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Britannia's Atta Bread

Britannia   brings  a new  product   to  compete in healthy bread segment  called " Atta" bread . Atta  ( wheat flour )  is  primary  ingredients  for  ethnic breads for Indian house hold thus  placing it into majority house hold  grocery purchase .

Atta bread is  slightly different  with  wheat flour content  as it  has more fibre %  then  Brown bread or  whole wheat  bread .Britannia Atta bread has 22% of whole wheat  flour  as declared in lable  thus we can conclude that rest of  flour 25-30% is  wheat flour ( maida )  as ingredient .

britannia atta bread , atta bread ,whole grain bread , healthy bread
Competition for  Brown  and  Atta breads comes  f rom  formidable  presence of  local brands  such as  Mrs Bector s English oven  , Harvest  Gold  and  Bonn  Bread 

Bakery Industry Representation In International Trade Fair 2012 , Delhi

This   year   International  trade fair exhibition 2012 Delhi  has fair representation from bakery industry . One of the largest  trade promotion  in India   with domestic partner participation  can  be good platform for any exhibitor to show  case to million of people .

I had opportunity for  have brief visit  to  various halls   to check products  and manufacturers in Bakery Industry

Participants  in Food segments   were  popular  among  general public  as  manufacturers were offering discounts , free trials ( taste )  , free goodies to the visitors .Britannia  Industries Ltd  -one of the largest manufacturer of bakery products  was the surprise participant in  this section as  they  are not regular  participant  in this exhibition.
courtesy - IITF.com

Bakery  Product Manufacturers

Britannia Industries Ltd  -  Biscuits , Cakes , Bread ,Rusk , Dairy Products

Bonn   -   Biscuits , Breads , Cakes , Rusk
Impressed  with the fact that they  had made a mark  with large presentation of their products  with  various product s . Major attractions was of course  bread segment  with Jumbo Sliced  Bread Pack .

Anmol   -  Biscuits

Dr  Oetker  -   Sandwich  Spreads

Bakery  Equipment  Manufacturer

Pritul Machine  -  Bakery  Ovens , Bakery Mixers , Provers

Swift  Pack - Packing machines , Shrink Wrap , Taping Machine

Millieum  Packaging  - Flow wrap machines 

Britannia Diwali Gift Pack - Shubh Kamanayien

Britannia Gift Pack , Diwali gift pack
Britannia Gift Packs For Festive Season

Britannia  one of  the popular bakery brand has en cashed on the new trends in gifting in festive seasons covering dussehra ,diwali,xmas and new year . Preparation starts from month of july  getting the gift pack art work ready with  design . Packings are done with assorted biscuits  either in house or  with help of outsourced vendors . Every year  Britannia  gets decent profits from these gift packs . Competitors like Parle , ITC,Oreo , United Biscuits   have also come up with gift packs . Consumers are also experimenting with new ideas for gift on these festive occasions .Gifts consisting of biscuit , confectionery , beverages and snacks  items  have become popular  due to adulteration which are common now for traditional sweets( Mithai )

Shubh Kamanayien  Pack  consists  various biscuit pack such  as Maska -Chaska , Goodday , Bourbon  etc.

Glucose Biscuits Looses Out To Cream Biscuits & Cookies

There  is a significant   shift in consumer buying habits  for   biscuits in India . Marketing  push for cream and cookies at  low price tags have paid  for , tier -2  cities and rural consumers have  now  shown interest in premium biscuit categories  like cream  and cookies .Parle -G  remains the largest glucose brands but with  low market share  as compared to previous years .We can see the biscuit manufacturers coming out with numerous  cream varieties. Britannia is aggressively marketing low cost  Tiger cream brand .Glucose biscuit market share  for entire biscuit segment  is  estimated to be 28% but is gradually losing out  to premium cream and cookies biscuit .

biscuit  market of india , Indian biscuit categories

We  can  place  following cream biscuits brands in three level  on price  comparison

Top premium cream biscuits

Pure  magic ( Britannia )   Dark Fantasy ( ITC )  Choco Kiss ( Unibic )

Middle  level cream biscuits

Oreo ( Kraft ) , Orange cream ( Mcvities ) , Bourbon ( Britannia ) , Bourbon ( Parle & ITC )

Bottom level

Kremes ( Parle )  , Treats (  Britannia ) , Tiger creams ( Britannia ) , Creams (ITC ) , Creams ( Priya gold )

With small packs  cream biscuits  are now available for rural markets  and people are buying out  these in large number instead of popular biscuits such as glucose biscuits .

This sales fig are  for  months  Apr -Sept  sales ( Nielsen data )  shows  the drop  in glucose biscuit sale
glucose biscuit market share
source - ET

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US Bakery Market Is Worth $ 30 Billion

US  is the largest bakery product manufacturer in the world  with China  and India  ranked 2nd & 3rd respectively .Bakery market revenue is estimated to $ 30 Billion  per year .Average consumption of bakery products by Americans is about 25.4 kg per capita .

A  report 

The US bakery industry includes about 2,800 commercial bakeries with combined annual revenue of about $30 billion, along with about 6,000 retail bakeries with combined annual revenue of about $3 billion. Major companies include Hostess Brands, Flowers Foods, and Bimbo Bakeries USA (the US operations of Mexico's Grupo Bimbo). The commercial side of the industry is concentrated: the 50 largest companies generate 75 percent of revenue. The retail side of the industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies generate about 15 percent of revenue, and the typical company operates just one facility.

Demand is driven by consumer preferences and by the extent to which grocery stores choose to operate their own bakeries rather than buy from commercial bakeries. Profitability for individual companies is determined by efficiency of operations. Large companies have scale advantages in procurement, production, and distribution. Small companies can compete by offering specialty goods or superior local distribution services. Retail bakeries are labor-intensive: average annual revenue per worker is about $45,000.

us bakery market , us bakery industry , bakery industry in us , us bakery turnover , major player in us bakery industry

Major products include baked breads, mainly white, wheat and rye, which account for 40 percent of commercial bakery sales. About 20 percent of sales come from rolls, buns, muffins, bagels and croissants; 10 percent from soft cakes; and the rest from pies, pastries, donuts and a variety of sweet goods.

source  - www.researchandmarkets.com

Baking Tip : Why Does Bread Collapse During Baking

Common problem during baking process in bread manufacturing  is of  collapsed bread during  baking .This of course  can be detected  from  fermentation  and proving stages  to do  corrective measure the only disadvantage  in bread production  process is it cycle time  which are  as long as depending on the process adopted such as direct method chroleywood or  sponge - method . It could vary from 4hrs - 2 hrs in for bread different styles of bread manufacturing .

Effect on bread

  • Flattened( Collapsed) bread have large holes
  • Collapsed  bread texture
  • Sour taste

  • Use of weak flour could  lead to  weak  texture which can not hold the 
  • Ambient temperature and quantity of yeast added
  • Excess Fermentation - Qty of yeast or duration given for fermentation/Standing time 
  • Less salt or low salt during  mixing process
  • Deviation from standard mixing time / 
  • Improper water addition
  • Over Proving 
  • High dough temperature check the temp of ingredient added plus ambient temperature higher the temperature higher would be the yeast activity which would over ferment the dough
  •  Excess humidity  in prover .


  • Use  strong flour - check parameter of  flour  before  using it for  production
  • Reduce yeast quantity
  • Reduce fermentation time
  • Add salt  of normal or standard quantity
  • Reduce water quantity during mixing from earlier mixing
  • Check  proving time  
  • Reduce the dough temperature- check ingredient temperature . use chilled water if required .
  • Reduce the final prover temperature - check the dough lift in the moulds  to adjust the proving time
  • Adjust the humidity

Britannia & Parle In Top 10 Most Trusted Brands

Economic Times  have just released their  list of most trusted brands of India  . Good news is that  Britannia ( ranked 2nd )and Parle  ( Parle ranked 7th)both leading brands in baked products category  are in top 10  .Which is significant for  bakery industry  although both  are established brands with long history . They have beaten  many  mnc brands in  getting consumer loyalties  likes of  Nokia ,Unilever ,P&G,Nestle, Pepsi , Coca Cola. Britannia  have  biscuits , cakes , bread , dairy and  ready to eat  products in its product mix where as Parle has  biscuits , snacks and confectionery under its product portfolio .Britannia popular brands are Good Day , Marie Gold , Tiger , 5050 , Milk Bikis ,Bourbon & Nice .Similarly  Parle has  Parle -G , Krackjack ,Monaco  , Happy Happy, Hide and Seek  & Mango bite . Both Britannia and Parle  have proved that  with right talent and mentoring one can have brands which can take on Mnc's.

Top 10  Most trusted brand in India( fmcg )  are

1. Colgate 
2. Britannia 
3. Nokia
4. Clinic Plus
5. Dettol
6. Tata Salt
7. Parle
8. Mazza
9. Maggi

Other Food, Confectionery  & Snacks Brands  which  have made the  mark inTop 100 brands are

Tata Salt - 6
Maggi     -9
Kukurkure - 36
Cadbury Milk Chocolate - 42
Sunfeast  - 54
Nestle Milk Chocolate -62
Munch  - 77
Kitkat  - 80
Lays  - 83
5 star - 94
Perk  - 98

For complete list  visit
Most Trusted Brands Of  India - ET

Bakery Trends In China

Chinese bakery industry is witnessing high  growth alongwith its other industry  . Rapid urbanization ,changing food habits  and increase in middle class income are  factors in making bakery products popular in China

bakery trends in china
Foreign bakery chains are accelerating their expansion into China, as local hunger grows for freshly baked bread, cakes and pastries.
Singapore bakery chain BreadTalk, for instance, said it has plans to increase its number of mainland outlets from 300 to 550 in the next couple of years.

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Top 10 Chinese Biscuit Manufacturers

China  is world second largest  biscuit  manufacturing  country  after United States .  Few mncs have also  entered  chinese biscuit market  but at large  market  is dominated by local brands .

Here  are  Top 10  biscuit manufacturer of China in terms of sales revenue and market  share

    Orion Food Co Ltd

    Jinan Dali Food Co Ltd

    PepsiCo Food (China) Co Ltd

    Luohe Hengda Co Ltd

    Oishi (China) Co Ltd

    Anyang Jianfeng Food Co Ltd

    Hubei Dali Food Co Ltd

    Fujian Fuma Food Group Co Ltd

    Fujian Dali Food Group Co Ltd

    Chengdu Dali Food Co Ltd.

Source : Allchinareport.com

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