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New PET Transport Trays From Linpac For Bakery Products

Market returns  due  to damages during transit has been a major worry  for many  bakery manufacturers .Many methods like putting products into PVC trays or inserting separators , dispensers  etc  has been adopted by manufacturers . Linpac  has designed a new  PET transport to tackle this problem .

pic courtesy -Linpac

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 Major  Benefits  from Linpac New transport trays

* Empty trays stack together very closely, thereby reducing delivery costs
* When the trays are filled and turned through 180-degrees the rib design ensures products do not touch each other from one layer to another
* Products can be packed 40 or 60 to a box, rather than the current 20
* The increased payload in relation to volume saves on transport costs and reduces fuel consumption
* The trays are lightweight and can be recycled – offering further environmental benefits
* The robust design reduces the risk of damage during transit
* The new packaging is available in a range of colours – including black and opaque, so retailers can clearly differentiate between product ranges for consumers
* The stylish trays can be used as point-of-sale display units, as well as transport trays.


Dark Fantasy From ITC

 Dark  fantasy , itc dark fantasy, sun feast dark fantasy biscuit Sunfeast brand of  biscuit  from ITC has recently launched its premium  cream biscuit  "Dark Fantasy "   with  chocolate and vanilla flavours . Its cream biscuit  for premium segment of biscuits priced Rs20/-  for 104 g  . ITC  have launched   Dark Fantasy biscuit to compete with Britannia s Pure magic  and Parles Hide n Seeks  premium biscuits .ITC  has now representation in all major categories of biscuits from glucose , marie ,nice , cream, bourbon and salty .

ITC  Chocofills - Innovation in biscuits

Packaging Changes From Fmcg To Cut Cost

Under  pressure  from rising prices and competitions  major fmcg  have now focusing on cost  reduction strategies  for  their product packaging . Packaging cost  is   a major cost contributor in product costing .

Few of the strategies   are
  • Smaller packs  
  • Smaller secondary packaging
  • Alternative packing material
  • Lighter packaging material
  • Lesser printing
  • Lesser margins  at end seals  ie reduction in cut off length s
  • Pre- formed cartons and packaging boxes
  • Universal packaging material and cartons for all locations

A report  published in ET
It is not just consumers who are tightening their belts in the face of runaway food inflation. Some of the country's largest consumer products companies such as Hindustan Unilever and Parle Products too are doing the same by reducing the package.

Now, reducing package has two elements: the content of the pack and the material used for making the pack.

While most consumer goods companies have periodically reduced the weight of packets to deal with increasing input costs, packaging firms are working on developing newer, cheaper packaging materials to control costs. The measures include tweaking the size and thickness of packages as well as replacing costly material with lower-cost alternatives.

"We have already deployed some lower-cost alternative packaging into the market," Tetra Pak India MD Kandarp Singh said. "For example, when the norm was for dairies to offer milk in half-litre and one-litre packs, we offered our customers a 200ml alternative in the TFA (tetra fino aseptic) pouch-shaped format and this is the alternative that is finding ready acceptance amongst consumers," he added.

 The Economic Times

Movers And Shakers of Indian Bakery Industry

Following personalities in their own way have contributed  to   Indian Bakery  Industry ,which is  now transforming  into biggest  food processing  industry   estimated  to  be Rs 11000/- crore  and had now established its own  huge supply chain from  vendors , workers , consultants , equipment manufacturers , ingredient manufacturers , packaging design , packaging material , material handling , food safety ,pest control  bakery cafe s ,marketing and advertisement .

Nulsi Wadia  -  Took over Britannia from erstwhile  Biscuit King  Rajan Pillai . Had increased his stake in BIL  by  buying Danone ( french ) and Fontera ( New Zealand -dairy business ) shares  . Shrewd Business man  expanded Britannia s  foot print in Middle East through  buying out  Strategic Food Int llc -UAE  and Al Sallan foods -Oman .

Vinita Bali -  Guiding Britannia to robust growth  from  stagnation  . with experience in marketing through her stint  with Coca Cola and Cadburys  She  is now engaged into  diversifying this Biscuit giant into  dairy , Health and wellness beverages  market . I would like to mention  the predecessor to  Vinita Bali , Sunil Alagh was responsible for turnaround of  Britannia from  Rs 600.0 crore company to  Rs 2000 crore company

Sharad  and Vijay Chauhan  - Gained No-1  position for Parle as biscuit market leader in India . Aggressively driving  Parle distribution network and launching  new products .

Jayant Kapare  -  New entrant  to  Indian biscuit  market but with brand like  United Biscuits under his leadership is trying to establish itself  into major biscuit player .With launch of  products like cookies , cream , digestive  and Marie  in very short span  United Biscuits  is set  to give  good competition t

Nikhil  Sen - Took the challenge  to give Indian consumers something different from what has been offered till now through branding of cookies with leading   Australian firm Unibic . Mr Nikhil Sen has been an old hand  in biscuit industry as Ex -COO Britannia .

Chitrajan Dar  - Taking over from  prolific  leader in ITC food division    Ravi Navare . Marketing aggresively to get larger market share of biscuit market through launch of new products  

B.P  Agarwal - No one  ever thought that  a  small player like Priya gold would give a  tough competition to biggies of biscuit industry but through  clever marketing  and  pricing it made inroads to uncharted  rural market  thus making  Priya Gold  in Top 100 fmcg brand .

Sanjeev Kaushal - In less than a decade time Sanjeev Kaushal has made a mark in Indian bakery  equipment manufacturing   with  his company New Era Machines  and simultaneously building automation centre for these ventures through its arm New Era controls .

K.B .Kale  -  Pioneered  Biscuit Ovens in India  with his company Prima Engineering . Now manufacturing complete biscuit line  .Exporting biscuit lines to several  countries .

J.R  . Trivedi  - Doyen of Indian packaging machinery manufacturing . Mr JR Trivedi has developed low cost packaging machines  for Indian food processing  which can compete with imported machines on performance . Multipack  systems pvt ltd  is now exporting these  packing machines to several countries .

 Adil  Hassan and Taab Siddiqui-  Made  Harvest Gold Bread  a run way  success in  Delhi - NCR  region with in small period of time . Thus  becoming  consumers most preffered bread  in capital region dislodging Britannia and other  brands . Hence  they   proved that if  you make quality product  you can beat  the established players of the Industry .

H.T.Khorakhiwala - Established Monginis Foods and initiated indian  bakery  cafe s  in different cities . Monginis cakes/muffins cup cakes  are now availbale in  major cities  and have 250 retail shop  across India .

M. Mahadevan  -  Responsible for  setting up  bakery  retail   shop  by the name " Hot Bread " . Now expanding in different parts of world .

Anand Kripalu  -  MD Cadburys India  Now under Kraft Food Inc  would be responsible  for launching brands like Oreo biscuit  in India

Many more on regional levels 

Add your own favorites you think  have contributed to Indian bakery industry .

Process Flow chart for automated pre- baked frozen pizza manufacturing

United Biscuits Targets Zero Waste To Landfill For All Its Unit

Zero  waste  from  food processing units requires efforts , technology and concerns from top management  for  sustainable growth  helping in waste reduction and environmental conservations. It covers zero emissions , zero effluent discharge and zero food waste from manufacturing unit  .In most of the cases we find that manufacturers pay for services to dump waste to landfil.  UB   has always being first  to address these issues . Great role model for  other manufacturers to take the lead .

A report .
United Biscuits (UB), makers of snacks including McVitie’s, Hula Hoops, KP, McCoy’s and Jacob’s has today announced that four of its 14 UK sites are now sending zero waste to landfill.

The sites at Hayes, Consett, Rotherham and Ashby achieved zero waste to landfill by maximising their recycling efforts, reducing the amount of waste being brought in to the business, and having any residual waste that could not be recycled normally incinerated to create energy. UB announced last year that it had achieved its target of zero food waste to landfill by 2010 a year early - and after achieving a 44% reduction in non-food waste to landfill in 2009, UB brought forward its target of zero non-food waste to landfill to 2012, from the original deadline of 2015.

With four sites now sending zero waste to landfill, and an overall reduction of 55% in non-food waste to landfill across the UK business last year, UB is well on its way to meeting its 2012 target.
Key highlights last year in UB’s programme to reduce waste to landfill include:

- Increasing recycling volumes by 19%
- Improving the recycling percentage to 95% in 2010 compared to 70% in 2009.
- Decreasing landfill volumes by 1,274 tonnes (down 55%).

United Biscuits
 Not only these programs conserve resources but also save cost in operations .
Great work from United Biscuits   .Its now upto consumers  to encourage  such manufacturers  

Cookies Vs Gazak's -Winter Does Have Impact On Sales Of Biscuits

While taking my daily dose of  Gazaks( sesame mashed with jaggery)  , Raibari ( sesame with jaggery)  and Gur Ki Patti ( peanuts with jaggery) , Chikki , Til ki patti and  relishing parathas ( Indian non leavened bread with oil spread on surface )   for morning break fast  I was  wondering whether this  change of  eating habit in winter  has  any impact on  sale of  biscuits and cookies  which  are popular snacking and any time food  for millions of Indian house holds . Only  hot Pizza's have been able to hold ground as  favorite bakery product in winters for Kids .

Personally my house hold intake of baked goods does see a   change in favour  of  these winter delicacies of Gazaks , Til-Patti , Methi ke Ladoos , Gur Ki Patti  for snacking and Paranthas instead  of ever  preferred  morning break fast  sandwiches .

Talking to retailers   I found  that they all agreed to fact that the sale of biscuits and cookies have seen fall a of 5- 10%  at their stores . People prefer these seasonal products which have added  health advantage .Sales picks up only after winter is  over

Digging more into  these road side vendors  business who are seen every where during winter seasons stationed in all major localities.Preparations are done in two - three month in advance  to prepare these varieties and then distributed  to either wholesaler who sell by stacking up all these products in bags or sacks, Jars  for sale .Cart vendors  buy  these products  to sell  them  to different locality of the city .Season start from month of December and ends by  February . Selling price  for these product are  Rs 120- Rs 200 / Kg . They  claim to  make profits  in range  30 - 40%  for these product .Major raw material required are peanuts , sesame seeds , sugar and  jaggery. Products of various shape and flavour could be found with these road side vendors such  rolls , squares and triangular gazaks  with flavours of  jeera (cummins seed) ,sounf ( fennel seeds) , dessicated coconut  and dry fruits.

Many entrepreneurs  had made fortune by catching up with these trends as they pack and market these products to supermarket , mall and food stores  . Every sweet shop of repute starts promoting their own product for this season . Most of these items  are into non - branded categories except for few pan India brands such as Haldi Rams  Gazak .

 Local  biscuit and cookies manufactures have tried to cater this market with cookies with sesame seeds and peanuts . Can expect manufacturers to innovate and produce some of these  products .

Sigpack Systems AG Renamed Bosch Packaging Systems AG .

Sigpack Systems AG  was taken over  by  Bosch  in Fin year 2007-2008 . Sigpack systems  have been used by bakeries  all around world . Its packaging machine under   series of  GS , HS ,HM , HBM  are widely used by bakery manufacturer. Now named as  Bosch Packaging Systems AG .

 Bosch Company press release

Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of holistic packaging and process technology, is changing the company names of its subsidiaries Sigpack Systems AG and Paal Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, effective February 1. Sigpack Systems AG, based in Beringen, Switzerland, will become Bosch Packaging Systems AG. Paal Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH in Remshalden, Germany will become Bosch Packaging Systems GmbH.

The renaming highlights Bosch's strategic approach to provide an even wider variety of solutions from one source. With technologies from feeding and distribution to wrapping, cartoning, handling and case packing, Bosch Packaging Systems offers a comprehensive portfolio for primary and secondary packaging.

“As Bosch Packaging Systems, both companies benefit even more from the globally renowned reputation of the Bosch brand,” explains Friedbert Klefenz, President of Bosch Packaging Technology. “The product brands Sigpack and Elematic will continue to exist under the strong Bosch umbrella. This unified market presence strengthens our position as a leading supplier of innovative, customized solutions.”

Bosch Packaging Technology, based in Waiblingen (Germany), is one of the leading suppliers of total solutions for packaging and process technology. The company develops and produces in 16 countries and distributes worldwide modules and systems for the pharmaceutical, confectionery, and cosmetics industries, as well as other food and non-food industries. The product range is rounded off with service solutions.

For more information, please visit


Top 50 Quick Service Restaurant Brands Of America

Here is the list  of  Top 50   Quick- Service - Restaurant   Brands of  United States . Most of  which have presence across the globe with their signature products and renowned quality .Products includes sandwiches , burgers ,pizza/pasta and snacks . Ranking is for the year 2010

1       McDonald’s     ( burger)
2       Subway           (  sandwich)
3       Burger King    ( burger ) 
4       Wendy’s          ( burger )
5       Starbucks Coffee  ( snack  )
6       Taco Bell             (  mexican  )
7       Dunkin’ Donuts     (snack ) 
8       Pizza Hut         (  pizza/pasta )   
9       KFC                ( chicken  )
10     Sonic                (  burge )
11     Arby’s               ( sandwich )  
12     Chick-fil-A        ( chicken  ) 
13     Jack in the Box   ( burger   ) 
14     Domino’s           ( pizza/pasta  )    
15     Panera Bread    ( sandwich  ) 
16     Dairy Queen*     ( burger  ) 
17     Papa John’s      (pizza/pasta  ) 
18     Quiznos Subs    ( sandwich  ) 
19     Hardee’s       ( burger  ) 
20     Popeyes        ( chicken  ) 
21     Chipotle        (  mexican )  
22     Carl’s Jr.      (  burger  ) 
23     Panda Express  ( asian  ) 
24     Whataburger    ( burger )
25     Little Caesars   ( pizza/pasta  ) 
26     Church’s Chicken    (chicken )  
27     Steak 'n Shake         (burger )
28     Zaxby’s                   (chicken  )  
29     Long John Silver’s    ( seafood)    
30     Checkers/Rally’s      (  burger)
31     Bojangles’               (chicken  ) 
32     Culver’s                  ( burger )  
33     Papa Murphy’s       (pizza/pasta )   
34     Jimmy John’s           ( sandwich )  
35     El Pollo Loco           (  chicken  )  
36     Baskin-Robbins         (  snack   ) 
37     Del Taco                   (  mexican   ) 
38     CiCi’s Pizza               ( pizza/pasta)    
39     Boston Market            ( chicken  )  
40     White Castle              (  burger )
41     Sbarro                    (   pizza/pasta   )
42     Five Guys Burgers& Fries   (  burger   ) 
43     Jason’s Deli       (sandwich   ) 
44     Captain D’s        (seafood  )  
45     In-N-Out Burger            (burger)    
46     Qdoba                     (mexican   ) 
47     Cold StoneCreamery    ( snack )   
48     Krystal                        (  burger )
49     Tim Hortons                (  snack   )
50     Einstein Bros.             ( Bagels)


Consumers Paying More For Less In Fmcg Segment - Check Before U Buy !

Rising cost of raw material and ingredients with  other inputs of manufacturing like fuel price , packaging material cost , manpower cost  and fierce competition   have led   many fmcg  companies  to  reduce grammage , numbers or even size reduction for their product . Consumers are still unaware of the fact they are paying  more for less . Consumers need to check the grammage and relate it to the price before buying .

A report

Pay more for less. The trend in food items seems to have touched other products of everyday necessity too.

Mumbai-based techie Mehul Shroff for one is miffed at having to pay more for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as detergents and toilet soaps even as the content of various pack sizes keeps reducing.

“A bar of soap that earlier sufficed for 15 days now lasts only 12 days. In recent months, I have noticed the size of biscuits, chocolates and instant noodles reduce dramatically while I continue to pay more for these products every few months. As a consumer, I sometimes feel cheated.”

With the cost of inputs ever on the rise, companies are struggling to protect their margins. Yet, a direct price hike to pass on the cost is ruled out as it could impact consumer sentiment. So, they are taking recourse to indirect price hike, through grammage cuts.


Wiesheu Dibas 64 Oven Wins Prestigious International Forum Design Award 2011

International  design forum ( IF  ) conducted by IF GmbH has  given Weisheu  Dibas 64 convection for  best design in product design category  for year 2011. IF  awards  are given to best design in product categories  for engineering , architecture and  other categories .

Wiesheu  ovens  are  popular ovens  in European market mainly in smaller bakery  category . Its German design and features makes it s  leading oven for bakeries . Unique  features of Dibas 64 that  it is the only baking oven in the world with the door disappearing into the oven casing at the side and furthermore convinces with its elegant, clear and timeless design unique in the industry.

With features like   double glass doors , removable racks ,halogen bulbs and complete S.S constructions  with  compact modular design makes it perfect for smaller bakeries .

The baking oven Dibas 64 in all its three sizes is a visual highlight in every store and perfectly emphasises the surrounding store concept and baking competence ( source :

for more on Wiesheu  Ovens  

Del Monte Offers Fruit Fillings To Indian Bakers

Indian bakers have been buying fruit cuts and fillings imported from various countries .Del Monte  is now ready to launch its new fruit filling range  for bakeries .

A report

 del monte fruit filling , del monte in india Del Monte, a leading brand in the processed food and beverages industry in India, has launched a new Fruit Fillings range which is a vital ingredient used by the bakery and confectionery industry all over the world. The new fruit fillings range consists of the most sought after variants of Strawberry, Wild Blueberry, Raspberry, Dark Cherry and Pineapple. Del Monte Fruit Fillings cater to the growing demand for international quality inputs amongst bakers and confectioners, in terms of both small-medium businesses as well as large and established players.

In the current market scenario, the bakery industry in India is one of the largest food industries with a turnover of about Rs. 3,000 crore. Del Monte’s packaged fruit range consisting of pineapple slices, tidbits, fruit cocktail, peaches and prunes etc had created ripples of excitement in 2008 when it was launched. Del Monte’s packaged fruits have made deep inroads into the market and the brand has forged strong bonds of loyalty and partnership with B2B industry players. Now with the launch of Del Monte Fruit Fillings, bakers and confectioners can once again be assured of high quality and differentiated products and at competitive rates of Rs. 160 to Rs. 350 per kg, and distribution support in all metros and Class 1 Towns.

Del Monte Fruit Fillings contain whole fruits, picked at the peak of the season adding to the flavor and texture of the product. They are freeze-thaw stable as well as bake stable, and can be used in various bakeries, confectionery products and even as toppings for ice cream. Del Monte Fruit Fillings can be used in Cream Cakes (Gateaux), Pastries, Cold Cheesecakes, Baked Cheesecakes, Mousse & Souffl├ęs, Fruit Filled Muffins, Fruit Cookies, Fruit Breads, Breakfast rolls, Danish pastries, and Croissants etc.


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