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Top 10 Most Trusted Brands In India -2011

 Most  Trusted  Brand  In  India   For  Year 2011
 Source : ET Brand Equity

Top  10 had two  food brands

Britannia  ( Biscuits , Cake , Bread , Rusk , RTE , Dairy  products )  and Maggi  ( Nestle )

1   Colgate
2    Lux
3    Airtel
4    Lifebuoy
5    Nokia
6    Dettol
7    Britannia
8    Vodafone
9    Maggi
10  Closeup

Top  biscuit brands  of  India
Bread Brands of  India
Top cake brands of  India

Money Is In Rusk - Britannia

 Britannia Rusk  are  the only branded rusk available pan India . Eyeing a major opportunity in this segment  which  is largely unbranded Britannia has gone aggressively on marketing Rusk to the masses . With several variants  milk, sooji etc .As people shift  their preference from biscuits to other products  such as cookies  , biscuit companies are trying promoting premium biscuits and cookies .Rusk are popular among  elderly and working class as it supplements food  preferably as break fast  or evening hunger pang .

 A report

While recent statistics relate consumer spending to poverty status, the country's Rs 15,000-crore biscuits market is throwing light on yet another consumption story. Indians are spending as much on cookies as they are on biscuits that are staple fare, including Glucose, Marie and Milk. Both categories now command 24 per cent each of the consumer spend.

Premium Rusk from Britannia , rusk from britannia , britannia premium ruskIn the last two years, the biscuits segment, ruled by the Glucose biscuit, has been consistently losing market share to its more appealing cousin, the cookie, Ms Anuradha Narasimhan, Category Director, Health and Wellness, Britannia Industries Ltd, told Business Line.
Share dips

She said that the category's share has dipped from one-third of the market it commanded two years back, while the cookies' share has shot up from the 12 per cent it commanded two years back. “We realise that consumers are looking for food for pleasure but are not willing to give up on nutrition,” said Ms Narasimhan.

Thus, to keep consumer interests alive in the declining mass market biscuit segment, Britannia is re-launching its rusks range.


Tata's Tetley To Launch Biscuits In UK

Tetley Tata's International tea brand plans to enter UK biscuit market . A report Tata Global Beverages, the owner of the Tetley tea brand, has entered into the UK food market for the first time with the launch of branded scones. The Tetley Tea Folk fruit scones are made with Demerara sugar and plump juicy sultanas and are baked under under licence by bakers Haywood & Padgett, reported just-food. The launch is the first evidence of Tetley's programme to leverage the appeal of the brand with a range of licensed products, the company said. "This is all about developing Tetley Tea Folk products that are the perfect accompaniment to enjoying, making or thinking about Tetley tea," said Tetley marketing manager Anand Gandesha. "It is the first time that we have leveraged the strength of the Tetley Tea Folk in this way and it will be exciting to see how it develops." Tetley also plans to launch a range of other edible products including biscuits, which will be aimed initially at the convenience sector before seeking broader distribution to major multiples, the company said. Source

Modern Trade Becomes A Major Marketing Strategy For Fmcg's

With malls , super market or hyper market concept catching up in India .Fmcg's has now have turned their attention to this new marketing and sales channel apart for the conventional CSD sales . Even created full fledged dedicated department over looking Modern Trade business . Modern Trade activities include supply chain management , floor management , category expertise and Joint promotion planning . Sales from modern trade route has now started giving volumes to these bakery majors . Retail sector is hot segment in Indian and is witnessing huge interest from Indian corporate houses and from International players like Walmart , Tesco and Carrefour . Major fmcg like Dabur , GSKCH , Hindustan lever and Godrej Consumer Good Product Div . Not to say major bakery product manufacturers like Britannia , Parle and ITC . Most of the metropolitan consumers and now of course the tier -2 consumers prefer to do their shopping at these mall /supermarket/hypermarkets thus providing these fmcg to push their premium product or innovative products for first hand feed back from such consumers . Other Major Advantage of modern trade are Its easier to monitor sales from point of purchase due to effective inventory management systems at these store . Large presence of these stores makes any product to be launched at shortest time with immediate feed back from customers which would have been difficult from kirana or retail shop On the floor sales promotion are easier for these channels Industry experts believe that contribution from modern trade route would see a expotential growth .

Unibic launches Choco Kiss

Unibic has launched its premium cookies with chocolate Choco Kiss available at Rs25/- for 90gms
unibic cookies , choco kiss
. Competes with ITC 'S Choco fills cookies

Depositor Application In Bakery -Video

List Of Popular Industrial Baking Ovens

Various  types   of  Commercial /Industrial  baking  ovens are  available  to manufacturers  for  their  specific  requirements .

Selection of  ovens are done  on the basis  of  following

Following are different type of  commercial /industrial baking oven

    Pretzel-baking ovens
    Steam ovens
    Continuous-feed ovens
    Electric ovens
    Multiple-deck ovens
    Gas ovens
    Wood-fired ovens
    Infrared high-frequency ovens
    Swing tray ovens
    Contray  ovens
    Confectioner ovens
    Shop ovens
    Thermo-oil oven
    Pizza ovens
    Rotary Rack ovens
    Tunnel ovens

 Also  visit : types of  oven 

Nestle Launches Aero Chocolate Biscuits In UK & Ireland

 Aero chocolate biscuit , Nestle aero chocolate biscuit
pic courtesy - Nestle
Nestle  world  No-1  food manufacturing   conglomerate  has launched an innovative product named Aero  in UK and Ireland . It contains chocolate with  round biscuit  thus giving  consumers  a unique taste of both . Its quite different from popular chocolate enrobed  wafer biscuits  One of the world popular Nestle  chocolate  wafer biscuits brand  is KIT KAT .

A report
Nestlé’s Aero chocolate bar brand has launched its first ever biscuit in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Aero Biscuit, which combines the iconic brand’s air-bubble filled chocolate with round pieces of biscuit, is aimed particularly at women aged from 25 to 44.

Graham Walker, Trade Communications Manager for Nestlé UK, explained the significance of the new Aero addition.

He said: “Aero Biscuit will bring consumers who currently buy chocolate confectionery into the biscuit category.

“The great combination of Aero bubbly chocolate and crunchy biscuit bubbles makes it ideal for consumers looking for a sweet snack
 Aero  biscuits are marketed by Nestle  in  Brazil by the name Suflair , Netherland Bros  and in Hungary    as Boci

Nestlé Global

United Biscuits HobNobs Launched In India

hobnobs , united biscuit hobnobs,mcvities hobnobs
United Biscuits has launched its popular brand   Hob Nobs  in  India . Initially with promos  . Available in Rs30/ for 120 gms .  UB  Hob Nobs competes  for  the niche of  Oats biscuits  . Hob Nobs consists of Oats  with Honey .  Competition comes from Britannia Oats Honey  Vitae Marie and Unibic s Oats honey cookies

Inventory Of Food Safety And Hygiene Equipments In Bakeries

Apart from bakery  equipments,  bakery manufacturers need to have  equipments to maintain hygiene and sanitation standards  in and around production  area .Manufacturer  need to invest into these  food safety and hygiene equipments to reduce contamination and foreign body complaints from consumers .

Here is the list  for important equipments

  • Air curtains
  • Electric Fly -insect Killer -Insecticutors
  • PVC  Strip  Door Curtains
  • Scrubbers
  • Sweepers
  • Pressure Washers
  • Pallets
  • Ventilators 
  • Dust Collectors 
  • Metal Detectors
  • Sieves
  • Filters
  • Sanitizers
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dough trucks with  cover 
  • Silos
  • Bins
  • Effluent treatment plant 
  • Ozonisers

more on these food safety equipments

Kraft Foods Inc To Open New Biscuit Factory In Ukraine

Bloomberg reported that Kraft Foods Inc.  announced that it will invest $36 million by the end of the year to build a new biscuit factory in Ukraine, according to Taras Lukachuk Kraft CEO for Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe.

The new factory will be based in central Ukraine and will start operating in the fourth quarter of this year.

Currently, Kraft Foods has two plants in the Central Ukraine area that produce coffee and chocolate.


Srilankan Diana Biscuits To Be Launched Under New Brand

 cargill ceylon
 Reported earlier  of  food major  Cargill Ceylon  PLC take over of  local biscuit brand  Diana biscuits  have plans to enter biscuit market in a big way with  new brand name and varieties . Competition comes from well entrenched players like Ceylon biscuit ltd and Maliban .
Cargills Ceylon PLC which entered the confectionary industry in November 2010 by acquiring Diana Biscuits Manufactures, which has now been renamed as Cargills Quality Confectioneries (Private) Limited, is to launch the first range of biscuits made to a new recipe under a new brand name.

In his message to the company annual report 2010/11, Ranjith Page, Chairman, Cargills Ceylon PLC, said that this new launch would without doubt excite customers and the industry with its sensational new selection of biscuit varieties.

Page added in his message that the production plant located in Nalanda, Matale is now being modified to develop a wider product range than what was hitherto marketed under the ‘Helan’ brand.

The chairman further stated in his statement that the company is optimistic that the investment would yield above average returns in the medium to long term and is also aware of the initial impact on the bottom line in terms of higher interest costs and turnaround time of the loss making biscuit operations.


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