  as popular method of  bread packaging .  Its interesting to know the fact that this kind of  packaging was attempted  is early 90's  but with little success . Now  this kind of   packaging  has been  promoted by   bread manufacturers   with  large  retail   shops  opening  up in India  like Big bazar , Food bazar , Easy Day , Spencers  and many more . Britannia , Harvest Gold , Bonn and Cremica  are few major bread manufacturers  using these types of  tamper proof  carry bags .It consists of  adhesive tape  with or without paper tag.

List Of Wheat Flour Mills In India

Bakeries normally source their flour  requirement  from local flour millers     . Every state  has  their own local flour millers  yet  few of the flour brands  or mills  have   grown up in size and operations  and  are supplying flours across countries . Punjab  and  Haryana  are two major wheat producing states thus having large flour mills  in comparison rest of  the country . Flour  are categorised  as bread flour or  biscuit flour  as per the requirement of bakeries . Some times premium flour varieties for cake and pastries .

Here  are few major  flour suppliers to bakeries

Rajdhani Flour Mills Ltd
Cargill  Foods
Shakti  Bhog
Modern Flour Mills Ltd
BTS Flour Mill
Ahaar International
Amar Flour Mills
Delhi Flour Mill Ltd
Sree Vengopal Flour Mills
Shiv Roller Flour Mills
Modi Flour Mills
Rajdhani Roller Flour Mills  (p)  Ltd
Arti Food and Fats (P) Ltd
Bambino Argo Ind. Ltd
Panchkula Roller Flour Mills (P) Ltd.
Victoria Foods Private Limited
Bhawani Roller Flour Mills Ltd 
Shree Ram Flour Mill 

 We  can get exhaustive list of  flour millers   on 

WhenYour Food Packaging Goes Wrong Or Is this Convenience Packaging ?

Watch  this  funny video  highlighting  problems  with  packaged food products. After its  all about  convenience  packaging

Baker's Yeast Specification & Standards For Bakeries

Yeast  is a vital  ingredient in bakery process  and  should have  following  specifications  as per standards of  bakery manufacturer   and products . Quality  of  yeast  determines  the  end product .

Standards for  Baker  yeast

Bakers Yeast   :  Saccharomyces

Percentage  Moisture
Fermenting Power
Dough Raising Capacity  or   DRC   (  Most  critical  )
Proteolytic  activity
Heavy  metals  and alfatoxins 

Microbiology  Aspects

Bacteria microflora other than yeasts/gm
E.coli / gm
Coliform Count/gm
Rope spore count /g

Storage  Conditions -  4-7deg c
Storage Time -  Not more than 15 days

Why Water Is Critical For Bakery Operations

Water  apart   from  being  an important  ingredient in all  bakery recipe has  other functions in bakery  to perform in bakery units

Role of water  as ingredient

Helps in developing  gluten in mixing
Forms  emulsion alongwith  fat
Forming Solutions for  better mixing
Give moisture to end product  for better  taste
Helps  in fermentation

Type of  water

Treated water from  Municipality
Under ground water from bore well

Quantity  and  Quality  of  water  are critical for better end  product . Quantity  of water  are  impacted by quality of flour and other ingredients where as quality can be checked through lab analysis of water characterisitics and  adhering of  standard water quality prescribed by authorities such as hardness , microbiological counts and heavy metal presence .

For  potable water  in bakery  .Reference  has  to be  BIS standard

Other Usage  Of Water In Bakeries

Temperature control
Water is circulated  in mixer jackets  or added to control  dough temperatures
Steam is generated  to provide  temp and humidity during proving which  increases or decreases fermentation time .

Used  in large  quantity  to clean floors  and utensils  in  bakeries . CIP are  done  for liquid handling systems .Plastic trays and pallets  are washed and cleaned by water .

Utility  functions
Hot water generators
Chilling Plants
Cooling towers

Water  treating plants
To  get  water of desired properties bakeries do install  water treatment plant  such  as RO systems . Filters  can be used  at end use of water in process to prevent contamination.

Tamper Evident Bag Sealer For Bakeries

Does Your Bakery Have Food Safety Measures ?

Food safety  needs to be the top priority  for  any  bakery  business owner . Here  are following  food safety measures  for small  to large  bakeries .

Visitor Policy
Jewellery  Policy
Plastic Policy
Glass Policy
Personal Hygiene Checks
Pest Control  Management
Uniform  Management
Sanitation  Management
Building Maintenance
Food safety management system
Food  safety  Audit s
Storage system for raw material
Proper Drainage system
Maintenance system -Lubrication
Material Construction  of  equipments
Water Management
Solid Waste management
Training for work force
Equipments like - Air curtains/ Pvc strips/ Insect Killers/ Pallets /Rodent Boxes
Metal Detection  systems
Filters / Sieves
Hazard  Analysis done  for HACCP 
CCP's(  Critical  Control  Points ) Identified
PRP ( Pre -requisite programs ) and OPRP  (  Operational Pre requisite  programs ) monitored ,updated   

Types Of Dough Tipping Device

Several types of  Dough Tilters or  Dough Tipping device  can  be  used  for  dough feeding systems in bakeries . Dough tilting is required to  transfer  dough  from  Dough bowl  after mixing  to next stage , it could be   Diving for Bread or  Laminating  for  biscuits  or  Depositors in cookies production .Major mechanism  for dough tilters   is either hydraulic  , screw   and  chain type.

 Following   Different   Types  Dough  Tilters

Combination of mixer  alongwith  Dough Tilter
Inclined chain types dough  tilters
Straight Lead  Screw types tilters
Inclinded  Lead Screw type tilters
Moving type -on the wheel dough tilters

Pest Birds Control In Bakeries

Some times   bakeries  have  to  face  problem  from birds entering into  production hall . Pest bird control measures  becomes important  to prevent such  occurence . Bakeries being food factory  are  attraction for  these birds as they have different  kinds of  food available for them .

Bird can  enters  production hall through  entrances , roof   , damaged windows  and  gaps or holes in the wall s. . Normally birds which can be seen are  crows , pigeon , doves,sparrows  ,maina and even bats   in some cases .

Chances of   bird feces  , feathers and  debris  contaminating  the  products  are very high if these birds  are not stopped from frequenting  the production area .It has been observed that the feces  could even damage the exterior paints of wall with their stains . Huge cost  are incurred while  doing re -painting in such area s .  Arches  and chajja s are best  places for birds to build their nest s.

Here are few  Pest Bird control measures

Bird Netting 

Nets  could be placed under the trusses of building to avoid birds  resting places .

Bird s glue

Audio and lights

Bird Spikes

Spikes  are placed  on area frequented by the birds  so as  to prevent them from landing and then entering into bakery production halls

Bird mist

Mist  of  certain chemicals  prevent  these birds to come inside the production hall.

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Pest  control  in bakeries

Rusk Manufacturing -Pic

Rusk Manufacturing , Rusks , rusk bread , toast
Rusk manufacturing - Rusk Slices  on packing table prior to packing

Britannia Premium Rusk

britannia premium rusk , rusk , britannia rusk
Britannia Premium  Rusk

Why Cheap Labor Is Not Cheap For Bakeries

What   drive these  big  companies in bakery  industry  for  contract manufacturing and  co -packer arrangement is  low cost labor and cheap labor .  The Co-packers ( CP )  or  CMU ( Contract manufacturing units )  employs  several contractors  to get  workers  at  very  low salaries mostly  unskilled and  with low literacy rates . As workers are  not aware of the legal  wages  these  small companies make huge money out  of these worker .

This  is how  companies  cut  over head cost  of workers  in these units  as they don't pay for

  No ESI ( Employee  contribution  from contractors or  companies
  No  PF   ( Provident  Fund )deduction and contribution from the contractors or companies
  No  Gratuity  for  the workers who worked  for more than five years
  No  Earned Leave  for these workers
  No Standard Over time payment
  No Incentives or  Bonus linked  with  production
  No Medical or Insurance  for  the worker
  No Uniform  and Clothing Allowances .
  Deduction in salaries for  flimsy ground or absence 

( Will   State agencies  look into  these malpractices  which are rampant  in such  units some of  which mandatory by law  payable to the workers ?  )

As these workers   are  paid less  there fore the rate of attrition is very high  thus  impacting  the product quality and the process . Also as these workers starts searching for  better opportunities or  work part time doing extra jobs,  which negates what ever efforts these companies have  put  to train them  thus entering into vicious cycle of  training unskilled labour all the time

Cheap  labor has its own cost  which  companies  are aware of  but  for  profits  they try  to  run the production  with these workers .

Here  are few negative  results from cheap  labor

 Production inefficiency 
 High  Maintenance cost  due to break downs
 High   number  of  foriegn body complaints
 High cost on continuous training ( few opts  for no training )
 More Product recalls
 More consumer complaints due to defective s
 Stress on supervisory personnel .
Major  Accidents & Cuts

Hence  it can be concluded that  cheap labor is  actually costlier than skilled and qualified labor . Companies should recognize this and   aim for building  effective and productive labor in longer run

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