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Markem - Imaje World Major Printing Solution Provider For Bakeries

Markem - Imaje  is  world major manufacturers of coders and printers   used in printing solutions for bakery packaging  such on laminates , cartons , poly bags etc . Markem   coders has become synonyms to  coding and printing solution providers in  bakery product packaging.Its part of  Major Industrial product congolomorate  Dovers Corporation.

Bakeries across globe  are using inkjet printing and coders on production line or  offline  instead  of  traditional methods like hot stamping or embossing .In particular, the speed with which codes can be changed has reduced downtime . The greater versality of inkjet printing also means that code location, its content and even the packaging on which it rests, can be changed without resort to different coding methods.

Markem-Imaje is a trusted world manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, print and apply label systems and RFID-based systems . Markem has 95 years of history  and operates with 30 subsdiaries worldwide  more than 300 engineers engaged in  6 R& D centres which are located  at  US , UK ,Belgium , France ,India and Sweden . Supported by logistics and support team world wide . Major  competitors for  Markem are Videojet,Linx , Matthews and  Domino Printing Sciences

Most widely used applications  in bakeries have been  in packaging machine providing dry touch coding on wrappers  with 9000 series  and   Inkjet coding  for wrapper or  cartons .

Imaje was  independent  company recently taken over by Markem Inc  which were major players in Inkjet printing .Merger of these two companies has made it one of  the world major printing , traceability solutions and product  identification  solution providers .

Markem Imaje product lines  have following equipments/services

  • Small character CIJ printers
  • Thermal transfer overprinters
  • Laser coders
  • Hi-res small character inkjet printers
  • Hi-res large character inkjet printers

    • Large character DOD valve-jet printer
    • Print & Apply systems
    • Ink roll printers
    • Postal printers
    • Supplies
    • Software

    Pocky's In India

    Pocky's   is  one   of the  world popular   biscuit  stick  coated   which  is  owned by Japanese company  Ezaki Glico  Co ltd , Japan .  Pocky's pack are now available  at most of  the  retails  shop in major metros  in India .Imported biscuits have been in demands from upper middle class who have money to flaunt on imported biscuits . But now even middle income group consumers are experimenting with new products . Biscuit sticks are  such product.

    Pocky was first introduced to people of Japan in year  1961 with  chocolate  flavour . Later many flavours were added to Pocky s biscuits  such as  milk , strawberry ,honey , coconut and banana  with shelf life of one year .Same is marketed by LU , Danone by name  of Mikado in European countries .

    Now Pocky stick biscuits are available  to Indian consumers   from  manufacturing countries  like Thailand or China .
    Pocky's packs are available  at  Rs  45/-  for  47gm with   flavours like Milk ,Chocolate and Strawberry .Try out Biscuit sticks  which are addictive  enough.

    The distributors   for Pocky's  Biscuit  in Delhi are
    Delhi  Supply  Co . G-3 , Dewan  House , Ajay Enclave , New Delhi -110018
    email :  or Call +91- 9310099095

    Cargills( Ceylon ) Plc Acquires Diana Biscuits In Srilanka

    Cargills Quality Foods Ltd a subsidiary of Cargills (Ceylon) PLC completed the acquisition of Diana Biscuits Manufactures (Pvt) Ltd yesterday. The investment to acquire the production facility located in Nalanda, Matale totaled Rs 350 million.
    Diana Biscuits is engaged in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of a range of biscuits under the brand name "Helan", which fits in well with the current portfolio of products manufactured and marketed by the Cargills Group of Companies.
    Cargills is of the view that the anticipated double digit economic growth in the medium term and the consequent growth in per capita income and change in lifestyle among young Sri Lankans provide vast opportunities for the FMCG business. The Company is therefore looking to further expand its businesses in line with its core business interests in retail and FMCG.
    Sri Lanka is among the highest per capita consumers of biscuits in the South Asian region. Cargills therefore sees great potential for expansion and innovation in the biscuit category. The Group also identifies branded consumer goods to be a thrust in its future expansion and diversification. The acquisition of Diana Biscuits manufactures (Pvt) Ltd comes in the wake of these identified opportunities and potential for sustainable growth.
    pic courtesy :
    Since its entry into the food manufacturing business over two decades ago, Cargills has enjoyed sustained levels of growth in its FMCG businesses. All Cargills manufacturing brands, Cargills Magic, Cargills Finest, Cargills Supremo and Cargills Kist are established market leaders being responsible for driving industry growth through an innovation driven strategy. The competitive advantage of being the leader in modern trade industry through its Cargills Food City supermarket chain coupled with its islandwide marketing and distribution subsidiary Millers Limited provides the ideal platform on which Cargills can nurture the potential of this newly acquired biscuit company.

    source :

    Mrs Field's Opens Co - Branded Stores With New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

     A Unique concept which has now gained as innovative marketing strategies for companies to  cross promote products which are complimentary to each other .Mrs Field's is one of the premier chain offering cookies and baked goods to  390 outlets in United States and 80 bakery  chains world wide .

    Mrs. Field’s Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with New Zealand Natural Ice Cream to develop co-branded stores in Australia.
    Mrs. Fields Australian Managing Director Andrew Benefield announced the deal alongside David Foreman, the General Manager of Emerald Foods which owns New Zealand Natural.
    According to Benefield, the product synergies between the two brands made it a logical partnership.
    “I believe that co-branded outlets  still need to have an offer that makes sense to consumers.  Cookies and Ice Cream are a natural fit,” he said.
    “There are lots of complementary products we can develop such as ice cream sandwiches, affagato’s and brownie sundaes.”
    The new combined operations would also be instrumental in helping the franchisee smooth the daily and seasonal sales curve, according to Benefield.
    “Ice cream is obviously a popular item in summer as are cookies in winter. However they are also complementary during the course of a single day as coffee and cookies are strong in mornings, and ice creams and smoothies are big in the afternoon.  Both have a very similar frozen goods supply chain, making it an easy fit into rear of house operations.”
    Continuously improving sales and the profitability of the franchisee is  vital to the success of both companies moving forward, Benefield added.


    Local Bakery Equipment Manufacturers Draws Huge Crowd At Techmart2010

    Techmart 2010 organised  by NSIC  has  wide representation of small scale industries  from areas like bakery , textiles , dairy , leather and handicraft .Its  held  along with annual Indian trade fair at Pragati Maidan ,New Delhi.

    Major  attractions has been   live  demonstration  of  manufacturing process  by these small  bakery equipment manufacturers  where  one can see cookies preparation and baking .Products were offered to visitors  fresh from oven .Capacities displayed were from  30kg-50kg/hr  of production .

    Some of the bakery equipment suppliers were

    Pritul Machines: Mixers , Rotary  Ovens ,

    Growthway Technologies: Mixer , Rotary  Ovens , Depositors

    Ever Bake :  Rotary Ovens

    Goodlife  :  Rotary Oven , Mixers and Depositors

    In addition to  bakery equipment manufactures One can visit packaging machinery section which  could be used in cookies , cakes  and biscuit packagin

    Companies present were

    Jawla Engineering Pvt Ltd  -  HFW  , Vertical form fill machine

    Shri Vinayak Packaging Machine  P ltd - Shrink wrap , Sealers , Vertical form fill machines

    Entrepreneurs  looking for  starting small bakeries   could visit   these manufacturers /Suppliers  in Hall No-14  at TechMart 2010 .

    Packaging Solutions For Biscuit & Cookies

    Animation  courtesy  : harpak-
    flow  pack   arrangement for  pillow ,slug , family  or Tikki Pack

     Animation courtesy  :
    Vertical  form fill  pack  for  biscuits  and cookies

    Animation courtesy -
    Shrink wrap  packaging for  assorted or family  packs in a pouch  or  to shrink wrap  carton box .

    Britannia ' s New Diabetic -Friendly Nutri Choice Cookies Launched

    Britannia Industries has launched NutriChoice diabetic- friendly snack range to meet the nutrition and taste needs of diabetics.
    The company has previously launched several innovative products like hi-fibre biscuits and five-grain biscuits under its flagship health brand NutriChoice.
    As per IDF Diabetes Atlas 4th edition, India has the second highest number of people with diabetes at 5 crore (50 million) adults. In addition to this, 4 crore (40 million) Indians have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), which means they are at high-risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
    ''Diabetes is posing a serious lifestyle challenge needing immediate attention and NutriChoice is committed to building awareness for diabetes prevention and management, and creating expert products than can be included in the lifestyle of a person with diabetes,'' said Vinita Bali, managing director, Britannia Industries Ltd.
    Britannia claims that NutriChoice diabetic friendly essentials have zero added sugar, zero cholesterol, zero transfat, extra dietary fibers, and complex carbohydrates. The manufacturer has introduced the range in two variants, oats cookies and ragi cookies in two pack sizes priced at Rs25 and Rs50 respectively.

    more on

    Health and wellness  bakery products

    ITC Plans Expansion For Its Sunfeast Brands Of Biscuit

     sunfeast , itc biscuit brands , sunfeast biscuits
    'Sun feast ' brands of  biscuit   owned by  ITC   group  which is amongst  major  corporates in Indian industry with   products ranging  from stationery items , paper , hotels , food products   and  its main stay tobacco . ITC  is new entrant  to biscuit segment  which has been dominated by  Parle and Britannia .  ITC deep pockets and distribution channels  have helped  it  to make dents in already entrenched market  . It claims to have  9-11% market share of organised or branded  Indian biscuit  market. With competition hotting up  with slew of new products  and expansion by its  competitors   and with arrival  of  new players like  Mcvities , Unibic ,GSKB,Pepsi ,It  plans   to counter these developments  through various  expansion plans for its biscuit division . 

    A report

    ITC Foods is investing in research and development projects to launch new variants in Q3 FY 2011.On the company’s growth strategy, Chittaranjan Dhar, CEO of ITC Foods said, “We want to create new products to fight competition. We are extending our distribution network both in rural and urban India. Our core strategy is to offer quality products at optimum prices. “

    According to Dhar, the company has extended its manufacturing capacity by setting up three new biscuit plants in UP and West Bengal. “We are sharpening our focus on our supply chain management strategy to enhance product freshness, market servicing and margins,” he added. ITC has 14 manufacturing facilities.

    To promote its flagship brand Sunfeast, ITC is investing in mass media ad campaigns and non-traditional media in Q3 FY 2011.

    “Sunfeast biscuits grew by 32% in the September quarter driven by products mix improvement with growth in the sales of value-added variants of cookies and creams,” said Dhar. Master blaster Sachin Tendular will continue to be the brand ambassador of Sunfeast. Like ITC, Parle Foods is also investing in new product developments to woo new consumers.

    source : financialexpress  dt 5/11/10  author : lalitha  srinivasan

    Latest Trends And Innovations In Bakery Industry

     In the latest  edition of  IBIE 2010   Bakery Industry  biggest and largest  trade fair of the world   one can see the  trends of bakery  industry  and  what  manufacturers and business leaders are upto  to meet the consumer demands .Following has been major  areas  for bakery  manufacturers  to deal with 
    • nutritious
    • natural/organic
    • gluten free 
    • whole grain /multi grain
    • probiotic/omega -3 /fortified
    • low fat
    • low sugar
    • low sodium 
    • green packaging 
    • ethical  businesses practices  . 
    Companies which  can promotes its product on these  lines  can see surge in its  sales .

    A report

    Clear Valley omega-3 shortening is a new, on-trend ingredient from Cargill. It can help bakeries differentiate their products by adding an FDA nutrient content claim for ALA omega-3s, which, surveys show, consumers increasingly are looking for.

    On the grain side, Cargill's Horizon Milling unit launched "EcoFlour sustainability solutions" – a customizable program that can give processors and farmers not just a flour but also a sustainability claim. It uses satellite imagery and soil sampling to identify the best (read that: minimal) use of fertilizer on fields, improving yields and reducing energy inputs -- and cost. Plus, depending on how the numbers play out, you could make a "green" claim.

    Another interesting development from the Minnesota multinational was a new business unit, Cargill Process Optimizers. This new service is weighted toward the plant operations side of food manufacturers, helping them increase yields and capacity and reduce energy and water consumption. Cargill, after all, operates 1,200 of its own facilities around the world, so its engineers have a pretty good idea of how to run a plant. They"ve also developed some proprietary software. For the first time on a broad scale, Cargill shares that know-how as a contract service.

    Using enzymatic interesterification, Bunge Oils brought out a new line of shortenings and oils, the UltraBlends EIE line. These soybean-based products eliminate trans fat and optimize saturated fats, while delivering functionality and great taste. They have a wide plasticity range and have a more consistent SFC Curve, creating less variability in firmness of the dough.

    Loders Croklaan launched a line of donut fry products aimed at improving eating quality and production efficiency. SansTrans DF Select frying shortenings eliminate oil migration, a shortcoming in typical commodity donut frying shortenings, making these products ideal for coated donuts. In addition, the improved crystallization properties mean improved eating quality as the melting profile is cleaner and less waxy.

    Switching to gluten replacement, ConAgra Mills' continued to plug its Ancient Grains flours. Made from amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum and teff, these flours – in stock and in customizable blends – are naturally gluten-free. They also add some important nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) as well as consumer interest. Sample baked goods also used ConAgra's Ultragrain white whole-wheat flour, which combines the nutritional benefits of whole grains with the mainstream appeal of refined flours.

    For its gluten-free solution, American Key Food Products turns to the cassava root. King Lion Cassava Flour can be used as a single flour solution, eliminating the need to blend with other flours in most applications. It differs from both tapioca flour – which often is just tapioca starch -- and even other cassava flours on the market, which often are course cassava meal. King Lion has a finer particle size, similar to that of wheat four.

    The National Honey Board was there to assist gluten-free product formulators. Using honey as a sweetener provides moisture and flavor improvement to gluten-free baked goods – while also adding functional benefits, color, enzymes, extra browning and a clean, even attractive, label.

    With integrated milling and processing, 21st Century Grain Processing has long been a supplier of grain-based ingredients. At IBIE, the company put several of its grains (wheat, oats, corn) together into cereal clusters. Visitors to the booth were sampling Chocolate Kitchen Clusters and Honey Kitchen Clusters, both with whole grain oats and other grains. The company now offers custom coated grains and cereal cluster with enhanced texture, flavor bursts and mineral fortification to build a targeted nutritional profile.

    Gum Technology Corp. introduced Coyote STARch Pastry Cream Stabilizer, a blend of modified starch, tara gum and carrageenan, that improves the characteristics of pastry cream without adding cost. It provides a smoother and less grain texture than starch alone, company officials say.

    Fibersol-2, the soluble dietary fiber from Matsutani LLC and ADM, was a key ingredient in a chocolate chip cookie prototype, which displayed how added fiber can give baked goods a "good source of fiber" claim without negatively impacting taste.

    Separately, ADM featured a new sorghum flour in a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie – as well as other flours and milled products, cocoa and chocolate ingredients and VegeFull cooked bean ingredients.

    G+ technology was a new addition to the PowerFresh line of bakery enzyme products of Danisco USA. G+ is an amylase-based addition that give specific performance characteristics, foremost among them longer freshness/shelf-life.

    Nielsen-Massey Vanillas was showing Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Paste. It's made with the company's Madagascar Bourbon vanilla extract with the addition of real seeds from the vanilla pod, combined in a slightly viscous base. It is used whenever the distinctive look of vanilla seeds is desired.

    Viterra Food Processing focuses on premium oat and barley ingredients, many of them organic certified.

    National Starch showed Homecraft Create 765, a clean-label specialty flour that can reduce fat and costs in baked goods.

    Watson's Soft "n" Mighty products include natural and certified organic dough conditioners and a premium bread base.


    Biscuit's of India

    indian biscuit brands , Indian brands of biscuits
    Popular   Brands of Biscuits  From  Big 3 of  Indian biscuit Industry ( Parle , Britannia  and ITC )
    Indian biscuits  are low priced  with majority of sales  accounted in unorganised sector , but gradually  things are  changing  for biscuits in India  as more players are  making investment in biscuit  segment .

    source : Gayathri

    Biscuit  Industry
    Biscuit Brands Market share
    International  Brands In Indian Biscuit Market

    Domino's Pizza Enters Germany

    Domino’s Pizza Inc., the world’s largest pizza delivery chain, launched its first German store in the Charlottenburg District of Berlin.

    Birgir Thor Bieltvedt, managing partner of the new Master Franchise of Domino's Pizza in Germany said, "Germany is an ideal location for our expansion plans. With a large customer base that values convenience and quality, Germany provides the right conditions for our business to succeed."

    The company is a leader in this segment with over 9,000 franchised and company-owned stores in more than 60 countries.

    Domino’s Pizza is investing in Europe with more outlets to open in the U.K. by the end of 2010. Also, November marks the 25-year anniversary of the U.S. pizza giant’s presence in Japan.


    Britannia With Cake TVC

    Britannia Cakes has almost complete dominance over sliced bar cake market none other player has national reach as Britannia cake has It has been one of the power brands of Britannia which has not seen major ads for long but now Britannia is coming up new TVC for its cakes .

    Britannia is all set to prove that their cakes are full of goodness with their new commercial by Grey India. The Britannia TVC brings to light the goodness of cakes with a campaign that shows how a Britannia cake is made from the healthiest of ingredients, which include milk, eggs and fruit. The multi media campaign will break by mid November.


    Sri lankan Bakers In Trouble Over Government Policy On Wheat Based Products

    We have been  getting news from  Sri lanka  on  its  govt  ridiculous  stand on wheat  based products . Sri  lankan government has  launched drive to  discourage  public institution from serving wheat based products  under pressure from local rice traders and farmers.The  government  has reimposed  an import  tax 15% on imported  wheat  to reduce  consumption  of flour  and support  rice prices  as reported by UN food and Agricultural Organisation.


    In recent days it has been banning wheat products from various public institutions.
    Nationalistic elements of the governing coalition even speak of "wheat terrorism".
    Wheat products enjoy great popularity in Sri lanka - whether it is the rotis, widely eaten with curry, or breads, cakes and savoury pastries which are common here.Now, though, wheat products have been removed from government hospitals, govt prisons and fast foods - many made of wheat - have been banned from schools.
    The government has also slashed a subsidy it used to apply to the wheat price.
    It says this is because wheat is a foreign import, alien to an essentially rice-eating society and costly for its economy.Bread prices  have been increased  four times . Which makes buying bread  difficult  for lower income group population.

    All Ceylon Bakery Owners' Association President NK Jayawardena, told the Colombo-based Sunday Times newspaper that hundreds of people who depended on the bakery industry, including bakers, have lost their jobs.

    Source :

    Here are few question one should ask this government 

    Would government of  Srilanka ban Ceylon Biscuit Ltd products or Maliban biscuits ?
    Biscuits and Breads are cheapest source of  staple food for millions  what are alternative foods ?
    You cannot  have bakery products in volumes from rice flour .Its economically not feasible
    Where would these  un employed worker  go?
    What  would  happen  to  bakery industry  in  Sri lanka ?

    Parle To Enhance Capacities& Launch New Products To Counter Competition

    Indian Biscuit  market  is now witnessing interesting actions to increase share of the pie  between major players such as Britannia , ITC  and the new entrants  such as  United Biscuits , Pepsi  , GSKB  and Unibic .Parle which has now donned the numero uno position  beating Britannia  dominance  have laid aggressive plan to retain this position .

     A report
    In a bid to retain its edge in the Rs 11,000 crore branded biscuits sector, Parle Products is scripting a new game plan which includes adding manufacturing capacity, new launches, revamping of pack sizes and internet advertising. “We are planning to set up six new manufacturing plants. We have just increased the pack size of our products by 10 % without raising prices,” said Praveen Kulkarni, general manager, Parle Products.
    At present, Parle Products has 76 manufacturing facilities across the country. It is increasing its distribution network by 20% in the next two months.
    “As part of our festive offer, we have increased the capacity of our brands in terms of volume by 30 to 40%. With a 45% market share, we are the leaders,” added Kulkarni.
    With its festive offer, the company hopes to clock 30% growth in sales this year. Parle’s major biscuit brands include Parle G, Monaco, Hide & Seek and Krack Jack among others.

    Parle Foods is also investing in new product developments to woo new consumers. Parle Products is now in the process of rolling out its new launches Parle Top and `Parle Cream Crackers' across the country.” Parle  have introduced it in Maharashtra and Goa for market trial run before national launch

    source :

    Top Bakery Business Ideas

    Bakery  products  have gained popularity among consumers   world wide .Entrepreneurs and investor  are enquiring vigorously  for  business ideas in bakery  business. From small bakeries to automated bakery plants  demand for  such ventures  have considerably increased

    Here are  Top  Business Ideas to plan for

    1.Home Bakery
    Home made bakery products. The easiest way to do business in bakery products is to start it from home .You can have limited customers and with unique recipes you can supply products like cakes, cookies , biscuits for personal occasions like birthdays , kitty parties, marriages ,meetings ,seminars and official functions &both govt or private firms. Best options for  some one with small budget

    2.Bakery  Retail Shop

      Small Bakeries When people or entrepreneur has finance constrains then can opt for small bakeries which caters for local and close areas for sales .cost of advertisement are low .Can have direct relationship with customer and can produce tailor made products for customers . Business could be good if products are innovative and quality superior to beat branded products produced by bakery manufacturers .You might have seen people waiting for fresh bakery products outside of bakeries. You can expect decent income from such bakery shops

    3.Automated Bakery Plants
     Bakery plants :Here investors can put up big automated plants for wide variety of bakery products. The volumes are very high and caters mass population of different geography . This models is useful for people with large amount of finances and interested in long term and brand building exercise .Automated plants requires plant and machinery with higher levels of supply chain networks with functions like sales marketing , procurement , finance and production etc .Employee numbers are very high. Business options for entrepreneurs looking for long term with objective to cover large market and creating brands .
    Automated  Bread  plant
    Automated Biscuit Plant

    4.Bakery Café & Retail Chain
       Retail chain. This bakery business model is similar to any other food retail chains like McDonalds ,Star bucks , Barista ,KFC etc. Entrepreneur has to build one central bakery from where these retails chain would get their supplies or bakery products can be out -sourced from other bakeries. These retail outlets are gaining popularity now days as customers can have their favorite product at one place and enjoy it with great ambiance. This is very good model for doing business as one can charge premium price for the products .
    Indian bakery retail chains
    Major International Bakery Cafe&Retail chains

    5.Franchise Route
          Applicable for investors and entrepreneurs who would like to join big names with jv or franchise route ,hence risk for failure is minimized  thus one can have franchise arrangement in bakery retails such as bread talk, Hot Bread etc . Similarly manufacturers can have franchise arrangement for  big brands such as Britannia , Parle or ITC .The Principals pays fixed amount of conversion charge per unit of product manufactured .

    Contract Manufacturing


         Export/ Import –Trading This model is the simplest form of doing bakery business with either exporting bakery products to different countries by buying from ones own country or Importing bakery products from other country and distributing to ones own country. Disadvantage is that the margins are limited and doesn‘t carry any brand equity.

    7.Private label

        Third party manufacturing/private labels(outsourcing)It applies for firms with idle capacity to produce ,companies with brand equity ,investors with finances. Many manufacturers are ready to manufacture for third party .Advantage of this model is that one doesn't require plant and machinery ,land and employees liabilities to do business. So if you have cash and do not want to worry about overheads this is best option to do business. Many low cost producers are available in countries like China , India, Malaysia , Philippines , Gulf countries .You can get product and packaging as per your demand  .It is best options for business entity which has already some brands established in the market.

    8.Online Store
       With Internet exploding in the scene and being integral part of modern day living people are using it for ordering products online in big way .   The net savvy entrepreneur can launch website store and can sell various bakery product. The basic advantage is that investment is low and products are available 24x7x365 days .Bakery products with longer shelf life can be sold to any part of the world .

    9.Pet Food

       A very promising business opportunity is available for bakery industry that is of special bakery products for pet animals .These can be tailor-made for dogs ,cats and other animal .Even these bakery products can be mixed with animal feeds. The popularity of dog biscuit is a good example

    10.Exotic /Artisan/Niche /Speciality Bakeries
         With Bakery products popularity on rise consumers are now experimenting with exotic products from different nationalities like french,italian , mexican ,swiss and popular varieties . Artisan bakery products from these countries have gained popularity hence entrepreneurs can open bakeries catering specialty products .

    11. Food Court & Live Bakeries
          Malls and Super Markets /Hyper Markets  have now become preferred place for family to go for shopping . Food courts with  Live bakeries have  now become new trends to serve customer with oven fresh bakery products

    Pioneer Foods Agree To Pay Penalty For Price Manipulation

    It could be one of  the worst kind of cartel  meant for  price manipulation in bread industry  of South Africa .Pioneer foods and its partner colluded to prevent  small players  to enter bread market and thus charging higher price  from consumers .

    A report

    Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel told parliament yesterday that Pioneer Foods had struck a deal with the Competition Commission - the largest settlement in the history of the body involving a single company.
    It terms of the deal, the company will pay a R250-million administrative fine to the national revenue kitty after admitting its role in the fixing of flour and bread prices, and in other cartel activities designed to fix the prices of poultry products.
    He said the company, which also admitted to anti-competitive behaviour aimed at excluding smaller competitors from full participation in the market, would pay a further fine of R250-million which will be paid into an agro-processing competitiveness fund aimed at increasing competition in the food-processing sector.


    George Weston To Buy ACE Bakery

    Press release

    TORONTO, Nov. 1  - George Weston Limited  announced today that its subsidiary, Weston Foods (Canada) Inc. has completed the purchase of ACE Bakery, a manufacturer and supplier of artisan and European-style rustic bread varieties, for $110 million.

    W. Galen Weston, the Chairman and President of Weston stated that "The ACE Bakery brand is known for its quality products and will complement our existing family of brands allowing us to better serve our customers. I would like to welcome the ACE Bakery employees into the Weston group."

    George Weston Limited is a Canadian public company founded in 1882 and through its operating subsidiaries constitutes one of North America's largest food processing and distribution groups. Weston has two reportable operating segments: Weston Foods and Loblaw, which is operated by Loblaw Companies Limited. The Weston Foods operating segment is primarily engaged in the baking industry within North America. Loblaw is Canada's largest food distributor and a leading provider of general merchandise, drugstore and financial products and services.

    source :

    Using Fruits In Baked Products By URC Technology

    Using dry fruits and nuts has been is practice for long  such as cashew , hazelnuts , pistachio,almonds and walnuts .  Bakery manufacturers have now started adding  concentrated fruits bits for  consumers who demands for healthy recipe . Taura Natural Ingredients has developed  fruit range using URC process technology . This New Zealand based  company  is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of functional, concentrated fruit ingredients for leading brand marketers and product manufacturers.

    Taura Natural Ingredients has developed the ultra rapid concentration (URC) High Performance Fruit range as a way to include real fruit pieces in commercial biscuits and bakery applications. Manufactured with its URC process technology, the fruit pieces are developed as functional ingredients with bake stability and moisture control. "We're seeing real growth across Asia in the use of fruit in sweet biscuits to achieve a healthier proposition," says Julian Laking, sales manager in New Zealand and Asia. "With URC pieces, a real sense of fruity freshness is achieved, which is difficult to create from traditional dried or artificially flavored products."

    Source :  Taura Natural Ingredients

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