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Good Day - Brand Going Strong

Good Day  Cookies   from  Britannia  Industries  is  second largest  brand of biscuit  sold in India   the sales turnover is estimated to be Rs 1500 crore . This  single brand of biscuit  is second most popular brand after  Parle - G   and is still growing with  new set s of packaging and flavor . It started the concept of Indulgence in biscuit  industry .

It all started with   Britannia  team  launching  indulgence  biscuits market in 1986  where people were  either have been  fed with glucose varieties  or  some  type of cream biscuit  from  local bakeries . Good  day  bridged the gap of  these two varieties . Cookies were only available with local bakers Britannia grabed this opportunity  and launched nation wide  packed cookies and aptly named it  Good day .  The butter variety hit  the bulls eyes and was instant hit  with the masses . Later  it had new avatars  with  pista , cashew and chocolate version .

Crispy and crunchy   cookies was  lapped by all  and rest  is the story .  Britannia under  pressure from high cost of ingredients  have changed its  recipe and prices but  still  Good Day  cookies are favorite for  every one .

Read more on  Good Day  brand  as told  by   Mr  Alagh  former CEO of Britannia -The  man responsible for the success of  Good Day  Brand

Indulgence over 25 years- news story in the hindu


Sandwich Biscuit In Single Pouch

Strolling in suburban  area  of   Bangalore   I  could lay my hand on  single sandwich biscuit packed in pouches similar  to  snack pouches  displayed  at various  retail  shop . The concept  was selling bigger size cookies  or single serving for  the consumer on go should have  a  market , its  just reverse of companies promoting smaller pouches  with  2-3 biscuits  for  price tag of Rs 5/-.

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The product has  been  marketed by INBISCO India Pvt Ltd , Chennai  with parent company  INBISCO  PT MAYORA INDAH  Tbk , Indonesia . Its being marketed by the brand name "  Danisa"   with Choco Milk Flavor  and  with attractive packaging .

Automation In Bread Plant

Indian bread  plants  in majority  are labour  dependent with most of the process done manually  its high time that  manufacturers think of   automating  the whole proces or  in parts to eliminate

dependence on labour
eliminate waste
have consistent quality
to eliminate human errors
increase productivity

In ingredient section automatic feeding  to mixer  with help  of  bulk handling , load cell based weigh hoppers  and pneumatic or screw conveyors ( flour , fat, chemicals  and sugar )

Auto greasing of moulds 

Direct feeding   of dough sticks  from  moulder to moulds

Auto  stamping of  dough sticks .

Auto  Lidding  and  De lidding  for  prover  and  baking  oven

Auto  loading  and unloading  of  moulds  into prover  and oven

Auto depanning of   breads from  moulds

Direct feeding to  slicers   from  spiral conveyors

Control  cooling 

Automatic  packing  with  direct feeding  to packing machine

Automatic  twist n tie  or wrapping  in packing

Automatic  loading of packed bread in  plastic  trays .

Direct loading to  containers  with conveyors

Grinding  for  sliced  bread waste to recycle

Metallic Conveyors In Bakery

Conveyors   are  life line  of bakeries ,  these conveyors performs numerous  functions right from  material handling to , transfer , process , loading and unloading . Conveyors  in bakery  could be of two basic  categories  web conveyors or  metallic conveyors

Major  metallic  conveyors are

Chain  conveyor

 Basic  conveyor  made of  simplex , duplex  , triplex  chains  as per  the load  on it  . These are simplest form of material handling conveyors  in bakeries   where moulds  are being transferred  from  different section s such as  proving  to  baking and return . Consists of chain , sprockets , supporting guides and drive rollers  with motors

Slat conveyor

Slat  conveyor  are  improved  version of these chain  conveyors  where   slat elements  are joined together with  pins  and the sprockets  drives these conveyors through  links  . basic elements are  sprockets , slats , sprocket and drive . Used to transfer moulds  from proving to baking and return .


Wire mesh conveyor

Used  in tunnel  ovens across the bakery  units   made up of mesh  with different   widths  and mesh sizes  as per product  requirements . Biscuit Industry are the major consumers  for  wire mesh type of conveyors . 

Flat   steel  bands 

Few items  requires  complete  flat surface  for movement and baking  simultaneously  in bakery unit for such  products   flat  steel bands  are used  as conveyors   for e.g  cakes , swiss rolls and  cookies .

'Snackuits' Britannia s answer to healthy snacks

britannia snackuits, snackuits , snackuits biscuits ,  fifty fifty, 5050
Britannia Industries one of the largest bakery manufacturer  in  India  is trying to increase its share  in snacking business  which has market turnover  of  Rs  7000/ - 10000 /crores . Early entrant to this market have been  Pepsi co with Aviva  and  Parle  Hippo .

Britannia  has launched  new  variants  to its  power brand 50-50  with  flavors  like " Swiss Cheese & Chilly", "Chinese Hot & Sweet" and " Italiano Pizza". These variants are mainly targted  towards indian housewives  for their penchants for snacks . Britannia would offer these baked snacks with healthy tag  of  zero transfat  product. Media and tvc have been planned would be released soon .Snackuits  aptly  reminds consumers for snacks which are baked as biscuits.Other product which  Britannia has launched in this category are  "Time pass"  and  "Nutrichoice" . "Time pass"  poppable  spicy snacks  are  being tested in  different regions .  "Maska - chaska "was instant hit with youth  for its unique flavours which was extension of  brand 50 -50. Snackuits are being marketed in North , East and West  region at present . Price tags for snackuits are being kept  as Rs10/- for 30 gm pack and Rs 20/- for 50gm pack .

Its worth to note that  snacking market  is  being estimated to be 20%   for coming years . Britannia with increasing competition has made moves to diversify into other popular food segments-.Ready- to- eat , dairy  and snacking .

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