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Hebenstreit GmbH - World major bakery equipment manufacturer - A profile

Hebenstreit Gmbh   have been serving world bakery industry  for long . It has installation across the globe and  bakery equipments have been installed in numerous bakeries in world . Hebenstreit GmbH has 100 years of history  for bakery equipment s . It has dominant market share for hollow and flat wafer biscuit equipments . Hebenstreit  have been pioneer in bakery technologies  its manufacturing expertise and  services  had made  them  world leader in  wafers bakery equipments .World over manufacturers prefer Hebenstreit wafer manufacturing technology .
Founded in 1898 in Radebeul near Dresden, Hebenstreit  has been based in Frankfurt am Main since 1950, and since 1978 in Moerfelden-Walldorf.

Flat and Hollow  wafer plant

Hebenstreit GmbH   market leading in wafer manufacturing equipment with 100 years experience of the specialist needs of high-output plant bakeries producing a wide product range.Wafer production plant offered by Hebenstreit consists of 
Automatic wafer baking machine -ovens
Wafer sheet  coolers
Wafer sheet conditioner
Wafer spreading machine
Wafer sandwich cooler
Wafer cutting machine
Wafer automatic feeding machine
 Special equipments
 Batter production plant
 Cream production plant
Compact wafer production plant

After  Sales  Service

Hebenstreit   takes complete project from design to commissioning stage  from  customer . through their Aftermarket services  from Germany  based centre .  Hebenstreit  provides excellent support in terms of spares for their equipments such as  spares  for wafer ovens  , creaming and cutting block , service contracts . It has service partners  in  Asia , Europe , Africa ,America and Australia.


Hessenring 16
64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf
 Telephone: +49 (0) 6105 202-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 6105 202-190
 E-Mail: info@hebenstreit.de

Gartenstraße 68
01445 Radebeul / Dresden
 Telephone: +49 (0) 351 8312-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 351 8312-350

E-Mail: info@hebenstreit.de

web : www.hebenstreit.de

Britannia's Honey Oats Vita Marie

  Vita Marie Honey Oats , Britannia Vita marie honey oats
Britannia has recently launched  new variant to its  Vita  Marie biscuit product range  with  health  ingredients like honey and oats . Specially  targeted for people looking for products  which  reduces risks to health

Major Bread Brands Of Mumbai To Hike Prices

Alongwith  state  bread manufacturers association . Maharastra Bakery Utpadak Sangh  declaring its intentions to increase prices of bread  by 12% ,major bread brands in Mumbai  has already or planning to hike the price of bread.

A report 

Rising input costs have forced Hindustan Unilever (HUL) to hike prices of Modern branded bread by up to eight per cent. Other strong regional brands such as Western India Bakers (WIBS), Monginis and Kwality Bakes Food have also hiked prices by 5 to 10 per cent. “The price of raw materials such as wheat and flour have increased by around 10 per cent since April-May 2011,” said a senior HUL official in know of the development. “We had to pass on the prices to our consumers due to increasing cost pressures,” he said.



Bakery Economics

Economics of bakeries
Cost elements  for baked goods manufacturing and their contribution on costing - click to enlarge the diagram

contributed by

Universal Consulting India Pvt Ltd.

Co Branding By HUL And Future Group In Bakery products

CoBranding  as  a marketing strategy has been new to our country  and for bakery products  very few instances where co branding or co development  has been worked out . Its for the first time for HUL  to try this strategy for its  bakery brand -Modern .
The country's largest consumer products company Hindustan Unilever (HUL) and biggest retailer Future Group will co-develop and co-brand a line of bakery products that will be sold exclusively at Big Bazaar stores in the first instance of such a partnership in the country.

The bakery products will sport both Hindustan Unilever's 'Modern' and Future Group's 'Freshly Baked' brands on their packs and be rolled out in select Big Bazaar shops in Mumbai, an HUL spokesperson said.

"This is co-branding of Modern Foods products with Future group in Future Retail stores," the person said.
Co -  branding  is  a new concept  for  bakery  marketing . HUL  and  Future group have entered into  arrangement to Co -develop and Co - brand for   their  BIG  BAZAR  Retail outlets .

Though new in India, the concept is widespread in developed markets. The world's biggest consumer products maker Procter & Gamble has worked with Tesco, the UK's largest grocery store chain, to design Great British Flavours, a line of Pringles sold exclusively at Tesco stores. P&G has had similar tieups with Wal-Mart and Kroger in the US.

Experts foresee more such joint marketing initiatives soon, because it's a win-win deal.


Ishida Check Weighers

Check weighing   in bakery process is an important factor  to control  under weight products or  over weight products . Various check weighers brands are available in market  one of them is from Ishida . Ishida  is a major world weighing,packaging ,detection  and inspection equipment manufacturers in world .Established in year 1893  , HQ at Kyoto , Japan

Got offices in several countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America . Ishida has been operating in India as Ishida India Pvt Ltd .

pic coutsey www.ishidaindia.com
Ishida Check weighers can be used by  cookies , biscuit , cakes and bread manufacturers  for their product, with  equipments  used for weighing ,packaging , detection and cartoning . Ishida check weighers can be used for  wet and dry products .

Features of  Ishida Check weighers  - Model  DACS

A broad range of DACS-WN models covers virtually every checkweighing application. Each model features Ishida's high-stability load cells and a durable direct-drive conveying system that ensure accurate weighing at high production speeds.
Using Ishida's proven technology, the DACS-WN Series has been developed to satisfy the strictest production requirements, providing ease of operation, flexibility, hygiene, high-speed processing and optimal accuracy. Incorporating Ishida proprietary technology, the DACS-WN checkweighers use Anti-Floor Vibration Mechanism (AFV) and a special Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to give even noisy environments the highest accuracy possible. The DACS-WN can handle a large variety of pack types and sizes, ranging from 3g to 50kg and speeds to 300 weighments per minute.

  • Easy-to-operate control unit with a large 256-by-64-dot display helps eliminate reading errors, while the interactive operation system makes presetting extremely simple.
  • Data is clearly shown on the screen, and graphs and histograms are provided for easy understanding and enhanced production.
  • An optional printer can be attached to the control unit. Preset parameter data and various performance data can be recorded and printed.
  • Various types of rejecters are available.  
Major competitiors to Ishida check weighers are Mettler Taledo , Safeline and Lock inspection 
for more information  visit  www.ishidaindia.com

Bread Improvers

Improvers  are  critical  ingredients of  mass  bread manufacturing  process . Bread Improvers performs  multipurpose function during production process  which impact the  texture of the  final product . The two most important function of an improver  are to  co2 generation during fermentation and gas  retention  during no time production method .These improvers are basically amylase enzymes which helps in breaking starch into  sugar  thus providing  food for better yeast activity during fermentation

Following are the major bread improvers

Ammonium persulphate
Potassium bromate
Potassium Iodate
Calcium carbonate
Acid calcium phosphate
Calcium  phosphate
L-cystiene  hydochloride
Guar gum

 Please check the permissible limits for the bread improver's from pfa act .

Few of  the  major bread improver manufacturers are
AB Mauri  Pvt Ltd
Helios Food Additives Pvt Ltd
Enzymes India Pvt Ltd 

Roles of  bakery ingredients

The Double Triple Oreo Sandwich Biscuit

 Kraft  Oreo  new  avatar  would have   multi layer of  sandwich  cream  with three shells and two layer of creams . Its exactly like multi layer  wafer  cream biscuits .

  article from sfgate
There are two things that can make an Oreo better: more filling and more cookie. The latest Oreo version has both, with regular and chocolate filling sandwiched between three chocolate wafers.

It's called the Triple Double Oreo, and it's finally hitting American grocery store shelves - and then our cabinets and then our tummies - this week.

News of the new, stacked-up Oreo broke online back in May, and fans have been drooling in anticipation ever since.

A single Double Triple Oreo cookie has 100 calories and 4.5 grams of fat.

Kraft said the idea for the newest Oreo came from an Argentinian cookie called Oreo x 3 ("por tres").

"The birthplace of OREO is America, but it's one global cookie," says John Ghingo, OREO's marketing director, in a press release . "We're excited when we can take a popular idea in one country and share it with other OREO fans around the world. It's ideas like this that have made OREO the world's favorite cookie."



Wonder Bread's ' 7 Wonders of the USA teachers " Campaign

           Unique  method  of  bread  promotion has been designed  by  Wonder  bread manufacturers  Hostess  Brands .Honoring ordinary American  people  for   their extra ordinary achievements 

A  Report

Wonder bread invites Americans to nominate inspiring teachers in its new “7 Wonders of the USA Teacher Tour” program. As part of its “Wonder Honors America’s Everyday Heroes” campaign, which is a national search for ordinary people making extraordinary contributions to their families, communities or country, the 7 Wonders of the USA tour honors American teachers who inspire a sense of wonder in their students. The tour gives teachers a chance to visit one of the 7 Wonders of the United States to teach a class remotely.

Hostess Brands, Irving, Texas, and the makers of Wonder bread, will also present 25 tablet computers to the schools of the seven winning teachers, and arrange for each teacher to provide an interactive educational experience to their students via the tablet computers. 7 Wonders of the United States span across the country and include the Grand Canyon, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, New Orleans Jazz Park, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the National Mall in Washington D.C., and Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii, the most active volcano in the United States.

Plus, everyone who nominates a teacher can enter for a chance to win his or her own tablet computer. For every nomination, Wonder will donate $1 to Teach For America, New York, up to $10,000 to help grow a new generation of great teachers.

“As families prepare to go back to school, Wonder is honoring the teachers who teach our children to love learning,” says Laura Pitlik, director of bread marketing. “Generation after generation, teachers help prepare our children to take on the challenges of tomorrow and encourage them to do great things. And for 90 years, Wonder bread has been a staple for children in American households. As Wonder honors everyday heroes among us, we are proud to support the mission of Teach For America and the teachers who make a difference in the lives of so many.”

To nominate a teacher, visit the 7 Wonders of the USA website at www.7wondersoftheusa.com and tell Wonder how a teacher has influenced a child today. While on the site, visitors can learn about each of the 7 Wonders with fun facts and family-friendly activities. They can also learn more about how Teach For America promotes educational excellence and equity across the country.


New Model For Bread Franchies In Philippines - Bakeshop On Wheel

From kiosks to retail shop  and  now  new modular bake shop on wheel,  bakery franchise  are adopting new methods to  woo customers

pic courtesy -www.mb.com.ph
A report

The bakeshop industry in the Philippines has just been tickled by an imaginative business concept when ANTZ The Bread Factory launched “BAKESHOP ON WHEELS” – an onsite baking of fresh bread that will revolutionize the baking industry. This business concept has been uniquely created by Filipino entrepreneurs, and proudly first in Asia.

Along with the launch of “Bakeshop on Wheels”, ANTZ The Bread Factory opens business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and small to medium-scale investors to become FRANCHISEE.

As we know, ANTZ The Bread Factory has been popular for years now for its wide array of Antz certified original breads like the all- time favorite Braided Pizza and Mayon Pork Barbeque. Some of the top sellers are swirl muffins , ensaimadas , fiesta buns , flozz , and different varieties of loaf bread, which includes the lip-smacking pandesal loaf -- all baked fresh everyday on the Bakeshop on Wheels.

 The Manila Bulletin Newspaper Online

Britannia Shubkamanayien Gift Pack For Raksha Bandhan

All major biscuit manufacturers  are  making  gift packs  during festive  seasons  . People  have  started  giving cookies, snacks  and cakes  as gift packs  on  major  festivals  thus moving away from conventional sweets and chocolates  gift packs .

 shubhkamanayein, britannia gift pack , britannia shubh kamanayein

 britannia gift pack , shubh kamanayien
Britannia has  launched  a beautiful  gift pack in  triangular shape   with  Bourbon (4nos) biscuits pack and  Little hearts(1nos ) biscuit pack inside for Raksha Bandhan festival  . Colors and  message displayed  on gift  packs  attracts  consumers . Priced at Rs75.0/- for 335.0 g

Food Safety And Standards Act Comes Into Effect From 5th Aug 2011

 FSSAI Act 2006  passed by  Indian  parliament to streamline  food safety related issues  under single authority and  rules .Its notification  has been delayed for months  due one or the other reason has been  finally being put in effect  from 5th Aug 2011.

Food manufacturers , suppliers  , vendors  ,eateries , storage , distribution , imports and exports, food services and other related businesses  would be governed by new rules under FSSAI  Rules 2011 .

The Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011

The Food Safety and Standards Regulations, 2011 has been notified in the Gazette of India dated 1st Aug 2011. these Regulations shall come in force on or after 5th Aug 2011

    Food safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food businesses) regulation, 2011
    Food Safety and standards (Packaging and Labelling) regulation, 2011
    Food safety and standards (Food product standards and Food Additives) regulation, 2011 (part I)
    Food safety and standards( Food product standards and food additives) regulation, 2011 (part II)
    Food safety and standards (Prohibition and Restriction on sales) regulation, 2011
    Food safety and standards (contaminants, toxins and residues) regulation, 2011
    Food Safety and Standards (Laboratory and sampling analysis) regulation, 2011

The Food Safety and standards Rules, 2011   

The Food Safety and Standards Rules, 2011 has been notified in the Gazette of India vide G.S.R.No:-362-(E) dated 5th May, 2011. These rules shall come in to force after three months from the date of publication in the official gazette. (i.e. 5th August, 2011).

Copies could be downloaded  from   fssai  website

FSSAI  brings  licensing and adulteration  laws

Energy Audits In Bakery

With  ever increasing cost of energy  bakeries  need  to  get their plant audited once in every 3-5 year period for modification and changes in their energy management and technology  to reduce energy cost . Energy  aud
its  can be done  by  experienced  auditors  or through  institution s .

Energy Audit Methodology:

Energy Audit Study is divided into following four steps

a. Historical Data Analysis:

The historical data analysis involves establishment of energyconsumption pattern to establish base line data on
energy consumption and its variation with change in production volumes.

b. Actual measurement and data analysis:

This step involves actual site measurement and field trials using various portable measurement instruments. It
also involves input tooutput analysis to establish actual operating equipment efficiency and finding out losses in
the system.

c. Identification and evaluation of Energy Conservation Opportunities:

This step involves evaluation of energy conservation opportunities identified during the energy audit. It gives potential of energy saving and investment required to implement the proposed modifications with payback period. All recommendations for reducing losses in the system are backed with its cost benefit analysis.

d. Monitoring and Control:

With increasing energy prices, many organizations have incorporated sub-metering systems in their
plants. It is required to identify and monitor parameters for energy consumption per unit of production
or services i.e. Specific Energy Consumption (SEC).SEC monitoring is an important tool for monitoring and
proving of energy conservation measures especially to see the effect of implementation of projects directed towards energy conservation.

Major Area's  for Energy Audits

Baking Oven
Lighting in Plant
Air Compressors
Air conditioning and Refrigeration unit
Packaging Unit
High  rating Motors
Electrical s system including Transformers
Mixers , Grinders , Blenders  and conveyors 

Energy Audits  has been made mandatory  by several countries . Incentives  for  better power factors  in electrical energy usage  are provided through lower bills .Few  easy  to implement plans  are suggested through these energy  audits  and the cost of  conducting such  audits  are insignificant in comparison to the savings generated   through the   suggestions and modification .

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