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Colors Used In Biscuits

Bakery manufacturers uses  various ingredients and methods  to give color  to biscuits and cookies . Colors could be added to biscuits  as

Natural  colors can be categorised  into  following groups
Artificial  colors /  Synthetic

List  of  colors  used  in biscuit  -Distinctively or  in combination

Natural  colors
Curcumin or tumeric
Beta spo- 8 apo-B carotenic acid
Methylester  of   Beta -apo-8 carotenic acid
Ethylester of Beta -apo-8 carotenic acid
Riboflavin, Lactoflavin


Indigo Carmine
Ponceau 4R
Sunset Yellow  FCF
Brilliant Blue  FCF
Fast Green FCF

 Note :Pl refer PFA ,Act 1954  for  permissible limits 


Sinmag - World Major Bakery Equipment Manufacturer - A profile

Bakery equipments and machinery market is  dominated by European and American  manufacturers  rarely  we find any Asian brands competing with  these brands but for one Taiwanese bakery equipment manufacturer Sinmag . Sinmag has made a mark on bakery equipment market with its  superior quality and  after sale service  to the clients  world wide . Taking example of India - even with numerous bakery equipment manufacturers present in India  we can find  Sinmag  equipments  are installed every where .Sinmag  equipments are ranked among best bakery equipment in this part of the world .

Established in year 1983 , Taiwan  operates  with two manufacturing units in Taiwan and China respectively  . Exports its machine to USA , Canada , Asia , Africa ,Latin America and Australia . Market leader in countries like China ,Taiwan , Malaysia and Philippines  for   bakery equipment.

Bakery Equipment 
          Its popularity  lies among  small to medium  bakeries  . It has complete range of baking equipments used for  bread , buns , cakes and pastries .
  •         Planetary Mixer
  •         Spiral Mixer 25,50,80,120,200 Kg dough
  •         Bun Dividers
  •         Bun Divider Rounders:Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic
  •         Hydraulic Dividers
  •         Dough Rounders
  •         Dough Moulders
  •         Dough Sheeters
  •         Proofers
  •         Retarder-Proofers
  •         Deck Ovens, Electric and Gas
  •         Revolving Trays Ovens
  •         Tunnel Ovens
  •         Slicers
  •         Racks
  •         Show Cases
  •         Convection Ovens,Electric and Gas
website : www.sinmag.com

9F- 4 , No - 342
FU  Housing Road
Sec1, Taiwan - ROC
Tel : 02 - 27033337
Fax:  02 - 27034888

Email :  export@singmag.com.cn

Distributor   of   Sinmag  Equipments  In  India 

Apple Bakery Machinery Private Limited
20i,1st Floor, Hansraj Damodar Wadi
Off Kennedy Bridge, Opera House
Mumbai - 400 004
Tel: +91 22 2385 2632/33
Fax: +91 22 2385 2629
Email: bak2apple@yahoo.co.in ;info@applebakerymachinery.in 

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List of Emulsifiers And Stabilisers Used In Bread And Biscuits

Emulsifiers and Stabiliser   plays  important  role in bread and biscuit manufacturing . Here are the important Emulsifiers and Stabilisers


Hydroxypropyl methyl  cellulose
Sucrose esters of fatty acids

Di-  Acetyl tartaric Acid  Esters of Mono and Di - glycerides
Guar Gum
Glycerol Monosterate
Sodium Steroyl  2 lacylate of Calcium Stearoly 2 Lacylate
Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids and polycerol esters of Interestefied  ricinoleid acid

Nutritional Components of Bread

Bread  which has become staple food for majority of house hold across the globe  contains various ingredients which provides nutrition to the masses . Several countries have passed laws to fortify  breads with essential minerals and vitamins  such as folic acid , iron , , vitamins and calcium  etc .Interestingly in India we don't have any compulsory fortification  law  apart  from standards for food additives used in bread . (BIS and PFA Act) however bread manufacturer  add few ingredients  to  enhance nutritional  value of bread .Bread being product of common masses its  important that  its fortified by manufacturers to  give consumers  a healthy food . Governments in most countries monitors the prices  and quality  directly  on indirectly  has  to ensure  that  manufacturers  add  essential  nutritious   ingredients  into their products  either through legal  food laws or through  industry   associations .

List of nutritional components in bread


Carbohydrate and  starch

Dietary  Fibres 





Thus  bread  becomes  the cheapest and  nutritious  food  in comparison to other staple food  consisting of  minerals , vitamins and proteins .

Chitrajan Dar CEO ITC Foods Speak s On Business Strategy

ITC  foods  a food arm of  India,'s major corporate house ITC ltd , which has business spread out to  tobacco , papers , hotels , lifestyle , packaged food  and Agri  commodities. ITC  ltd  major earnings come from tobacco business and are leader in this category . To make ITC less dependent on tobacco earnings it has diversified in to  foods and personal care segment  making it into league  of HUL , PG , Kraft and Pepsi .  Chitrajan  Dar  has taken over from Ravi Navare as CEO of it Food division ITC  Foods.Sun feast brands of biscuit s   have made a mark  on biscuit segment giving tough competition to already entrenched players  like Britannia and Parle . Taking advantage of  huge network of  existing  dealers  and distribution channels  ITC  could well become a  major brand in biscuit  segment
Speaks  to ET 

ITC Foods, the maker of Bingo! Chips, Sunfeast biscuits and Yippee! Noodles, has gained a reputation of being a disruptive player. Contributing 12-13% to its parent's revenue, the division turned the corner last fiscal. Its boss, chief executive Chitranjan Dar , though, is reluctant to take all the credit. He says he took over when brands were established and the division only needed consolidation.

The strength of ITC Foods lies in sourcing staples through its e-choupal system that offers direct contact with farmers and a distribution channel that piggybacks on the equity enjoyed by Wills cigarettes across corner outlets. Dar, who has had a three-decade-run at the cigarettes-to-hotels group, tells Sarah Jacob how the division is now focused on a high-margin, value-added products strategy and is working on developing healthier offerings.

 Excerpts from an interview:

Where does Sunfeast stand in the biscuits segment?

Our market share is a third of what Britannia and Parle
Products have. (Industry estimates peg Sunfeast's market share at 11%).
We are looking at profitable growth by following a higher margin,
value-added strategy. We have been focusing on the mid-market and
premium segment and less on glucose biscuits. We launched Marie oats,
Special cookies, premium creams, choco fills and relaunched Marie and
Dark Fantasy.

The Economic Times

List of Acid Regulators In Bread And Biscuits

Following are the acid regulators  for bread and biscuits used in Indian bakery industry

Role of  Acid Regulators in baked  goods

Acid regulators basic function  is to  increase the acidity of the dough .In Addition to this controls dough fermentation or leavening or  to reduce spoilage due to  growth of mold ,rope or bacteria.

Main Acid Regulators

  • Sodium Fumarate 
  • Potassium  Malate 
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Acetic Acid
  • Lactic Acid
  • Citric Acid 
  • Malic  Acid 
  • Tartaric  Acid

Note : Pl  check the permissible quantities for above said acid regulators in PFA Act , 1954 

Parle Promotes "Sixer " In PET Jar

Parle Products  is promoting its  salty snacks biscuit  "Sixers"  in PET Jar   and  thinking of benefits  of this PET jar  would provide Indian house hold would be numerous . You can keep loose biscuits or  can be used to store spices , sugar ,tea  or any other raw material used in kitchen .

 sixer , parle sixer ,parle biscuits

Priced Rs 30/- for 200g   could be good bargain for family . This salty biscuits  take s on to Priya Golds cheeselings  for snacking time . Sixer comes from s the hexagonal shape to the tiny  biscuits .Good concept  for  families  going out  for picnics /movies .Others are providing PET Jars for their  Tikki Packs  to  retailers .

China Bans Benzoyl Peroxide And Calcium Peroxide Alongwith Other Food Additives

Chinese government is trying  to control the damage done by various food safety  related incidents to its food processing industry through various rules and laws . In latest attempt  Chinese authorities have banned several  food additives.

A report
Chinese authorities have banned several types of food additives as part of new national regulations on food safety issued on Friday.

The new regulations also stipulated that all additives should be marked clearly on food product labels.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) on Friday issued four national food safety regulations concerning food additives, food product labels, honey products and the limit of mycotoxins in food. Mycotoxins are metabolites of fungi that can adversely affect animal and human health.

The use of benzoyl peroxide, calcium peroxide and methanal as food additives has been banned under the new regulations, as these additives are no longer necessary for the production of food, according to Chen Rui, an MOH food safety official.


Britannia 's Vinita Bali Features In Business Excellence Magazine

 Vinita Bali ,MD& CEO, Britannia  Industries Ltd    had recently featured in article of  Business Excellence magazine  where she spells out business strategies and future trends  in  food market .Interviewed by John O Hanlon of Business Excellence .Business Excellence magazines covers  best of corporate heads and companies  across the globe.

Here is an excerpt

"Business excellence is pursued through a number of ongoing programmes, says Bali. “Each year we set rigorous targets on efficiency and effectiveness. We operate programmes like TQM and kaizen, not only in manufacturing but in other processes in the company and our supply chain. At any one time there are several hundred projects to improve process parameters, output ratios or effectiveness in the marketplace. You have to have those programmes, otherwise it is tough to compete in a market where margins are not that high.”

source - Read  complete article on
 Business Excellence Magazine

FSSAI Issues Draft Notification For Food Recall Procedure

 Food safety and standards authority of India  has  circulated   the draft for food recall procedures for  comments  and suggestions from all stake holders  before it becomes act through gazetted notifications. Previous food safety act - PFA  Act  didn't have sets rules and procedures  for   food recall  thus this draft attempts to lay down procedure sand guidelines in case  of  food recalls .Countries like USA, Canada , UK and European countries have well established norms for Food Recall s. Public in general  are made aware of  recall by authorities through  websites and press releases of the nature of  complaint and  with details of product which includes the batch number , the brand, mfg dates , manufacturers detail etc.

 Draft  consists of   food recall procedures to be followed by  food operators , manufactures/suppliers , distributors, caterers , services  and retailers .

 It covers  entire food recall systems  including  areas such as

Written Recall procedures
Handling of complaints
Exported Material
Classification of  Recalls
Post Recall Actions 
Forms and Declaration formats to be used
Role / Responsibility of Food Operator and Food Authority

get detail s on 

Britannia Presents Good Day Choco Nut In New Packaging

With  competition eating up  its  market share  Britannia has launched  new products  to take on ITC , Kraft and Mcvities  new launches .Britannia s Good day Choco Nut  puts itself  into  ITC   Dark Fantasy  category 

 good day choco nut , britannia choco nut  One  of  Britannia s  old product  Good day  choconut  has been  launched into new avatar .Launched earlier during 2004 -2005 . Basic product features remains the same with  changes done in product packaging .Now Good day Choco nut   dons slick packaging  depicting richness of chocolate and nuts . In addition to wrapper it also provides a enclosed pvc  box  which  supports  the  fragile biscuits  .

 gooday choco nut , britannia good day choconut

Its  a case of  "Old wine in a new bottle "

Britannia  Good Day biscuit review

TOP 10 QSR Active On Face Book

 Social Media  and networking  has changed  our lives in  many ways   as we now interact more on these platform s  than any method . En cashing on these trends food companies and QSR ( Quick Service Restaurant ) have  created Fan pages on Facebook or Twitter . This has helped these companies on connecting to customer  and getting quick reviews and feed back on the products , services and quality .Listed  below  are the most active  QSR /Food Chains on Facebook.

1. YO! Sushi                                           
2. Papa Murphy’s Pizza                           
3. Denny’s                                               
4. O’Charley’s                                         
5. A&W                                           
6. White Castle Burgers                         
7. Panera Bread                                      
8. Arby’s                                                
9. Burger King                                        
10.The Melting Pot                                 

 source :


Institutes Offering Bakery Courses In Mumbai

So you have taken bakery as your career  . To pursue a successful career in  bakery  you need to have best of the catering  and baking knowledge  .Mentioned below are  the best institutes  and colleges offering  bakery courses in Mumbai.

  • Sophia Polytechnic
  •  Indian Institute of Hotel Management
  •  Mumbai college of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  • Taj Institute of Hotel Management
  • Rizvi College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
  •  Dr. DY Patil Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology 
  •   MSc Tech (food tech and fermentation tech) University of Bombay
source -TOI

Career Option - Baker

Kraft Foods To Open New Chocolate & Biscuit Factory In Brazil

Kraft  has shifted its  focus  to emerging economies such as China , India and Brazil  to offset its  declining sales in European market . Recent takeover of Cadbury  has given Kraft foods  a significant market foot hold for  these countries .

A  report

Kraft Foods has opened a new $80 million manufacturing facility in Pernambuco, Brazil.

The 270,000-square-foot plant will initially produce chocolate and powdered beverages. A biscuit line will be added in 2012.

The facility will employ more than 600 employees and eventually grow to 800 when the new biscuit line opens in 2012.

"With the opening of our new plant in Pernambuco, we're providing jobs to local Brazilians, investing in our communities and meeting the needs of our consumers in this important, fast-growing region," said Marcos Grasso, President of Kraft Foods Brazil.

The new facility will boast prismatic skylights, solar lighting and water heating, a wastewater treatment plant, low-emission equipment and eco-paved parking lots. The new facility is also seeking to be recognised by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an internationally recognised green building certification system.

FOOD Magazine

Fox Biscuits Adopts Unique Way Of Advertisement

Advertisement  for biscuits have now  begun  to take innovative ideas leaving cliche based kids.housewife based ads . Even  social media marketing has been tapped for biscuits,cookies .

A report

A biscuit manufacturing company which is looking to establish a flagship brand will use traditional, modern, and even unique methods to advertise.
Fox's Biscuits, which has become famed for the use of its gangster panda Vinnie in its adverts, is set to spend around £3 million on a campaign to push Ambers as its flagship brand, Marketing Week reported.

A new series of TV adverts has been shot; social media marketing links have been established, and a rather unique approach has been taken to push the new biscuits.

As part of the campaign, which is the largest the company has ever launched, Vinnie the panda has bought a racehorse, which he has named Amber after the biscuit brand. The horse will run in real events throughout the racing season.

Top  Biscuit Brands In UK



Will Tikki Packs Save The Day For Biscuit Manufacturers?

 tikki packs , small packs  Indian Biscuit Manufacturers  are under tremendous pressure for  profit margin  against ever rising inflation  which had made  raw material costlier to them .  The options  are limited for the biscuit manufactures  either  they increase price for their product  or  increase the volumes of their sales . Increasing price  is  a difficult option thanks for the cut throat competition and  Indian consumers  change of  loyalty over price . Now manufacturers are trying to place products on every price point  as low  as Rs1/- , Rs2/- , Rs3/-   for these small packs   they have coined a term called Tikki Packs ( small packs ) . So  you   find all major manufacturers  marketing their products on Tikki Packs  with 4- 5 biscuits per pack  wts around  25 - 35gms  for Rs2/-.

This Tikki Pack  concept   was first initiated by  Cavin Kare for its "Chic"  shampoo giving shampoo in sachets for Rs2/- , the idea was well accepted by consumers and it became  mega hit  overnight . Others too  followed the idea and we had all fmcg giving their products in Tikki Packs . Britannia started the Tikki Pack  concept in early 2000s  for  Tiger , then parle  joined and offered its Parle G in Tikki Packs and now Sunfeast(ITC) has joined the competition with its Tikki Packs for its glucose biscuits.   With  economic slowdown  and spiraling prices still looming  large  manufacturers are finding small  packs as best strategy  to   increase their sales, as consumers would  not mind spending such a low amount on biscuits .This also helps people under BPL to be able to buy branded biscuits for themselves.
 tikki packs , small packs

Interesting use of Tikki packs  of biscuits  has been observed   in  this   region  . People use Tikki packs for

1  Giving it to poor people as alms" daan"  during festive / religious ceremonies .
2. Pets
3. Return Gifts at Birth day s
4. Retail shop owners exchanging for  change s.
5. Kiosk owners put it along with other sachets 

Even new entrants have  gone for  Rs5/(  $0.11)-  a pack  eg- Oreo , Mcvities .Competing for consumers  every rupee in biscuit market .

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