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Grupo Bimbo Eyes Sara Lee Bread Business

Grupo Bimbo is the lead bidder to buy Sara Lee Corp's North American bread business for about $1 billion, though a deal could be several weeks away, Bloomberg news reported on Tuesday.

Sara Lee, which declined to comment, had said last month it planned to spend more on its North American bakery business and raise some prices as it looks to improve performance in that lagging business.

That announcement to invest in the business had come after some suitors walked away from the bakery auction, sources familiar with the situation previously told Reuters.

Bloomberg reported that some private-equity funds are still looking at the bread business, though Bimbo has emerged as the likeliest buyer.

Bimbo declined to comment.

Mexico City-based Bimbo bought the U.S. bread-making unit of Canada's George Weston Ltd for $2.38 billion in December 2008, increasing its presence in the eastern United States.

Sara Lee initially hoped to get $1.5 billion for the bread business, but the unit may ultimately only fetch $1 billion, Bloomberg reported.

Earlier this month, private equity firm Apollo Global Management approached Sara Lee about a potential buyout, Reuters previously reported.

source : Reuter

flow diagram for wafer biscuit manufacturing

Material Handling Plastic Crates In Bakery Unit

Plastic crates  are now integral part  of  material handling in any  bakery plant . Wide applications  can be found   for plastic crates  from storage to transportation .

Major developments have been in bread transportation from era of metallic crates the bread industry has switched over to plastic crates

Metallic  crates  were made up of metallic strips  which used get damaged  easily  and  a team of welders were to be kept to repair these metallic crates .Products were damaged  frequently while transporting resulting in market returns and defective.

Bread  could be arranged in different configuration in horizontal and vertical way . These plastic crates  can be  stacked easily  even transported  through conveyors.

Advantages of Plastic crates

  • Tough  suited for  long destination while transporting fragile bakery products such as Breads
  • Same plastic crates can be used many a times for transportation called returnable transit packaging
  • These can be used for a longer period  and are cost effective in a sense that damages in transit to the product and crates itself are minimal .
  • Hygienic  ie It can be cleaned  easily  .
  • Could be palletised  easily

Types of Plastic  Crates available with  manufacturers

  • Bread Baskets
  • Snack Cake & Sweet Goods Containers
  • Low Profile Single Layer Bun Containers
  • Double Layer Bun Containers
  • Bread Trays
  • Bun Trays
  • Snack Cake Trays
  • Plastic Dollies

Major manufacturers of these plastic crates in India are
  • Neelkamal Plastic
  • Supreme
  • Brite

Diwali Gift Packs From Bakeries -2010

diwali gift packs , deepavali gift packs , diwali gift pack, gift pack deepvali
Its festival times  here in India  with festivals like Diwali , Eid , Christmas and New Year  round the corner . Gifting has been the age old tradition for people to celebrate festivals . Traditional  gifts such as sweets , dry fruits , imported candy and  chocolates  has  been taken over by  new categories  of  gift such as Snacks , Cookies , Biscuits . Markets  are  flooded by  snazzy packs , glitzy packaging from major bakery manufacturers . Gift packs offered covered wide range of products from exotic cookies , cakes , assorted biscuits  and  cream biscuits  making it right choice for gifting .Price range is between Rs 150/ - Rs 500/-. The popularity of such gift packs can be judged by the number of gift packs available in the market,  earlier we used have one or two brands during deepavali but  we have atleast dozen of  brands eyeing for the share in gifting category in this season.Also  due to  news highlighting  floods of  adulterated sweets being sold during Diwali have made consumers looking out for  healthy and safe  food products .Interestingly even small bakeries have joined this Gift pack  business with  their niche products  such as wafers  and cookies .
Gift Pack business  has become  significant  contributor  to companies bottom line as these packs are sold on premium .

Gift Packs  from  Major Bakery Manufacturers

Britannia   -  Greetings   With  Wide range of variety and Packs

Mcvities - Festivities  ( UB first  of its  gift pack  for Indian consumers  )

Parle - Gift packs  of Hide n Seek  , Milano  aptly  named   Occasions

Bonn - Festive delights , Utsav Masti ,Sweet Desire , Assorted Desire , Cake Fiesta

Cremica -Greetings

Priya Gold  -  Season Greetings Assorted Biscuit Pack


Divss - Utsav,Sixer

Frontier Biscuits -Eggless cookies .
(Frontier biscuit has been most aggressive  of  all  in this festive seasons for Delhi market  . Huge Bill boards  across the city  depicting  Gift packs  and  Ads in all major news papers  for last  15  days . Frontier biscuits  has  gone for ad blitz  this season . )

AFP  -  Utsav

Imported Stuff

Tiffany  wafer s Gift  Pack
Munchy s  Biscuits
Choco Pie  Gift Pack 

Add your  favorites !

Packing Ideas For Baked Products

LINPAC Introduces New Packaging For Bread & Cakes

Bread  Paper Bags

With Italian consumers demonstrating a desire for traditionally packaged bakery products, LINPAC Packaging, Europe’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturer, has launched an innovative range of new paper bags.
The new bags help keep bread and savouries fresh and crispy, and are available for Italian customers in pre-made sizes, or can be supplied ‘on the reel’ for use with instore automatic bagging machinery.
Available with or without a 60mm or 80mm window panel, the bags also allow for a variety of creative branding and marketing opportunities, with six colour printing options.
The range is ideal for traditional and speciality Italian breads – providing a rustic look and feel, combined with excellent protective properties.
Cristiano Madama of LINPAC Packaging said: “Our new range of bakery bags is ideal for a variety of bakery products because it combines a traditional style of product presentation, as demanded by consumers, with the modern protective and production properties of our new technologies.
“When you add the fact that retailers can incorporate their own individual branding, you have an excellent product that matches the consumer’s desire for traditional bakery items, with the commercial and production demands of retailers and their suppliers.”
As a lightweight packaging option, the product also enjoys a low-carbon footprint, and meets the environmental concerns of both consumers and retailers.

Cake Boxes
 With  Italian consumers demanding the highest standards of presentation and protection from in-store bakery products, LINPAC Packaging  has introduced a range of crystal clear cake containers that are ideal for individual or multiple cakes and pies. Offering perfect clarity thanks to their aPET construction, and providing outstanding product presentation and excellent protection for the consumer, the containers ensure product looks as good at home as it does in-store.  LINPAC’s range is available as either hinged containers or as base-and-lid combinations, and come in square, rectangular and round shapes, plus a huge number of sizes.
The hinged-box range comes with standard and airtight closure options, ensuring products stay fresher for longer, and with different shaped cavities available to suit different products. LINPAC is confident it can match a customer’s product with one of its existing designs.
But the company also offers bespoke designs for individual requirements and can provide full technical support to ensure production lines run as efficiently as possible.
LINPAC’s range of bases and lids also share the same outstanding strength and protective properties, and are available in square, rectangular, circular and heart shapes.
All lids come in crystal clear aPET, while bases are available in clear, black, cream or raspberry colours, and can be supplied with a variety of portion-control systems suitable for profiteroles, truffles or multiple cakes.
Cristiano Madama of LINPAC Packaging said: “As well as the taste, a great part of the appeal of cakes and sweet pies is how fresh and delicious they look on the shelf.
“With our range of crystal clear hinged boxes, the consumer can easily see the quality of the product, while manufacturers and retailers can benefit from excellent levels of protection, customised labels and embossing for better marketing opportunities.

LINPAC Packaging is a leading supplier of food packaging products to the Italian market, with manufacturing sites in Verona and Bertinoro. The company is a multi-material packaging supplier to the protein, bakery, fresh produce and foodservice markets across Europe and beyond, and works with customers to offer consumer focused packaging solutions.
For further information about LINPAC Packaging in Italy call +39 045 92 16 411.
visit  www.linpac.com

source : www.linpac.com

Popular Halloween Cup Cakes -Pics

Popular  Halloween Cup Cakes

For more visit


Biscuit Production Line Assembly

Arabic Pita Flat Bread Automatic Production Line

Britannia Taps Baked Snacks Market With Time Pass

Pic courtesy : afaqs.com
Biscuit major Britannia has ventured into the fairly new baked snacks category, launching a baked wheat snack called Time Pass targeted at the youth. The company claims that the wheat product is free from trans fat, MSG and cholesterol.

The snack is being made available in three flavours - Mindless Masala, Tapori Tomato and Loafer Lemon - at two price points, Rs 5 and Rs 10. Since it is targeted at the youth, the brand has adopted a language that is not pretentious and appeals to the youth. Time Pass aims to participate in the banter of youth and makes 'doing nothing' a legitimate option.

Interestingly, Britannia usually communicates with housewives or children. The youth is a new target group that the company is speaking to in this communication. It has chosen the radio route, which allows interactivity as the youth can easily connect with radio and music.

R Balakrishnan (Balki), chairperson and chief creative officer, Lowe Lintas, who conceptualised the campaign, says, "The attempt with Time Pass was to introduce an exciting offering in Britannia's snacking portfolio of 'delectables' for the youth - a brand that is an anti-thesis to the mindless rat race. It is dismissive, indifferent, irreverent - a way of life."

Britannia isn't the first to launch baked snacks. Companies such as Parle forayed into this market with the Aamir Khan-endorsed Smart Chips, and later, Parle Agro launched its brand of baked snacks, Hippo.Frito Lays  Aliva, ITC  Bingo

Shalini Degan, category director (delight and lifestyle), Britannia Industries, speaking on tackling competition in the category, says, "Baked snacks are a very new and nascent category in the Rs 6200 crore Indian snacking market and will obviously see a slew of launches one after another. However, the leader will be the one that is able to delight consumers with taste and is able to connect and satisfy them using this new technology effectively."

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English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Limited- Pakistan s Top Biscuit Manufacturer

This blog have  many regular visitors  from Pakistan  hence  I  searched around for the most admired company in field of biscuits  and English Biscuit Manufacturers P ltd [ EBM ]emerged as  the most popular manufacturers of biscuit in Pakistan .

A Profile

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited was established as a joint venture company in 1965 with the name of Peek Freans Pakistan Limited. In 1966, the UK sponsor company was renamed Associated Biscuits International Limited (ABIL), while the venture was renamed English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited (EBM), which stands to date.

EBM started manufacturing and marketing the world famous Peek Freans range in 1967 in order to provide Pakistani consumers with nutritious and hygienically packed biscuits of the highest quality.

EBM’s trademark, Pied Piper, made its mark three and a half decades ago, but continues to remain in the hearts, minds, and souls of the people through the variety and excellent quality of biscuits manufactured under its umbrella. EBM enjoys the distinction of being the first food company in Pakistan to promote biscuits as 'food between meals'.

Under the brand range, Peek Freans, the company today carries the largest variety of biscuit products including Marie, Gluco, Click, Sooper, Rio Strawberry Vanila, Rio Choco Vanila, Rio Choclate, Rio Vanila, Party, Peanut Pik, Peanut Pista.

English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd., or (EBM), is the country's leading manufacturer of biscuits and cookies since 1967, with an annual sales volume and production capacity of more than 90,000 tons and a turnover of more than Rs. 12 billion. EBM is the only Company in the industry to have achieved recognized international certifications pertaining to quality control, environmental management system and human resources management, including ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, HACCP certifications.

Also have a franchise  unit at Hattar  CFL ( Coronet Food Limited) with  2 lines  Majority of equipments are from  Imaforni   an Italian bakery equipment manufacturer and Meinck . More than 350 distributors across Pakistan

 Interestingly  it has its own  power generation unit capacity  2MW  due to erratic electricity supply from govt agency .

Exports  covers mostly  Gulf  countries , USA , Canada , South Africa and Mauritius

Main competitor  to EBM  is LU brand from Continental Biscuit  Limited ( CBL ) promoted by Kraft Foods ( Earlier Danone )and Hasan Ali Khan  with  brands  such as Prince Cream , Tiger , 50 -50 , Bakeri ,Gala , Tuc , Wheatable,Candi

CEO /MD  of EBM  :  Mr Khawar Masood Butt

English Biscuits Manufacturers (Private) Limited
Plot 1-4, Sector-23
Korangi Industrial Area
Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: (92-21) 506-3131 to 37
Fax: (92-21) 506-0825

website: www.ebm.com.pk

indian biscuits hurting pakistan exports

Indian Rs 10,000 Crore Biscuit Market Attracts Major International Brands

India is the worlds largest biscuit consuming nation and Indians are now in an experimental mode. The immense growth potential is attracting big and small players to grab a share of the bite.

A few years ago a biscuit brand in India made headlines when it became the worlds largest selling brand.But the story was a tad different it stated the obvious. India, the worlds second most populated nation, was also the largest biscuit consuming country in the world. So, the recognition perhaps came in a trifle late. But that may not hold long enough. The biscuit market is buzzing with new players. At stake is a 10,000-crore business,which is still growing. And every year, big and small players are queuing up for a share of the bite. In the last one-year,two international companies have made an entry UKs United Biscuits and GlaxoSmithKline.A few more including Pepsi and Kraft Foods are planning to make a foray.

Kraft has a wide basket of products across the world, including biscuits. Which of these will be introduced formally in India is currently under dialogue, says Anand Kripalu, managing director, Cadbury India. Kraft had taken over Cadbury in a $19.5 billion deal in February 2010, creating the worlds largest confectioner. Industry sources though say that Kraft has already signed a deal with a local biscuit manufacturer and its entry into the Indian biscuits market should happen much earlier. Pepsi, on the other hand, is in the process of developing a low-cost nutritional food product, which could also be a biscuit product. The companys spokesperson, however, denied it.

The per capita consumption of biscuits in the country has grown from a paltry 400 grams about ten years ago to 1.5-2 kg today.While this is a huge change,India still lags behind other countries like the US and UK where it is more than 10 kg and even behind many South East Asian countries where it is 4.25 kg.It is this gap that is the opportunity for new companies eying the Indian market. For United Biscuits, India was a key,high consumption market where it did not have a footprint.This is what made it a natural choice to enter, says Jayant Kapre, president of United Biscuits India, which entered the Indian market last year.What helped the company was also the fact that here it was just not volume growth but also higher value growth.

Over the last few years,players like Parle, Britannia and ITC have moved into the cookie and high value segment to capitalise on the high growth and higher margins. Even though glucose biscuits still sell much more in terms of volumes than any other segment, its share in the overall pie has gone down. The share of glucose biscuits has dropped from 70% to 50% in about five years. Parle, which was dependent on the glucose segment alone with Parle G, moved into this segment with its chocolate chip cookie brand Hide & Seek in 1996. We didnt want to depend on just one or two brands, says Praveen Kulkarni, marketing manager at Parle Products, which today has close to 40% market share in the Indian biscuits segment. Britannia is a close second with 38%.

The margins in this segment are at least 30-40 % higher than in the glucose segment, which is mainly because consumer preferences are changing. There is so much space at the top today as disposable incomes are increasing, says Nikhil Sen, managing director of Unibic India, an arm of Unibic Australia, which entered in India in 2005-06. The companys strategy was to look at the top end of the market. The average growth rate in the premium segment is over 25% today while that in the glucose segment is about 10-12 %.

Consumers in India are upgrading from unbranded to low-cost branded products to higher value products today as a result of higher disposable incomes.With companies looking at selling their higher value products in smaller packs, adoption as improved.And its not just in the big cities.Small packs of high-end products are also moving well in rural markets, says Amnish Agarwal,analyst, Motilal Oswal. For players like United Biscuits,it was also heartening to see that while biscuit consumption was clearly a very well formed habit with clear and strong consumer preferences,yet there was a willingness to try new products, be it in higher order indulgence products, or in the rapidly evolving health and wellness space.

The small local players in the market are playing their own game,creating a new middle segment in the biscuits market and expanding pan India. The market is now moving into the mid-price segment as people want to upgrade from glucose biscuits, says Anup Bector, managing director of Mrs Bectors Food Specialties, the flagship company of the Cremica group. Local players like Priyagold and Cremica are now matching the products of larger companies and selling them at a lower price as they are regional and have lower overheads. Priyagold, which has primarily concentrated on the north is now looking at expanding its footprint to south and east of the country as well,says BP Agarwal, managing director of the company.We are improving our grip offering a great price and quality combination, says Agarwal.

Best Of Delhi Bread Bakeries

Discover best  of bakeries  famous for their bread s and related products . Delhi could    boast  of having  finest bakeries  in country  giving customers  best of bread world .

Following are these bakeries

German  Bakeshop   at  Kishan Garh ,Vasant Kunj  

 Favorites are  Potatoes walnut  or sour dough bread

Red Moon Bakery  at Pocket D and E market , Sarita  Vihar

Popular  are pita  and baguette   and the sliced  tomato - onion focaccia

Ye  Old Bakery  at  The  Claridges  , Aurangzeb Road

From ciabatta , focaccia  to  oatmeal bread and soft onion rolls   are  hot favorite here

Lalit House   , The Lalit , Connaught Place

baguete  and regular  bread  with gluten  free bread

Le  Marche  All outlets In Delhi

Spicy  corn , soyabean  bread , roast garlic  loaf , olive herb focacia

The Chocolate Box  at  Radisson  MBD , Noida

Whole meal , French Sticks and Four seed breads

Open Oven   at GK II  NFC  Charmwood  Village

Cheese garlic ,  Honey milk , cheese masala  ,cumins , ajwain  breads

Maxims  at   Kailash  Colony  , Noida

Mushroom , Chili - garlic  fruit breads

Sidewalk at  Hyatt Regency  Bhikaji Cama  Place
walnut - raisin , three -grain , ciabata and variety  of french  bread

Patisserie and  Delicatessen
Rosemary - ciabata , focaccia , multi cereal  and multi grain breads  .

source : Delhi Times

Britannia To Increase Rural Retail Visibility Through Marketing Agency

Britannia Industries Ltd  India's Largest  Biscuit Manufacturer  has  turned  their marketing focus  to rural segment of the market . Having  stiff competition in metro s  Britannia  is trying new segments  to improve their  sales . Hitherto  rural  markets  have been mostly  catered by  regional  and local bakeries . Britannia now with Percept Out of Home is trying to increase their rural visibility across retail .

Britannia Industries has appointed Percept Out Of Home to execute the Rural Retail Visibility drive for their new range of cookies “Britannia cookies” across India. The activity has been executed across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal, Orissa, Assam and six more North Eastern states. The campaign started in the month of September 2010 and will be rolling on till mid-October 2010.

Percept Out Of Home joined hands with rural retailers and installed tin plates across 22,000 retail outlets including Kirana stores, Bakeries and Tea Stalls. Spot selections were done on the basis of maximum visibility and appeal. Percept Out Of Home was assigned the task to connect with retailers and provide long lasting visibility solutions to the brand Britannia.

Said Mr. Rajesh Amla – Business Head, Rural Vertical, Percept Out Of Home, “Percept Out of Home is focusing into the FMCG sector in a big way in order to expand its presence in the rural markets as a service provider. Britannia Industries has empanelled Percept as one of their agencies to support their various rural and retail initiatives across India, and have ambitious plans in this area. Percept Out of Home’s south regional office located in Bangalore is servicing the account. The ongoing campaigns of Britannia have further demonstrated our ability to deliver creative and innovative solutions across diverse markets.”

Source :www.medianewsline.com

Hostess Brands Major Bread And Cake Manufacturer In United States

Recent News from Hostess Brands a Leading bakery house in United States 
 In major  overhaul  for its operation  Hostess Brands  plans to shut down  its  NY Wonder bread bakery  .it has  already closed Ohio  facility . 
The 100,000 square-foot plant employs 200 staff and mainly produces products for Hostess Brands' "Wonder® Bread" range.

source - flexnews.com

A  profile

Hostess Brands is one of the largest wholesale bakers and distributors of fresh delivered bread and snack cakes in the United States. They are the maker of the breads and cakes that have treated America for over a century – Twinkies, Ding Dongs, HoHos, Sno Balls, Donettes, WonderBread, Hostess Fruit Pies, and many more. Recently they have launched Nature’s Pride, a 100-percent all-natural, no preservatives, line of premium and traditional breads.

The company operates 39 bakeries throughout the United States and employs approximately 21,000 people. Known for our outstanding brands and product quality, the employees of Hostess Brands deliver the products consumers love to the stores and  like to shop on approximately 6,000 delivery routes. Hostess Brands is based in Dallas, Texas, with an operations center in Kansas City, MO. Hostess Brands also has approximately 700 bakery outlet stores. The Hostess brands are owned by its parent company IBC ( Interstate Bakeries Corporation )

source :  Hostessbrands.com 

Top  bakeries of  USA

Leading biscuit brands of UK 

Julie Bake Shop - A Popular Retail Bakery Chain In Philippines

As I was  enquiring about Philippines bakery industry  one of the news which drew my attention was  an expansion plan of  retail bakery chain named " Julie  Bake Shop ". With  quality products catering to local filipino taste it has made a mark on country bakery market. The country’s largest bakery chain, Julie’s Bakeshop, is adding another 60 outlets to its more than 600-strong branch network next year, as the industry
recovers from the effects of the global recession.
In an interview with  reporters
, Julie’s Franchise Corp. president and CEO Joseph Gandionco said the majority of the new branches would be in Luzon and Mindanao, as the Visayas market was now saturated.
As with the current mix, most of the new outlets would be owned by franchisees, he said. Of the more than 600 Julie’s Bakeshop branches nationwide, about 40 percent are company-owned, while the rest are owned by franchisees.Each Julie’s Bakeshop franchise costs P2.2 million, including equipment, seminars, and hands-on training.
source :

A Brief History
The first Julie’s Bakeshop stood in Mandaue City in January 1981. The woman behind the bakeshop chain, Julie Gandioco decided to put up the store to meet the growing demand for bread in her canteen in a rattan furtiture company.

Success proved to be handy for Julie’s Bakeshop that after only six months, the second store was opened in the province.

Then the pursuit to put the company in stronger footing started. In 1984, RJ Commodities was established as a central warehouse for Julie’s Bakeshop to ensure the steady supply of quality ingredients and bakery supplies for the business. Its main operations were initially put up in Visayas and Mindano.

Further in its successful timeline is the opening of a store in Iloilo, its first store outside Cebu, in 1988.

Julie’s Bakeshop has a vision to “be in every town and be the most sought-after Food Franchising Company maintaining leadership in the neighborhood bakeshop market.” This in a bid to address the growing demand for quality bread.Julie’s Bakeshop now has over 500 branches and outlets nationwide and close to 180 franchisees – a testament that the company indeed has molded breads that will bring entrepreneurial success.

“Julie’s Bakeshop offers freshly baked bread made from the finest ingredients. Julie’s products are produced in a clean environment, in full view of its customers. Its products are not only tasty but very much affordable,” the company said in an email to Magnegosyo.com.

Julie’s Bakeshop noted that they keep loyal clients and attract new patrons by maintaining the high standards of quality in both the products and service.

Julie’s Bakeshop now offers franchise opportunities to budding entrepreneurs who see light and flavor in the bread business network. The company noted that enterprise creation and employment opportunities were their motivation to officially go into franchising.
source : www.seeknomore.blogspot.com

Universal  Robina Corporation
Gardenia Bakeries

Pinoy Tasty Bread To Take On Higher Bread Price In Philippines

As  a  show  for  corporate  social  responsibility  bakers  in Philippines have  developed a basic bread  fortified with vitamins and iron which  would be cheaper than the branded breads  . Around 2000 bakers have joined this initiative  driven by three bakery associations – Philippine Baking Industry Group (PhilBaking), Federation of Philippine Bakers Association and the Filipino-Chinese Bakers  and supported by Department of Trade and Industry and Bureau of Food and Drug .

The main objective  of this initiative  is  to

  • Provide  consumers  with affordable  bread 
  • To  stall  decline of  bread consumption  by the  Filipinos 
This  could be a good examples for bakers in other countries trying to increase bread prices  due to increase in wheat prices in international  market.

A report

LOCAL bakers are making it easier for Juan de la Cruz to buy a loaf of bread with the launch of “Pinoy Tasty,” which sells for only P36.

At that price point, Pinoy Tasty is cheaper by as much as P18 per loaf than the branded kind, which is priced between P42 and P54.

According to Philippine Baking Industry Group (Philbaking) president Walter Co, this is part of the industry’s efforts to not only make bread products more affordable for more people, but also to get Filipinos to start eating it regularly again.

He admitted that the bread industry suffered the ill effects of the global recession, with some of the market shifting to rice and other bread alternatives when bread prices rose.

This year, he said the industry was expecting flat growth. With the launch of Pinoy Tasty, however, a little more growth could be expected.

Pinoy Tasty is a joint effort of Philbaking, Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc., and the Philippine Federation of Bakeries Association Inc.

The “generic” loaf will be manufactured by members of these three organizations using standard bread ingredients.

The low price point is attributed to the absence of enriching ingredients such as milk, eggs, margarine, cream and butter. Also, instead of using white sugar, bakers use the cheaper washed sugar to make the Pinoy Tasty.

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Cutting Energy and Carbon In The UK Bakery Industry

Carbon trust and Food industry leaders  of  UK  are joining hands go reduce energy  and carbon emission through grants and support

A Report

 Baking bread in lighter tins, cleaning pipes with ice instead of hot water, and using microwaves to dry fruit gums and jellies: these are just some of the ideas being explored by the Carbon Trust and food industry leaders to cut energy use and carbon emissions at UK manufacturing sites.In commercial bakeries, reducing the weight of baking tins, improving the efficiency of ovens and recycling waste heat could together cut the sector’s emissions by around 9%.

Over the last year, the Carbon Trust has worked with companies including Allied Bakeries, Dairy Crest, Cadbury and Nestle to identify more energy efficient manufacturing processes with the potential to cut industry carbon emissions by some 450,000 tonnes a year: equivalent to taking more than 150,000 cars off the road.

Now, in partnerships with the Food & Drink Federation and Dairy UK, the Carbon Trust has challenged food producers and equipment suppliers to help prove the business case for these new processes. It is offering co-funding of up to £250,000 per project and in exceptional instances up to £500,000.

The challenge comes as part of the Carbon Trust’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator (IEEA) – a £15m programme aimed at catalysing low carbon innovation in industry.

“The way to make truly substantial cuts is to get to the very heart of manufacturing. We want to work with manufacturers to rethink production processes from the ground up. Innovation is the backbone of the low carbon industrial revolution that will not only reduce emissions but will also generate jobs and cut costs,” explains said Benj Sykes, director of innovations at the Carbon Trust.

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Indian Bakeries Opting For Solar Energy

With  cost of  fuel and power   increasing day by day  Indian bakeries  are looking for alternative  energy  solutions to cut down their fuel as well as electric energy  cost . Fuels used in bakeries are LDO /HSD/CNG/LPG/Furnace Oil /Electricity .

All bakeries requires hot water to clean the utensils used in production process as fat is a major ingredients in bakery product .Utilities run on these fuel  for  heating water  are  Hot water generators , Boilers or Hot water geysers .  Even at large bakeries the employees canteen consumes large amount of  hot water for  utensil cleaning . Solar water heating  gives these bakery an alternative source energy  for heating water and  reducing cost of fuel .Temperature attained for such applications could be between 55deg C - 60 deg C

The payback period for such investment  could be something between 18 -24 months depending upon the consumption .Many companies like Britannia has installed solar water heating  system  for its  hot water requirement .The most popular supplier of such system is  Tata -BP  Solar India Ltd .

Other application for usage of  solar energy  for the larger bakeries have been  the  lighting   around  the factory  through photo voltaic s cells .

Major advantage of solar energy are

  • Lower maintenance cost 
  • Clean environment 
  • Available in abundance  all around the year excepts for some region 
  • Save energy cost  by reducing either fuel or electricity cost . 
  • No storage space required for  fuel .No logistics 

Here is a line diagram for  such arrangement

Various Formats In Biscuit Packaging

Biscuit Packaging

Baker Perkins offers Dust Free Bread Moulding At IBIE

Multitex4 enters the North American market at IBIE
Baker Perkins, a name well known to high-output plant bakers in the UK and Australasia, is introducing a range of high-efficiency, dust-free dough forming equipment for pan bread to the North American market at IBIE 
The ability to divide, round, mould and pan dough pieces without the use of dusting flour brings significant cost savings by eliminating the cost of flour, flour dusting equipment and its maintenance and cleaning.   Sanitation standards are significantly raised, labor costs reduced, and potential health and safety risks to employees eliminated.
The Multitex4 dough moulder on show at IBIE is part of a completely safe and sanitary dust-free forming system for high-output, high-efficiency pan bread bakeries.   The system can also include a divider, rounder and first proofer.
A combination of gentle dough handling and the strategic application of process air ensures the dough passes through the machine without sticking to ensure non-stop running.    Designed to operate under all production conditions to generate additional profit, the Multitex4 features spring loading of the sheeting rolls and moulding boards.   This allows doubles to pass through without smearing or sticking, avoiding cleaning stops.
The Multitex4 moulder is well proven with dozens of installations in the high-output plant bakeries around the world.   Multitex4’s are used in US style operations in southern Europe, and they are the industry standard in many parts of the world including the UK and Ireland, Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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Baker Perkins New Allergen Free Production Line

New ranges of cookie and cracker processing machinery offering improved standards of hygiene are being launched by Baker Perkins at IBIE .    The show also marks the introduction of the Baker Perkins range of HS mixers into the North American market.
The three machines on show – rotary moulder, wirecut and rotary cutter – are representative of the Baker Perkins range of forming equipment, which has been completely re-engineered to meet rising sanitation requirements in the industry
Three levels of sanitation are available for every machine in the Baker Perkins dough forming range with the level of sanitation chosen dependent on the specific cross-contamination risk and sanitation regime in each factory. All levels meet the standards set by industry bodies such as GMA and BEMA and the choice enables customers to achieve the blend of sanitation, productivity and cost that is the most appropriate for their particular operation.
Baker Perkins has been balancing the twin demands of best practice in hygienic design with improvements in operational efficiency for 30 years.   The three machines on show at IBIE retain all the best-in-class process parameters and benefits of precise weight control, efficiency, performance, and ease of use and maintenance of previous generation equipment.
The main objective of enhanced sanitation is to eliminate any risk to consumers from cross contamination. Usually this means allergens and pathogens but the same high standards are required by customers making Kosher, organic or GMO-free products.
Sanitation level one is designed for dry or wet cloth cleaning, in situations where there are no cross-contamination issues.
Level two is for low pressure wet or chemical cleaning, in plants where there is potential for cross-contamination onto food product surfaces, or in the product zone.
The third level is designed for high-pressure wet, steam or chemical cleaning when a high risk of cross contamination exists, particularly post-baking.   This level may involve component removal without the need for tools for cleaning away from the production environment.
Three important principles form the basis of this re-design: reducing any accumulation of unwanted materials; improving visibility and access for cleaning; and simplifying the removal and replacement of components.

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Automatic Twist and Tie Or Mini Binders For Bread Packaging

Most of the bread manufacturers now days use these mini binders for  twist n tie  binding for their  bread packaging .

Advantage  for  twist  ties  packaging for bread is that  bread is not exposed to  ambient environment as consumer can  close the bag with the tie  hence the life of bread   increases where  as  in the other  hdpe poly  bags   you need to wrap it in other poly bag in case you need to preserve  the  bread.Second advantage consumers have that it could be carried out without any additional  bag .

One   of our  reputed  supplier  from Italy   M/s Virgilio  has been  manufacturing these  binder s  .

Watch this  video  and   check out  specs for this machine


and spec sheet  from  here   - Minibinder Specs
 you can contact - MrSilvio Finazzi  on  minibinder@virgilio.it

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