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Basic Building Guidelines For Bakery Factory

 When  planning   a layout  for  bakery  unit  or  factory  following building or  construction  guidelines to be kept in consideration

1. Adequate  space  for  the machinery and equipments

2. Adequate Height   in production hall

3.Ventilation arrangement  such as windows  and roof

4.  Roofing  Material - Metallic Sheet

5. Flooring material

6. Adequate  Storage  Area  -  Space  for  transport  to unlaod

7.Adequate  Dispatch  Area  - Space for  transport

8  20 feet road  around  the premise  for emergency services

9  Wash Rooms and  Change rooms

10  Cold Storage Rooms

12  Waste  Disposal  Area

13  Fuel Storage   Area

14  Drainage  and water treatment plant

15  Fire hydrant system

16  Earth Quake and All weather walls 

17  Passages , , Staircase Entrance and Exits 

18  Mezzanine  and Basements

19  Provision for further expansion

20  Air lines  and  water pipelines and support

21 Electrical  cables  and support

22  Utility  area  and its proximity to plant

23 Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Mezzanine Floors - Storage Solution For Bakeries

While  planning layout for  bakery plant  one can save space or eliminate need of  additional floors through  mezzanine floors  in new project or in the existing  set ups .  Additional space can be generated in bakery production hall through fabricated  mezzanine floors . Normally they are installed and fabricated in end of the production hall with access  to it through staircase . It utilises empty over head space in bakery plants. Industrial mezzanine floors  could be planned for

  Storage of raw material
  Storage of  packing material
  Storage  of  finished material
  Setup  Pre mixing  Area for ease of feeding
  Offices in  bakery plant

Other material handling equipments  would be require for  heavy loads  such as 

Fork lift s

Industrial mezzanine floors , Industrial mezzanine floors in bakeries
Industrial  mezzanine  could  cover  entire production hall span or  could  be made for a section of  the  entire span .Mainly   steel  structures  are used  as frames  with  reinforcement  made through steel beams and channel  sections . Selection of  these structures could be done by calculating load  of  items to be kept on these mezzanine .Columns are provided  if the span is very large  to support  the structure .  Handrails  are provided for extra  safety  for safe working on these mezzanine . Pre fabricated racks and shelves  could be   used for  storage purpose .Other material which can be used are aluminium and fibre glass.Other advantage of these Industrial Mezzanine  is that it can easily dismantled or relocated to other location .

Flooring s could be of  steel sheets  , chequer plate  or  chip boards . False ceilings can used to cover the  structure from under neath .
Most of the biscuit  and bread factories  have these  Industrial mezzanine floors in one or  other forms . As we need to provide  enough height  for  production hall   for better ventilation and heat dissipation .

Storage solutions - Racking
Bulk handling System

How Cassava Flour Helps Nigeria To Reduce Wheat Flour Import

Cassava  Flour usage  in bread and other bakery products have been  encouraged  by the local government  of Nigeria  .Recently  a bill would be introduced into national assembly to  make cassava flour induction  mandatory for bread manufacturers .

Cassava  plants are of two varieties   -sweet and bitter varieties . Cassava flour is being used by local population  to prepare their staple food .Nigeria is the largest cassava flour producer in the world.
cassava flour , flour from cassava , cassava flour in nigeria , nigerian cassava flourAt one side  Nigerian government is  promoting  local flour and has increased  duties on imported wheat  ( levies upto 20 % )/Wheat flour( duties upto 100 % ) which would  hurt  the local bakeries dependent on wheat flour  as prices of  bakery products  such as  bread ,pastries and noodles  would be  impacted most due  to high prices  . HQCF  ( High quality cassava flour) has been developed by  IITA ( International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) . IITA  claims  to substitute wheat  flour  by  40 %  of  cassava  flour  in bread without   affecting  bread characteristics .

A balanced approach  could  save  wheat flour millers  and bakers  which are dependent on  wheat for their jobs where as cassava promotion  can provide  jobs to million  cassava planters  with saving in  imports cost .Value of wheat imports per year in Nigeria is  $ 252 Mn .

Cassava  flours  is extracted from  tubers/ roots   of   cassava plant  . The processing includes peeling/washing, drying , pulverizing  and Milling .

Similar  exercise has been adopted  by Srilankan government   by promoting Rice flour  for  bakery products with  high import duties on wheat .

There is  nothing wrong in substitution  but the problem is on the ban of  wheat  .Let the common man in these country decide what he likes to eat .

Warburtons Enters Indian Naan Bread Segment

With  presence  of  large population from  South Asian countries impact of  which  can be found on native popualtion's food habits   in that country   , as recently  chicken curry has been declared as second most loved food in UK.  Curry Mania ---. Naan are popular bread for people from India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and Bangladesh .

warburtons naan , indian naan , uk naan market , baked naan, warburtaons indian breads
source :
Warburtons  have now  made foray  into Indian bread -Naan to be presented as alternative  for  regular white and brown breads . Also made innovative products  such as Naan  Chips  snacks   for   tea time   savoury snacks .Naan is made of  flour  and baked in tandoor/oven  instead of  frying it  with  oil thus making it  a healthy options for  consumers  trying  to find ready made solution for break fast and  lunch . Warburtons are leading bread manufacturer in UK with popular brands like Toastie , All in One , Crusty , Danish and Farm house .
 naan chips , warburtons naan chips , warburton s indian snacks

Warburtons naan are packed in square  wrapping  and could be used as rolls or with  several delicious toppings .


Warburtons  naan bread are sold in two flavours -  plain &   garlic  . It would be interesting to see whether naan breads  would be as popular as Indian chicken  curry .

What Are Bread Quality Parameters ?

Bread manufacturing process  which involves following  stages in  bread processing  such as


Following parameters need to be checked  for better bread quality


Quantity of Ingredients as per standard recipe
Quality  of  Ingredients as  per standards
Sieving as per  standards
Sequence of addition of  ingredients
Mixing time
Dough temperature
Temperature of Ingredients
Yeast solution temperature
Quantity of Yeast ( Variable )
Quantity of water addition ( Variable)
Fermentation time


Weight of Dough pieces
No of Dough balls per batch


Moulder roller gaps
Moulder Board gap

Temperature  of  moulds
Temperature of Prover
Proving Timing
Humidity In Prover

Baking  time
Baking Temperature
Hot bread weight


Cooling Time
Cool Bread weight 
Moisture content of bread before Slicing


Slicing Thickness
Bread Dimensions



All these  have set standards with few variables depending on temperature and humidity . Bread Qualtiy Parameters needs to be spelt out /displayed  and recorded  in regular intervals .Other physical features of bread which are important  such as  Texture , Crumbs , Color of crust  etc .

Select Your Laminator s As Per Requirement

Laminators  are  critical component of  any hard dough or  cracker biscuit line  . Laminators  are  required to  create   dough laminates  to be cut  into  sheets  which are further reduced  into  leaner  sheets  in  steps  thus providing bite and texture  to biscuits . Laminator's  can be selected on basis  of 

Capacities  - No of sheets per min or per hour

Dimensions - Length x width  of  dough  sheet

Orientation - Vertical  Or   Horizontal

Vertical  Laminator

Infeed of   dough  is  on the  top rollers  placed  horizontally  with cutting of  sheet  done before small inclined  conveyor   on a small platform .

Horizontal  Laminator
Height  of the  laminator is smaller than the vertical laminator with two sets of roller for lamination of dough sheet . Cutting of sheet is done  on  a reciprocating  platform  larger than the vertical laminator . Horizontal sheet  larger area or space then vertical laminator .But  if we consider maintenance of the laminator . Horizontal laminator are better option than  the vertical laminator .Vertical laminator are installed where space is the contrain plus when  dough feeding is  done from  different floors ie at certain height .

Smaller bakeries have  Dough sheeter instead of  laminators .

Lindstrom Providing Works Wear Services To Bakeries

When it comes to personal hygienic  clothing  for  bakery  manufacturers of   large to medium scale operations the options are

Providing  uniforms  to workers  and maintaining  deptts for collection ,repair  and laundry services.
Providing  works wear   for year to the staff . Maintenance of these uniforms are done by the staff by  themselves.
Engaging  professional  work wear providers to cater for their production  /food handler clothings

All three options are practiced  by medium to large bakery manufacturing units . Uniforms are part of  food safety management  systems  and HACCP  . It helps into reduction of foriegn body  complaints ( FBC ) .

One company  which has  build business out of these needs of  production facilities  where food safety  is of prime importance  is Lindstrom.

Lindstrom works on principle of providing  uniforms  as per the requirement of clients  from coats , aprons  to work wears on rental basis with complete solution

Lindstrom  works wear  services includes

Mapping of needs
works wear , bakery uniform , lindstrom workswear , uniform service
Washing / Repair /Return delivery
Storage facility 

For  bakery manufacturers  who do not want  to handle uniform handling of employees are placing contracts to Lindstrom  for these services . They have started this business since 2007 in India with offices at  Chennai , Delhi , Mumbai  and Hyderabad .

Check  their site  for more info

List Of Indian Manufacturers Of Horizontal Flow wrap Packing Machine

Horizontal flow wrap packing  ( hfw )machine is the most popular packing machine to be used in bakery industry  due to its versatility to pack   various  bakery products. Following types of hfw packing  machines are available  for packing  bakery products

Single feeder
Double feeder
Pillow pack
On edge pack
Pile pack
Family pack

Other classification is  done  as per   speed of packing  from 25 pkts /min to   150 pkts /min .
courtesy -Multipack systems pvt ltd
Hfw  packing machines  can adopt  1 -2 sku's   through  changeovers . Other solid items  could  also be packed  through  hfw . Wrapping machines pack product in  bopp laminates, opp, poly films  etc .

List of items  which could be packed through  horizontal flow wrap  packing machines

Biscuits/Cookies/Bun/Bread/Cakes/Donuts/Wafer/Rusk/Chocolates/Noodles/Ice creams /Chukkies
Other  non -food items which  could be packed by hfw packing machines are
Bearings/Soaps/Stationery/Disposable syringe/Machine parts/Auto parts/Toys/Cotton Bandages/Pharma products/Cosmetics/Oil seals/Battery

Thus  we can  gauge the application hfw packing machines in the  industry .

List of  horizontal flow wrap packing machine manufacturers .

Multipack systems pvt ltd - Baroda
Khosla precision machines - Panchkula
New Indo Packing Machines - Delhi
Durga Packing machine - Faridabad
Sanjivani  Products - Thane
Sahora Impex pvt ltd  - Coimbatore
Rajasthan Packers - Faridabad
Khosla Machines pvt ltd - Mohali
Maa Vaishno machineries  - Hyderabad
Gemp pack entterprise - Chennai
Ultra world wide pvt ltd - Mumbai
Swastik  Packaging - Mumbai
Harshidi Indusries - Faridabad
Super -tech Packing  - Faridabad
Bharat Industries - Noida
All Pack  Industries - Faridabad
Unique Packaging Systems - Faridabad
Qasco Engineers - Faridabad
Shree Chamunda Micro Industries - Ahmedabad
V.K. Engineering & Co - Coimbatore
Packmach Systems - Noida
Excell Pack Machines - Coimbatore
Khushi Engineering Work - Noida
Advance & Autopack Sytems - Mohali
E.C. Packaging Pvt Ltd - Faridabad
Friends Packaging - Faridabad
Sai Dinesh Packaging Systems - Hyderabad
Deepak Engineers - Faridabad
Ganapati Packaging systems - Faridabad
Ovenman Industries Pvt Ltd - Faizabad
Packsol Industries - Thane
Corvette Technologies Pvt Ltd - Delhi
Sara Udyog  - Noida
Interflex Pvt Ltd - Faridabad
S.P Engineers - Mumbai
B.M.Packing Machines - Mohali
Europack Packaging Systems -Chennai
Fill-N-Pack - Faridabad
Durapack - Chennai
Mansi Packaging Machines - Faridabad

Matrix  Packaging Machines- Faridabad
Metro Star Packaging - Faridabad
Shakti Enterprise - Hyderabad
Omshree Enterprise - Nashik
Akash Packtech Pvt Ltd - Faridabad
SVM Wrapping Pvt Ltd - Mumbai
Singh Packaging Industries - Faridabad
S.P Industries  - Faridabad
Uniwrap Systems Pvt Ltd - Vadodara
A.R Enterprise - Mumbai
Aden Ovens - Mumbai
Star Engg Corp  - Faridabd
Gaurishankar Pattern - Mumbai
Robotech Industries -  Faridabad
Trimurti Packaging - Faridabad
ABM Engineering works - Mumbai
Ladecor  Systems - Mohali
Rising Industries - Kolkatta
D-tech Industries - Thane
Mangal Machines Pvt Ltd - Patiala
Indian Packaging Machineries- Faridabad
Deepankar Engineering - Ulhasnagar
Besto  Oven - Mumbai
Benzler Machinery Products - Mumbai
Vijay pouch packaging machines - Faridabad
B.R.Pouch Packing Machines Pvt Ltd - Noida
Sabrish Packaging  Associates - Bengaluru
Jwala Engineering Pvt Ltd - Ballabhgarh
Associate Pack tech  Engineers - Ahmedabad
Shri  Ancillary Industrial Machinery Pvt Ltd - Mumbai
Vishpack Machines - Nashik
Dhansa Engineers  Pvt Ltd - Nashik
Stanzy Oven Equipment - Mumbai
KDR Industries - Mumbai

Basic terms and parts of  horizontal flow wrap packing machine

Indian Cookies Competes With Other Bakery Products

Apart  from popular  biscuits , cookies and bread  which have been originated from  European and  American  countries . Indian do have their own bakery products  such  as 







It has been  popular items during festival and  were  tried  even by the women folks in their kitchens . Traditionally popular among Gujaratis's, Rajasthani's . 

Few of the manufacturers are  now  trying  to  encash  on the popularity  of these  products, these  are now being  packaged and  being  branded . Frontier Biscuit factory  a major home made cookies manufacturer and few other local manufacturer  have now started marketing these Nan- khatai 's  and Khari 's . Wide range of  variety  are available for  nan -khatais such  as  elaichi,badam etc .

Even  malls , supermarkets and retail chains  have been promoting these Indian cookies through  private labels . Indian cookies which till now have seen mostly with street vendors  is gaining acceptance and are competing well with  common  bakery products .

Major Problems In Bread Production

 Bread manufacturing consists of   various stages and parameters  which  are standardize . Yeast  is the main spoiler which if not handled with in set temperatures and humidity can  impact  Bread quality .

Excessive  Volume (  Over proofed )
Small        Volume       ( Under proofed )
Pale bread            ( Under baked )
Dark  bread           ( Over baked )
Open texture
Closed texture
Holes in crumb
Poor crumb colour 
Coarse patches in crumb

Following aspects need  to be checked  for  successful trouble shooting
Quality of ingredients as per standards

Quantity of  Ingredients added
Addition of water(  variable )
Mixing time
Standing /fermentation time
Yeast  solution temp
Yeast quantity( variable )
Dough temp
Dividing weight
Moulding setting
Proving time /temp/humidity
Baking time
Baking temperature

Depending  on process / ambient conditions  values are standardize  for  above parameters

It's Coffee War By Biscuit Majors

Taking leaf out of  huge  success  and popularity  of coffee cafes mushrooming in cities , Biscuit major  like  Britannia  and Parle have  introduced  Coffee flavored  biscuits  with   Cappuccino  Bourbon  and  Cafe Mocha   respectively .

With  ever increasing pressure from competition  biscuit manufacturers are now looking for innovative  ideas to differentiate their products from  others  thus came idea of  coffee flavour  to their premium products  such as  Bourbon for Britannia and  Hide Seek  choco chip  for Parle .

Both are targeting youth segment for the success of these coffee flavored  biscuits . Coffee flavored  confectionery have already being tested in Indian market . With MNC eating up the cream segment  these manufacturers have taken lead to present  chocolate variant  with tweak of  coffee flavor . Increasing coffee chain s popularity for brands  like barista , cafe coffee day,costa coffee and starbucks  have  also  made them to take note of these development . Coffee consumption has been on rise among youth  in this country and chocolate - coffee  combination   is established  combination in baked  goods  in other countries .

It  would be interesting  to see whether  other  major player  ITC  , UB  and Cadbury  enters this  race of coffee flavored  biscuits .

Principles of Hot Melt Touch Dry Printing In Bakeries

ink rolls  , ink rolls for coding , hot ink roll propertiesHot ink rolls are popular method of printing in bakeries  mostly used by  products which are packed by horizontal flow wrap machines and vertical form fill machines.Ink roll sizes are selected as per the  sizes of characters and space utilised by the labels on the product pack . These ink rolls are placed on coders which makes contact with  brass characters placed on type holders  . Used to create labels such as production date , price and batch codes .Maximum rows could be of three to four  of labels with pre defined size of  alphabet or number . These brass characters  are also of two different type  as per printing arrangement of coders such as  axial  or radial .

Other form of printings include  ink jet printing and thermal tape printing

Principle  of  Hot Melt  Touch Dry  Printing
These ink rolls  are  soaked and dried  with  printing ink  which on  heating releases molten ink which gets stuck  into the brass character  and when deposited on cool packing film solidifies are thus we get printing for packs.
These characters  then  creates prints   on  pre  set  coding  space for  labels . Ink rolls  are of different sizes depending on  application and no of characters needs to be printed some popular sizes are 36 mm x32 mm , 40 x32 mm , 38 x32 mm . Colors of Ink rolls  also varies as per requirement you can get black,green,red and white ink rolls .Quality of Ink rolls are classified as per no of impression or life on ink rolls . Depending on the usage the no of impression for normal ink rolls . On average it should have life of something between 80,000 to 100,000 impression .

Cost saving ideas on Ink Rolls

  • Recycle used ink rolls through  dipping these used rolls into ink and then drying it to be ready for re use.
  • Cutting the ink rolls in middle are placing  these part with reversed side .

Please check the quality of print before you implement these ideas .

IPEKA Automatic Bread Packaging Machine

Used Bakery Equipment On Sale - Madurai

 Following equipments are available for  sale , Interested  people  can contact   to the below mentioned   details .

NAME = Lakshmi Palanikumar
COMPANY_NAME = Sree chakra hotels private limited
ADDRESS = 1,vinayagar nagar, madurai 625020
TEL/MOBILE = 9344151600,9843145511
TYPE_OF_PRODUCT = Bakery Machinery ....All machineries for sale
DETAILS = Oven,Spiral Mixture, Cake mixture, work tables, moulds, deep freezers, bread slicers, puff dough sheeter, mini ovens, weighing scales elecronic, weighing scales mechanical, exhaust fans, refrigerated display counters, racks and stands, tables and chairs, pedestal fans, air conditioners, and all related equipments for bakery

Contract Manufacturing In Bakery Industry -Win -Win Arrangement

contract manufacturing in bakery

Have you wondered  that the biscuit pack or the bread in the poly bags  are manufactured by outsourced companies and not  produced by the principal brand or the manufacturer for which you have paid for .This arrangement for contract manufacturing is a win-win arrangement between the large companies with small to medium contract manufacturers . For your information all major bakery brands have their Co Packers ( CP ) or contract manufacturing unit ( CMU ) spread across the geography of country  . CMU could be as large as 50- 60 units affiliated to major brands .This is also the best method to test regional markets by large multinationals in any country thus avoiding large investment and infrastructure and making a quick exit in case of  failure of not making any inroads in the market segment .

Major Advantages of Large Companies  from  engaging Contract Manufacturers  are
1. No large investment in infrastructure
2. No major commitment for labour /workforce
3. No major legal compliances  and liason for legal from their side
4. Can start operations in short span with cmu in any defiecient market
5. Easy exit
6. Can have advantage such as  easy backward integration if possible with facility with the cp
7. Cost saving s in terms of salaries and emoluments
8.  Inventories with cmu
9.  Trials and development can be taken with cmu's

Advantage  for Contract Manufacturers

1. No expense on building brands
2. Steady income and low risk on investment
3. No marketing and brand building investment
4. No need have large sales force
5. No need for procurement department
6. With low investment and various financial arrangement with principals
7. Logistic and transportation inward/outward to be arranged by principals
8. Can build facilities alongwith plant for backward integration and earn additional income.
9. Can promote own brand with idle capacity
10.Consumer and customer issues with principals
11.Gets technical expertise with help of principals
12 .Raw material/packing material  arranged by principals as per their standards

Following entities enter into contract manufacturing

Large manufacturers and brands
Major Super markets and Malls
Private enterpreneurs
New entrant in segments

All Major brands of bakery  have network of contract manufacturers who produce s products as per the principals specification /standards /recipes . Quality is monitored by representatives of principals based at  contract manufacturing units . Technical help and developments are taken care by the principals . Machinery can be leased or supplied on bailment  to cmu's. Principals enters into contract  with certain  conversion rates per unit of product taking into account following cost

Labour cost
Fuel/electricity cost
Maintenance cost

Penalties  or deductions  are  worked out  for negative material variance if cmu or cp  fails to produce as per standard output .

Rusk Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Rusk  manufacturing  process consists of  two stage baking  where in the first baking stage is more like bread manufacturing  and 2nd stage baking consists of tunnel ovens for large volume or  rack ovens for smaller volumes .

Major Indian Bakery Equipment Manufacturers

 Indian  bakery market  is  estimated to be Rs 12000 crore  and is increasing by 10 -15 % per year . Major international brands  have started investing in manufacturing  bases . To cater to this huge surge in  bakery segment  major Indian equipment manufacturers  have also increased  their  production .
Indian bakery equipment manufacturing is in its nascent phase .Investment and R&D inputs are very low .Quality and service level are far below world class. Automation is key  to new technologies  which would help Indian bakeries  to compete with  international players .Still few companies have marked their presence in Bakery Industry. Few of them are listed below


There are numerous opportunities for bakery equipment manufacturers to produce
equipments which can compete for international markets .

AMF Bakery Systems - World Major Bakery Equipment Manufacturer

AMF  Bakery Systems  are  world leaders in providing bakery equipments   and  solutions for bread , bun and  soft  rolls  manufacturing units across the globe . Its  also popular  for customer specific packaging solutions . AMF  which is now almost  a century old  organisation  are known for technological  superior products and service . AMF has presence in almost all the continents  such  as  North -South America , Middle East and Africa , Asia , Europe  and  Australia / New Zealand .

The product line includes

Dough Systems
Make up systems
Pan and product handling system
Proofing and Baking system
Product cooling systems
Packaging systems
Basket  and Distribution systems

Works with  affiliate companies like  Baketech , Tromp bakery equipments  and IIM .

Head  Office  at
2115, West Laburnun Avenue , Richmond , Virginia 23227 , US
AMF have  regional  head office  at  Canada , UK  , Singapore  and China.

For more info  visit

IBA Munich 2012

    IBA Munich 2012  - Germany is schedule to open on september 16 - 21 , this year . IBA is one of the largest trade event covering bakery and confectionery business in the world .  This events is hosted every 3 year with help of German bakers confederation and the organisers GHM . Its held alternatively at Munich or Dusseldorf.Around 123,000 sqmtr area would be used to show the best of baking techonology , ingredients , packaging , machinery and equipments at Messe München, Germany.  Bakery s Industry largest trade exhibition of the world is a must for any one related to bakery business or industry . Major equipment and machinery  manufacturers are present with their latest technology . Other related seminars and workshops related to bakery and confectionery are also planned .

IBA s main attraction are

    Huge potential for B2B opportunities
    Innovations and latest technology are displayed
    Energy efficient and environmental freindly technology displayed

    Information on bakery related subjects a s food safety , ingredients , additives , Hygiene , packaging are available in form of workshops , seminars and forums .
    New bakery products and categories ( which includes other confectionery items )
    Main  attraction for IBA  -Munich  would be  the iba- cup  which is presented to the top team of bakers  which bakes the best bakery  or confectionery  product .

Items displayed at IBA trade fair

Ovens , Mixers , packaging machines , bagging machines , bakery and pastry making machines , Confectionery equipments and accessories ,pasta and pizza making machines , Ice cream making machines ,refrigeration , fermenting , air conditioning equipments , coffee making machines ,ice cream manufacturing , hygiene and cleaning equipments , raw material , food additive , IT service and software . Must visit trade fair for people in bakery industry and is highly recommended from us .

Sectors represented are : bakery , catering , hote and restaraunt equipments , hygiene and cleaning equipment , baking craft , confectionery , raw material , technical journals on these subjects

Messe München
Am Messesee 4
81823 Munich, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)89 94920720
Fax: +49 (0)89 9499720729

For more  on  IBA -Munich
Visit :

Common Food Allergens In Manufacturing

Food  Allergy  can be defined  as immunological  response to proteins   to which  body release large amount  of  histamines.

Few are regular allergens which results into common allergies in   masses and every food manufacturers have to identify  these allergens so as to take preventive measure against these allergens being passed out the consumers .

Peanut and derivatives, (e.g. protein, oil)
Tree nuts  and derivatives, (e.g. protein, oil)
Milk and derivatives (lactose, milk protein, etc.)
Egg and derivatives
Fish and derivatives
Shellfish and crustacean (shrimp, lobster,prawns..)
Cereals (wheat, rye, oats, barley)
Soy and derivatives, (e.g. lecithin, protein, oil)
Sesame seeds and derivatives, (e.g. protein, oil)
Sulphites > 10 mg/kg (in the ready to eat product)
Peas and derivatives only for Nordic

Even  small dosage of allergen  such as 5-7ppm  could trigger allergic reactions  and  result  into  following reactions

Rash, hives, cough, shortness of breath,tightening of throat, wheezing, swelling, nausea, stomach cramps in some serious cases sudden drop of blood pressure ,unconciousness and death

Hence its important that manufacturers /suppliers  understand the importance of  labeling

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