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Laboratory Equipments For Your Bakery

Listed below  are  basic  laboratory  equipments  required in  bakeries -small/medium/large
Hot Air Oven for moisture determination
Oven for glassware drying
Muffle furnace
IR Moisture meter
Weighing scale -  Electrical or electronic type
Capacity of the weighing scale/least count in mg
pH meter
Melting point apparatus
Hot plate with magnetic stirrer for melting point determination
Refractometer (portable or table type)
Water bath and number of slots
Heating mantle
Bunsen Burners with gas connection
Dean & Stark apparatus set
Buchner funnel with flask for vacuum filtration
Suction pump for vacuum filtration
Distillation apparatus
Soxhlet set
Reflux condenser and number of condensers
SV flask with height measuring 180-185 mm from 0 ml at the bottom to 100 ml at the top
Sedimentation shaker
a) 50 ml with 0.1 ml Least Count
b) 25 ml with 0.1 ml least count
c) 10 ml with 0.05 ml least count
a) 1 ml graduated
b) 5 ml  graduated
c) 10 ml graduated
d) 10 ml
e) 25 ml
a) 0 - 50 with 0.1 deg C least count
b) 0-100 with 0.1 deg C least count
c) 0-100 with 1.0 deg C least count
d) 0 - 250 with 1 deg C least count
Silica crucibles (50 ml)
a) 50 ml
b) 100 ml
c) 250 ml
d) 500 ml
e) 1000 ml
Measuring Cylinders:
a) 10 ml
b) 25 ml
c) 50 ml
d) 100 ml
e) 250 ml
f)  500 ml
g) 1 litre
Standard volumetric flasks
a) 50 ml
b) 100 ml
c) 250 ml
d) 500 ml
Conical flasks
a) 250 ml
b) 500 ml
Iodine Flask with stopper
a) 250 ml
b) 500 ml
Kjeldal protein estimation set
SS dishes with lids for moisture determination
a) 6"
b) 12"
Glass rods
Glass tubes
Rubber tubing for water circulation
Capillary tubes 1 mm dia 4 inch long for melting point (both ends open)
Measuring scale 
Vernier calipers
Standard analytical weight box
Digital thermometers
Stop watch
a) less than 1.0
b) Greater than 1.0
Periodic Table
Mortar & Pestle
Burette stand
Pipette stand
Funnel stand
Test tube holders
Test tube stand
Round Bottom flask of 1 litre capacity and 500 ml capacity
Reagent bottles
Dropping bottles for indicators
Distilled water - wash bottles
Glass funnels
SS spatula
Leak tester
Compression strength tester
Bursting strength apparatus
Puncture resistant tester
Tear resistant apparatus
Template (10 cm x 10 cm) for grammage determination
Template (5 cm x 5 cm) for grammage determination
Standard Test sieves
Whatman 42 grade filter circles
German filter sheet
Indian filter sheer
Centrifuge basket 6000 rpm
Centrifuge disc type 1900 rpm for milk fat determination
Butyrometer for milk fat determination along with relevant pipette (10.75 ml) 
Tripod stand
Fire clay triangle
Wire gauze with asbestos circle at the centre
Magnifying glass
Refregirator - 165 l capacity
Magnetic rod (rare earth)
Paper cutting knife for grammage cutting
Laser Gun Thermometer
Chlorine content testing strips
Chopin Alveograph

Multipack Systems Becomes Omori India Pvt Ltd

 I would  like  to draw attention of  readers  to  major development  in Indian packing machine industry where in one of leading  packing machine manufacturer have been  taken over by Japanese major Omori Machinery  Co Ltd . Dashing  hope of having an  Indian major packing equipment manufacturer with global  reach .taking  on  world majors packing machines manufacturers like Bosch packaging , Ulma  and Campbell .

India s  premier packaging solution provider company Multipack Systems  has  sold its 51 %  stake to  Japanese  packaging major company  Omori Machinery Co Ltd .  Amount shelved by Japanese major has been in tune of  Rs 200 crores.

Multipack  has emerged  as one of the leading Indian packaging  solution provider  in this region exporting packing machines to the , South Asian, African , Central Asian countries and South East Asian  countries .Multipack packing machines has been used for products like  bakery, snacks , pharma , soaps and confectionery   with  client  like   Unilever , P&G , Britannia , Parle , GSKB  ,Kraft , Kelloggs,Nestle , ITC , Danone , Pepsi  and other major players in FMCG segment .

Omori  Machinnery Co Ltd  has wide range of products  which are available  in world  products which includes Horizontal form fill seal , Thermofermers ,Tray wrapper ,Cartoners , Caser ,Automatic Banding  Machines and other packaging  solutions .with  presence in Europe , Asia , Africa  and North America

Taking  majority  stake in  Multipack system pvt ltd  provide Omori  a strong foot hold in  Indian market  alongwith South Asia .The Indian packaging industry has been growing @ 12%  against  Global  growth of 5%.. Indian packing industry  market value is estimated to be $ 7.6 billion .

Role Of A Production Executive In A Biscuit Plant

 Role  of  production  shift  executive / in charge / officer   is critical  in  biscuit production unit  ,one can easily  say that he becomes the nerve centre for all activities in plant where  he has to ensure the production as per production plan. Skills includes  technical as well as soft skills on personnel front .

1. Pre mixing section  plant wise water quantity, abc, sieve condition, biscuit powder quantity and any problems or things to be taken care in the section. temperatures of  chilled water or hot water as per requirement .

 2. Sugar grinder and sugar automation check spillages of sugar, air balloons condition, check sugar (dosing) quantity with standards.

 3. Creamer check all the ingredients you are dosing in to the creamer, check the creaming time and check the cream transfer system (whether total cream is getting transferred in to the mixer or not.) 

4. Check the Maida system and Maida quantity

 5. Check all the ccps sieves, magnets and metal detectors

 6. Check mixing time for better consistency to get required stack length, required dimensions, good finish, better appearance and best quality. 

7. Maintain dough temperature, standing time and keep the dough covered. 

 8. Check the over profile Temperatures zone wise, moisture damper position and main damper position and burners running condition.

 9. Check the baking time weight, moisture stack length, dimensions, colour (top and bottom), texture, finishing and taste of the biscuit. 

10. Have a round in biscuit grinding room and check for the sieve condition and give instructions to people to follow fifo system 

11. Have a round in cream preparation room and check for the cream quality and consistency 

12. Check all the formats and put signature every one hour duration. 

13. Check whether the biscuits getting stacked properly or not

 14. Check the packet sealing condition, print quality poly bag sealing and tape condition 

15. Be alert at shift change time and allocate labour properly as per standard allotment.

 16. Check the packet quality sealing quality, printing quality, poly bag sealing, cb filling and taping and finally shift the cb to a correct place in the finished go down. (every one hour duration)

 17. Communicate to your superiors all the time whatever the problems you are facing in the section. 

18. Achieve the target production as per given standards. 

 19. Control defectives biscuits defectives generation within given standards and laminate wastage in given standards. 20. Finally handover the shift in good condition no left over dough, no back log left, no defectives packets left, no semi finished left and plant in good hygienic condition. 

20 . Plan any change over   for  packing machine .

21 . Observe  malfunction of  plant and machinery and record / report to  engineering section for  suitable action .

22. Segregate  / weigh  and record  defectives and waste  which are then   moved  out  for scrap  .

23 . Adjust  baking time . speed of plant  as per  quality  demand .

A successful  stint in production role  could   increase the chance of  an individual  to take responsibility of Factory head or General Manager  later  in professional career .

ITC launches Delishus Premium Cookies

With stiff competition in generic biscuit category  ITC  has  launched  Dilshush cookies to cater  demand of  cookies thus competing  with Unibic  which produces whole range of cookies on mass scale . Britannia and Parle too have there own variant of cookie biscuit such as Good day and  Twnety - Twenty  respectively  but with different production process .

Amul to expand its Cookies Business

 Amul Butter

Amul  India's largest  dairy  brand  with products like  milk , cheese , butter , icecreams and numerous other products   has now  decided  to explore  biscuit industry  in a big way .   What might  have prompted  the management of the  AMUL   should be  the  backward  integration available for  major ingredients of  bakery products as  milk , butter , smp and whey powder .Also  low gestation period  and  growth  in bakery demand  has prompted Amul to manufacture biscuits .It  has  selected  to  go for  the premium category of  cookies  .Amul  also wants  to leverage  its country wide  chain of distributors  managing   the retail sales of  its products .It  would  be interesting   to see  as  Amul converts its loyal consumers  to biscuits and cookies .

The pilot  projects   has been  installed and commissioned  in state  of Gujarat  with monthly  output of 20tons   , catering local  demand  from  Anand , Ahmedabad  and Vadodara. Varieties  launched are  cookies  are  coconut, multigrain , chocolate and butter .

Amul has test launched its  cookies in its  nearby towns   to gauge the market , taste and demands for such product  .They  are  not  is hurry  to go national  as it would try  get established locally.

Amul would  take  on well entrenched  players  in biscuit manufacturing  such as Britannia , Parle and ITC  and Mnc's like   United Biscuit , Kraft  and GSKB. Biscuit  market  is estimated to be  Rs 12000/-  crore

Source :ETdt 8Aug2013

Mcvities In India Launches Another Popular Product - Bourbon

Mcvities bourbon , Mcvities Biscuit , Mcvities , United biscuit , Ub , United biscuits India , Mcvities India

Mcvities bourbon , Mcvities Biscuit , Mcvities , United biscuit , Ub , United biscuits India , Mcvities India
Mcvities an  United Biscuits ( uk )  iconic brand across globe  ,   which  has  been gradually  increasing its sku's  for  Indian biscuit market.  With  marketing  strategies  initially  relying on its strength of   digestive biscuits  . Once it got  acceptance as major player in digestive biscuits its now  launching products  in cream , cookies  , marie  and now bourbon  , these  are popular products in biscuit segment . 

Parle To Enter Cake And Chocolate Market

News  of   Parle  entering  cake  and chocolate is making rounds in many quarters .  Parle products  which  is  largest producer of biscuit  and owns brand  such as  Parle G , Krack jack , Hide n Seek and 20 -20   With falling share   of its  main stay glucose biscuit  with Parle - G  and intense  competition in this  category  they  have  no options  but  to  diversify in other products  such as  chocolates  and cakes .

Parle  making  entering  cake segment make sense  as it has already  started  pilot project such as " Parle Shoppe "   with  custom  built   baked items .

Bar cakes , single slice and  plum cakes  market  is dominated  by  Britannia followed by  Moniginis  other  regional brands  coming up such as  Bonn and Winkies .

This segment is still dominated by  local  manufacturers  with  different  form of   cakes  in market

  • Bar cake
  • Sliced cakes
  • Swiss rolls
  • Plum cakes
  • Eggless cakes

Cake manufacturing   has few  quality issues  which deters people investing into cake business

1. Lower shelf life  as that of cookies /rusk/biscuits

2; Prone to  fungal infestation

3. Hygiene in production hall

4. Logistics  to be  in refrigerated  vans and  rigid packaging . Soft nature of products makes it prone to breakages .

5. Vegetranian population

6. Packaging .

7.Air conditioned  storage  and packing hall 

Keeping  all this  in mind cake production  requires large investment  to produce large volumes .

Another Regional Brand Enters Biscuit Market -"Yours" Brand Of Biscuit

Recently we have news  report  for launching  of  a new entrant  " Yours" logo  and branding  at  Kolkatta . "Yours"  brand is being promoted by  S. N. Agarwal and Vikash Agarwal  who  also represent Priya biscuit  a popular brand in eastern India .

It has three biscuit manufacturing plant  in  West Bengal and would launch  products like Marie, Butter, Milk, Cheese Bit, Choco Cream, Orange Cream, Snackies, Top and Krazy Krackers .
yours biscuit , priya biscuit , eastern india biscuit brand , biscuit brands of india
pic courtesy
Yours is  to produce  biscuits with latest technology  such  as automatic sandwiching  machine

Biscuit plants are  in Dankuni and  at  Naryanpur  and additional plant would come up in Siliguri  & Durgapur by 2015. Yours management  emphasis would be on latest trend in respect  to taste , packaging and pricing

Competition would be intense  as  eastern region have now power brands such  as  Anmol , Biskfarm , Bhagwati, Sobisco etc   and in addition to these players it has  to compete with  biscuit majors  as Britannia , Parle , ITC , Kraft -Oreo and Mcvities .

In addition to biscuits  Yours brand could  also add noodles and tea  in its protfolio .

Economic times

Type Of Material Handling Conveyors In Bakeries

Bakeries   have lot many material handling conveyors used to transfer raw material , packing material and  baked products to be transfered from one place to another . A  good layout and selection of conveyors can optimize production  ,save time and reduce cost .

Here are few material ahndling conveyors  which are used in bakeries for various application

Roller conveyors 
This type of  conveyors have rollers  which are used to carry cotton conveyors through drive rollers and idle rollers the frame  are made up of  ms steel . Main drive is connected to drive roller either through sprockets and chain or directly driven by geared motors  Mostly used in biscuit plant
Screw conveyors/ flexible conveyors
Mostly used in raw material handling in bulk . Sugar and flour  could be transfered from  hopper to mixers through screw conveyors .

Bucket conveyors
Used for ingredient handling  and where operations are at  height  involving floors in bakery processing units .

Gravity conveyors
Used mostly in packing halls  to transfer filled cartons to the warehouse

Pneumatic conveyors
Used to handle flour  in bulk  to transfer flour from sifters to silos in bakery plants  . Air is blown to the pipe to carry the flour to silos with air being sent by  roots blower

Slat conveyors
To carry hot moulds in bread and cake plants .easy to dismantle and repair 

Chain conveyors
 Chain conveyors are most common type of conveyors are used from use to carry moulds to large chain convetors  carrying  flour bags /sugar bags/ingredients in bags. Small chain s  to large chain  with big sprockets are used for these conveyors to carry loads .

Band conveyors
These kind of conveyors are used  to carry wet dough into  tunnel ovens for baking . Can be of perforated or solid type  as per requirement.

Flexible  conveyors 
Adjustable conveyors   which can be expanded  or  compressed  as per requirement , used to transfer  cartons  from or to the containers 

More Options To Indian Bread Manufacturers

Burgers , buns , pav , bread , type of breads , burger , bread manufacturing
With  changing lifestyle  and  newer technology  bread manufacturer of India are producing  variety of products  . Gone are the days of  white bread and tuty fruity we used to get . Health awareness and its demand has also opened up niche segment for  organic and whole grain products . Ethnic breads  have been tried out by manufacturers .

Following are the products  visible  on shelfs of  retailers/supermarkets/malls

a. )  Kulchas

pav , buns , bread s, ethnic breads , indian breads , types of bread ,variety of bread
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b.) Buns

c.)  Burgers

d.) Hot Dogs

e .)Organic Breads

f). Rusk / Toast

g.) Whole  wheat bread / Multi grain  bread

h).Pizza Base

buns , pav s , bread , bread manufacturing , bread options , types of bread , bread typesi) Pav  Roti

j)  Bread Sticks

k ). Frozen Paranthas/Naan/Rotis

l ) Sandwiches
m ) Bread  Rolls 

Pre baked concept is catching up in metros city where you can buy the pre baked dough and finally bake it in your comfort of home and relsih fresh oven baked products .

How Do We Calculate Biscuit Plant Output

When ever people think of putting up  a new biscuit plant  , the first question which come s in mind is the plant output or  capacity . This  is important for  design and  project  of new biscuit plant .Unit could be tons /hr or kg /hr of  production . Biscuit output  is required for  material planning and plant specifications .

There  different methods  to calculate  biscuit plant output  as mentioned below

a .  Baking time   x  with  rows x columns  in  one minute from cutter /molder  rpm. moulder and cutter have dies or cups  as per biscuit shape and size .

b.   Oven  band surface  area  x baking time of biscuit oven .( tunnel oven )
Oven length and width depends upon  the volume of biscuit to be produced 

On the basis of capacity ,  Mixers  and Packing machine  are  selected  for line  balancing

c.   Mixing  time with   batch size processed in  unit  time
d.   Number of packing machine  used to pack with  packet per minute  for calculation .

Oven capacity (lbs/hr) = R x N x L 1/C x60/T
R = rows of goods per foot of band length
N = rows of goods across the band width
L = baking chamber length in ft.
C = count of baked biscuits per lb.
T = baking time in mins.maximum baked size of the coojie

To determine N & R.
Let W = actual product width in inches
D = maximum baked size of the cookie
S = spacing from centre to centre of adjacent rows
X = clear band space at each edge
Then, W = ( N x S ) - S + D +2X
or, N = W + S - D - 2X / S and R + 12 / S
Capacities of other machinery prior to the oven can be referenced to the oven capacity
Published May 1967 Cookie & Cracker Technology
Samual A Matz and Theresa D Matz

Impact of Budget 2013 On Bakeries

Indian Budget 2013-14  has been  presented by Finance minister Mr Chindabram  in parliament .    Its  time to see the impact  on these policies on  bakery industry . Over all the  budget tends to  do the balancing act of growth  as well as containing fiscal health .  With significant decision on retail sector has already being decided  earlier  where forgien retailers can now open retails unit  in multi brand products including agriculture products . Hence road blocks for retail giants like Walmart , Tesco and Carrefour has been removed with few riders to safe guard  local manufacturers . People were expecting some big ticket reforms but  nothing  come out  of this budget . Industry  performance has been lacklustre for last two quaters and GDP growth  has fallen to  5.0 % in recent studies .

 Here  are  few decisions which would have impact on bakery industry

Positives  for  bakery industry

No change in excise duty and import duty .
Rebate on income tax  for people whose salaries are in the bracket  .of 2.0- 5.0 lakh  in form of tax credit worth Rs 2000/-.

Exemption of service tax on freight charges  for goods transport agencies for essential items such as flour , jaggery ,sugar , salt ,milk  and edible oil  could  reduce the frieght cost for  large bakeries

Increased outlays on rural development  and increase in MGNREGA funds   to the rural  workers   thus  giving more money  to rural population would definitely increase sale of  bakery products in these areas .

Significant infusion of  funds   in  rural  sector . through various schemes .

Income tax relief for loans upto 25 lakhs could bring some additional money in the hand of middle class consumers .


 Non - A/c  restaurant  has now come  under service tax net . hence eating out  would become more costlier

 No cost  relief on petrol,diesel and gas

Freight  surcharge   on goods transported through railway s  could lead to some price increase on bulk ingredients.

Cremica Twin Cream Biscuit

cremica twin biscuit , mrs bector food specialities , cream biscuits in india
Cremica  one of the leading  regional  brand of  biscuit  in India from Mrs Bector Foods  have launched dual cream variety.  Cream segment of biscuits have witnessed the highest growth in biscuit  category . All major brands of biscuits are  re -jigging  their  cream biscuit  product mix  .We have seen numerous launches from Britannia , ITC and Parle in  recent months . Market of cream biscuits   has also drawn attention of   foreign players  such as  United Biscuits and Oreo .

Sveba Dahlen V series Rack Oven

Sveba Dahlen are one of the major  European Bakery equipment manufacturers  . One of the major  product from their  inventory of products is V series Rack oven

Shakti Bhog's Brown Marie

Shakti Bhog Brown Marie , Divss Brow Marie , Brown Marie biscuit , Divss

Shakti Bhog Brown Marie , Divss Brow Marie , Brown Marie biscuit , Divss
Shakti  Bhog  India's leading food processsing co  with  popular brand like  Shakti Bhog Atta  has been  trying  to get  into biscuit segment through its  Divss  brand  and have been launching  all different categories of biscuit on regular interval from cream biscuits  to glucose biscuit . Its has now launched  Marie biscuit with name " Brown Marie " . Competition comes from Britannia , ITC , Parle and United Biscuits .

Parle JAM-IN Competes With JIM JAM Of Britannia

Parle jam in biscuit , Parle Jam in , Jam in , Parle biscuits
Parle has launched  a  JIM IN  to compete with  Britannia s popular  JIM  JAM  biscuit

Britannia Revamps Packaging For Tiger Glucose Biscuit

glucose biscuit , tiger biscuit , britannia tiger , britannia tiger biscuit

glucose biscuit , tiger biscuit , britannia tiger , britannia tiger biscuit
Britannia  has revamped its packaging for  tiger glucose biscuits  to attract consumers  . Earlier tiger packs used to have  the sprinting tiger on its pack . Britannia 's  Tiger has not  be able  to  make significant inroads in the glucose biscuit segment  which is dominated  by its  rival Parle  and brand Parle -G .

Khajurico Cookies - Nepalese Biscuit

khajurico cookies , khajurico nepalese biscuit co , khajurico biscuit

Fab! Cream Biscuit From Parle

parle cream biscuits , fab biscuit, parle fab biscuit , parle hide and seek biscuits
 Parle  has been launching  premium biscuits  in regular interval to catch the swing  in consumer taste for cream biscuits . Fab ! is one of them ,  branded as an extension of Hide and Seek choco chip s variety
parle cream biscuits , parle hide and seek , parle orange cream biscuits, parle fab biscuit

parle cream biscuits , parle hide and seek , parle orange cream biscuits, parle fab biscuit

E commerce Site Helps Bakeries In Getting Sales

E commerce  has contributed  to economies of countries , with spread  of   internet  and mobile technology   which have  brought  bakery  stores  on finger  tips of  consumer .Also availability  of  internet banking , visa  mastercard  online  and paypal  payments made  these kind transactions popular among tech savvy consumers .

Large  ecommerce stores  like  are  promoting  sellers product on their site  with nation presence  with  taking care of  entire logistics  of delivering products to buyer .Western countries have numerous  ecommerce sites for baked goods   but here in  India  its  in the nascent stage  with few sites  which caters  for  exclusive bakery products on pan  India reach .

Most e commerce sites  place baked items with other  gift or food products hence  range of products are very  much restricted .Specail precautions  are  required for bakery product  transportation  such as  packaging and shelf life .Online stores have tough competition from live bakeries and neighborhood bakeries for fresh baked products .

Here  are  few   e commerce sites for bakery products

Putting products on ecommerce sites
Simplest and easiest way  is  to put your products  on these merchant sites  which would create  online stores for you  which can be branded and marketed  for sales . This options in best start up bakeries  and small bakeries as they need not  to pay  for the up keep of this  kind of  online stores  . Charges for payment process and logistic service provider .

Creating own ecommerce site

Few  bakery product manufacturers have launched  their own  e commerce sites  for  online ordering  eg monginis
own site   results  better  branding and have loyalties from customer . Of course  bakeries need to have dedicated  employees for  e commerce  site management .

Requirement for E commerce sites

Product catalogue
Invoice generation
Logisitcs of delivering producst to the customer
Order tracking
Customer Complaints and refund

please  add if  you  checked  any other  bakery  eCommerce  site

Good Manufacturing Practices In Bakery RM/PM/FG Stores

Here  are few check list and guidelines for better Good manufacturing  practices for stores and warehouse for  raw material ( RM ) , packing material (PM)  and  finished  good ( FG ) in  bakeries


1.      Vehicle  condition is inspected  for incoming  raw material  . Check whether  material  are covered with traupalin  in case of  open trucks .  For container check the floor and  sides for any cracks .
2.      All  material are visually inspected  before unloading  
3.       Usage of hooks  are avoided
4.       Bags  to be  kept on plastic pallets 
5.       Material kept  away from wall atleast 24”
6.       Materials  are kept  properly identified  for status and name  
7.       Materials  are  shifted on trolleys and are not dragged on floor
8.       Insecticutors  are functioning 
9.       Air curtains are working when  doors are open
10.   Loading and unloading doors ae closed when  there is no material movement  
11.   Floor is clean
12.   Oil  tins  are  cleaned  and then issued for production 
13.   Seals on cans  and drums  to be removed  before  material issue
14.   No spillage  of  ingredients on floor 
15.   FIFO followed  while  issuing material
16.   Cold stores  temperature  are measured  and recorded  
17.   All ingredients  are monitored for shelf life
18.   Condition of weighing  balances 
19.   Cleaning schedules  related to stores  are followed
20.   Window  meshes are  clean 
21.   Rejected  material s  are stored  distinctly  with  proper identification

1.       Stacking :  All units are  to be stacked  neatly  and variety wise and batch wise as per norms
2.       All windows and entilators  to wire meshed 
3.       Minimum 2ft gap  between  stack lots for movement
4.       Vehicles for  dispatch should clean and free from foreign  odour  and base  platform  should be covered  by traupalins 
5.       CBBS  are  not thrown  and are handled softly with manual laoding . stacked in trucks  should  be as per norms
6.       Finished  goods  are not to be  transported  with other material  having  strong odour  or  are toxic in nature 
7.       Rain  shelter  is provided  for  trucks
8.       Covered containers  to  be preferred over  open trucks

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