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Choco Fills From ITC Sunfeast

 itc chocofills,itc sunfeast ,sunfeast

 itc ,itc sunfeast , chocofills, itc chocofills
ITC 's  Brand  Sunfeast has  been aggressive  on  covering all segments  of  biscuit  categories   has  now  launched  Dark  Fantasy   Choco Fills   with  innovative  enrobed biscuits  with  chocolate  fillings inside . ITC  Sunfeast  has  taken  a lead  in  manufacturing  new variants  of  biscuit  in premium  segment of  biscuits . ITC  Choco Fill has attractive  box packaging with  wrapper   for the  primary packaging . Each  box of Choco fills contains six packs  for  biscuits . ITC  has launched  aggressive advertisement and tvc for Dark Fantasy across cities .ITC  has already  launched dual cream biscuits .

This  type of biscuits  were attempted earlier by  Britannia  and Parle  by  their  Date Rolls and Fruit  Rolls  which failed  to  entice  the targeted customers. Lets  see the  impact  of  Choco Fills .

ITC  Plans expansion for Sunfeast Brand
Indian biscuit industry review

Britannia To Launch Honey Oats Vita Marie

Britannia is targeting urban women who are now more concerned about healthy lifestyle  with new product launch of Vita Marie Honey Oats  . Also was the decision of  Britannia to set up  manufacturing unit and R&D centre near Bangalore  in news

A report

Targeting the health-conscious consumers in urban areas, Britannia Industries has launched Vita Marie Honey Oats biscuits.

With this low-fat, cholesterol-free biscuit brand, the company enters the adult health and wellness food segment, which is worth Rs 5,000 crore and growing at 25 per cent per annum, according to Anuradha Narasimhan, category director (health and wellness), Britannia Industries Ltd.

She said it would be a healthier option for the health-conscious adults, especially women, as a tea time biscuit. The company expects a portion of the current consumers of its Marie brand to switch over to the product and would target the major cities as potential market.

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GoKrunchee A New Wafer Biscuits Brand

 Wafer biscuit  market in India is still in its  infancy  stage   . Bakery market is still dominated by  biscuit and bread categories . India  still do not have pan India wafer brand .  We have only one or two brands which are available in malls/supermarket . Dukes and Pick wick . Indian still have to buy  imported brands such as  Tiffany , Nutro ( Now Britannia ) and Munchees .


Gokrunchee is now available  in major stores/malls/supermarkets /  across major cities . Priced at   Rs30/- per 80gms .  Promoted by  Jayelbee food products of Gujarat .

Opportunity For Bulk Bakery Product Manufacturers In Delhi & NCR

Pl  Contact to below mentioned details  If you are  a bulk supplier of  bread/cake/cookies. One of our  client is putting up bakery  retail  chain in and around Delhi /NCR


Pick wick Wafer Rolls

 pick wick , pick wick wafers,wafer biscuit

Pickwick  is  one of the upcoming wafer brand in India. It has launched  pick wick  wafer rolls  as a unique product in wafer biscuit market .Wafer Rolls are packed in  metalized wrapper and placed into  pvc tray. Wafer s biscuits are still evolving in India. We don't find many national wafer biscuit competition comes from few local brands  of  Dukes , Krunchee  and imported brands such as Nutro , Tiffany and Munchy

Get Your Photo On Cake/Cookies/Brownies

pic courtesy
How would you  react when  one find s a cake  or  cookies / brownies  covered with his/her picture Surprised wouldn't  you be  ! Now this trend has been picked up  by local bakeries  and one can get  his or her pic  displayed on cakes /brownies/cookies. Even  family pic can be generated on the Cake .

We could  find one  such bakery  in Delhi    The cake express  at Saket

Here are  contact details

NAME = Hemant
COMPANY NAME = The Cake Express
ADD = Saket
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www.thecakeexpress.comTYPE OF PRODUCT = Photo Cakes,Cake,cup cakes,photo cake delhi
DETAILS = Using our Cake on call service you can get photo cakes delivered in Delhi/NCR.
Our range includes cakes printed with your photo, logo or any image, Photo Cookies,
personalized cupcakes and traditional celebration cakes. We offer a Same-Day delivery
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more details.

Kinder JOY - A Product From Ferroro International

I have been amazed by the popularity of this  egg shaped  wafer chocolate s  with cream to dip . Innovative marketing , Packaging and Product Promos  has made  Kinder Joy  a house hold name in  India . It competes  with  Nestle and Cadbury   for chocolates market .

 kinder joy
This  could  be another example of  Innovative packaging . Egg shaped  shell  chocolate placed near billing counters in super market  and malls are drawing more eyeballs then  other products lined up  inside  the store

Kinder Joy  has  a gift  hidden in the egg shell for every chocolate  which  has made this wafer biscuit  popular  for  children . Priced  at  Rs 30/-   for  20  g .

Chitranajan Dar On Sunfeast Marketing Strategies

ITC  has been trying  to establish itself into one of the major player in biscuit segment with brand Sunfeast , launching wide spectrum of  biscuit varieties . It has got products to match  all major segment s of biscuit market such as Marie , Nice , Glucose, Bourbon , Cream  and  Salty .Competition comes from  Britannia and Parle .

Chitranjan Dar on ITC marketing strategies 

Dar pointed out that ITC Foods was able to disrupt the leadership of Parle in the biscuits’ category, which was primarily lea by the Glucose segment. “Five years ago, ‘Glucose biscuits’, coming at affordable price points and targeted at the masses commanded almost 55 per cent share of the biscuits’ category,” he said, adding, “Today, cookies and cream biscuits are emerging as the largest segment within the category.”

This, he said, was possible when Sunfeast, an ITC brand, along with other players came up with cookies and cream biscuits in smaller packaging, priced at Rs 5. “A market that led for 95 years, crumbled in two years,” he said, referring to the leadership Parle commanded.


Unibic Explores New Products In Cookies Segment

Unibic  in recent times has been aggressively putting up new products and enlarging its product range specially in health and wellness platform in its  Niche Cookies segment

Nikhil  Sen  Speaks To BusinessLine

Unibic Biscuits India, in which Unibic Australia has a majority stake, is not quite averse to another takeover deal after an earlier bid by Marico was aborted because of valuation issues.
Focus on niche segment

The takeover would have accelerated Unibic's growth trajectory, but for now the company does not want to be ‘distracted by the takeover experience'. Instead, it wants to focus on building the brand in a niche segment that is high on both the price and wellness factors.

“There is a vacant space here as there are no Indian players in this slot,” Mr Nikhil Sen, Unibic's Managing Director told Business Line. The company was launched in 2004 and has brands such as Chocolate Chip cookies (Bradman), Oatmeal Cookies (Anzac), Butter, Butter Cashew, Choconut and Jamz Cookies.

Unibic Australia holds about 65 per cent stake in the Indian company and the rest is held by Mr Sen and private equity investors. Marico's takeover attempt was to acquire an estimated 51 per cent stake in Unibic.

Business Line 

Complaint Against Albany Bread

 Complaint against  Albany  Bread  quality   from a consumer at Umakomaas Spar , South Africa .
 here are few pics illustrating poor quality of bread .

To whom it may concern,

My name is Basil Biljon.

I always purchase Albany bread and have always been more than satisfied with the product.

Unfortunately, I purchased 2 loaves at Umkomaas spar.

I have decided to bring the following to your attention. The bread has holes in them!

Please find attached photos of problems I have found.

Basil Warren Biljon

Donut Master - India 's Own Dunkin Donuts

When ever you think of  Donuts  the name  Dunkin Donuts  crosses ones mind . The American Donut giant has recently announced its plan to  enter  Indian bakery market  with JV partner Jubliant Food works . Dunkin Donuts  have presence in   North America   Europe , Asia , Latin america  and  approximately around  3000 outlets internationally.

Donuts  are new  to India's palate  even as we don't find  any major  Donut manufacturers in India . Now of course small & local bakeries  have started experimenting  with  different varieties  of  Donuts .

I was wondering whether  India would have an answer to Dunkin Donuts  and to  my surprise   I saw  Donut Master retail  cafe  at Kingsway Camp , Delhi . Promptly I bought  all kinds  of Donuts  (Chocolate , Straw berry , Orange  and few Nips ) from that shop  and product were really liked by  all  in my family . Donut Master  thus  can be  our  answer to   DunkinDonuts.

Donut Masters  have  presence in NCR  and Gurgaon  and are  looking for  further expansion .Donut Master is a brain child of  Mr Ajit Raghav  himself  a Food Technologist and Ex - Dunkin Donut  employee .

 for more visit

Unibic Sugar Free Butter Cookies For Diabetic People

In continuation with  drive  to launch   health and wellness products   Unibic  has launched  Sugar Free Butter Cookies  in  light cardboard box  moving away from conventional  bopp wrappers  used for biscuits and cookies.Claims to have 0%  sugar substituted  by  Malitol and Sucralose and trans fat free .Cookies  are packed in tray and metalized wrapper.

 India have considerable  population Diabetic people .

Sugar free  Butter Cookies are available  at price tag of  Rs 25/- for  67 grams . with recommendation against kids .

Competitions comes from Britannia 's  Nutrichoice range  of biscuits with low fat and low sugar content .

 unibic sugar free butter cookie , sugar free,unibic

Food Kiosk Concept Lapped Up By Indian Entrepreneurs

Kiosk  Concept  is  fast developing popular  form of  food service  across India . Days are gone for  canteens , cafeterias and street kiosks . Here comes  sleek , clean and hygienic  Kiosks  catering to  various Indian snacks and fast foods like   wada pav, sandwiches, juices , cakes , muffins , cookies   with hot and cold beverages . What makes Kiosk  concept popular is the  low overheads like space ,electricity and manpower to man these kiosk .Rapid  urbanisation and infra structure  projects have given ample opportunities  for such  food kiosks.  Malls , Metro/Bus stations , College campuses , Airports lounges  and Hospitals are popular places for food kiosks .

A  Report
After a trip down busy Mint Street in Chennai and sampling the vada pav at a small eatery there, 24-year-old Lingesh Waran, a self-confessed foodie, succumbed to the charm of this Mumbai street delicacy. This immediately set him and his friend Deepak Bhattad on its trail in Chennai and later, Mumbai. The journey culminated with the genesis of ‘Vadaa Paa' kiosks early this year in Chennai. While it's early days for Lingesh and Deepak, initial indications appear positive, with certain outlets having footfalls of 300 people a day.

Vadaa Paa is one of the latest entrants in the food kiosk space. The last few years have seen many players such as Burgerman, Nirula's Express (fast food and beverages) and Go Chatzz (North Indian street food), offering both Indian and international cuisine. Salad Chef, Big Mos' Rolls and Wraps, Yo China, Chai Garam, Chokola, Candy Treat, Sweet World, Mr Orange and HAS Juice Bar are the other names heating up the space. The market is not just brimming with Indian players but also has some international players such as the UAE-based Star Engineering Group, which plans to launch a chain of ‘Chickeez' kiosks retailing hot dogs and burgers across India.


Shakti Bhog Divss Comes Out With Atta Glucose Biscuits

   Owner of  popular  flour (  wheat )  brand   Shakti Bhog  had announced  launch of  DIVSS brand of biscuits last year . It make sense as biscuit production  would help in forward  integration  of  their  flour business thus  having  some cost advantage over competitors .

 divss,shakti bhog biscuits,atta glucose

 shakti bhog , shakti bhog biscuits,divss
Having  declared their intention  to join  the biscuit market  it took some time  for Shakti  bhog  team to  launch these biscuits . Even  before launch of   biscuit   we had seen  aggressive  media advertisement  from Shakti  bhog. Along with  advertising we could  also   see HR  drive  to hire  sales team all across India.
Divss  biscuits  are produced  at their  Haridwar  manufacturing unit .

We now  can see the products  on retail shops in Delhi .  Product. which  I could get  was tikki packs  of  DIVSS Glu Coco  and  Shakti  - AG   priced Rs 2/-  for  40 g .

DIVSS   biscuits   are trying  to  place it self  on the healthy  biscuits segment where one gets biscuits  of  ATTA  ( whole grain )   instead of MAIDA  hence  they  are using   AG  (  Atta  Glucose biscuits )  as tagline    for  their glucose biscuits .

It  would  be interesting to see consumers  response to these atta biscuits  . Parle s   PARLE G  and  Britannias  TIGER  are main competitors in  mass glucose  segment .

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Cadbury Oreo Rides Togetherness Bus Into Indian Market

pic courtesy-Brand Today
        Cadbury  Oreo which  has been recently  launched by  Kraft  in  India  is trying  every possible tricks  to make a dent in Indian cookies market .  Even as Oreo need no introduction  to  upper middle class who have been buying Oreo from  imported food stores in metros  ,it has to  break the strangle hold of players  like Parle , Britannia and ITC . A novel marketing ideas has been tried out by  Cadburys to  get into  consumers  attention  by  reaching out to family  by allowing them to have freaking time  together in a bus  laden with  Oreo cookies . It has also launched  social media marketing thru  Facebook  fan page allowing people to  be  Oreo ambassadors .

A report
Cadbury India, which recently launched the iconic biscuit brand Oreo in India, flagged-off its Oreo Togetherness initiative. Symbolizing moments of family togetherness, the Oreo Togetherness bus will travel across the country as part of a movement that will provide parents with a platform to bond and will encourage them to spend more time with their family.

The Oreo Togetherness bus will travel across nine cities – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mysore.

 Brands Today

Parle To Open Bakery Retail Shop s - Parle Shoppe

Drawn  by  ever increasing rush by investors , businessmen and vc  . Parle products  have  decided to  start  exclusive retail  shops  in line of Haldirams  and  Monginis  bakery retails shops selling  cakes , cookies and other popular bakery products . There seems to immense potential  in  these retail  shop which allows consumers to select bakery product of their choice and to  spend time eating at the same place .Parle might also try  to launch packaged cake and chocolates in coming months  .

A  report

Parle Products, the maker of brands such as Hide & Seek and Monaco, will foray into two new segments of packaged cakes and chocolates in the next quarter. “Parle has plans to launch chocolates and packaged cakes within a month or two,” said a senior company official close to the development.
Distributors of the biscuit maker, which is market leader by volume, told Financial Chronicle that the company’s plan is to diversify its product portfolio in order to cash in on the growing bakery business. Praveen Kulkarnii, general manager - marketing at Parle Products, denied that the company is foraying into the two new segments. “We have no plans to enter cake or chocolates categories,” he said.
Industry officials told FC that Parle has also started its own chain of exclusive retail outlets called ‘Parle Shoppes’.

The outlets are expected to help the company in its first diversification outside the biscuits and confectionery segment. The first such outlet has come up in South Mumbai. Parle’s move to experiment with setting up exclusive outlets aims to replicate the success of Monginis which has exclusive Monginis shops selling cakes, savouries and packaged bakery products. Kulkarnii, however, said the company has no plan to expand its Parle Shoppe network.
The entry into the packaged cakes segment, which is dominated by Monginis and Britannia, is an outcome of the company’s focus on new product introduction to drive growth, according to industry officials. While some of its new products such as Parle Monaco Smart Chips have been a success, others such as Parle wafers and FullToss have been a mixed bag.

The leading players in the chocolate market are Cadburys, Nestle and Amul.
Rivals in the market believe that all players in these segments will benefit when the “pie” increases. Virendra Ghole, GM (marketing and ecommerce) at Monginis Foods, said, “The packaged cake market is driven by distribution. With a mighty distribution set up covering remote parts of India, Parle will be successful in making a large impact on this industry. The market will expand with increased awareness for branded cakes benefiting organised branded firms.

author : Meghana maiti & Y.A .Pitalwalla

Another Way To Pack Cookies

Packaging  Design  For  Japanese cookies

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